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    Burnaby wrestlerearns national title

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    School creates aStream of Dreams

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    Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Saturday, April 23, 2011

    Fivemenare in custody followingabotchedrobbery and dramatic police takedown inBurnaby.

    Policeofficersswarmedaroundtheentranceto the business complex at 3430 Brighton Ave.and the Production Way SkyTrain station onWednesday afternoon.

    Police say some North Vancouver RCMPplainclothes investigators were in the rightplace at the time, when the suspects attempt-ed to rob a Pacific CoastCom Telus storearound 1:30 p.m.

    North Van was working an unrelatedproblem that was multi-jurisdictional, andthey came across a vehicle of interest in anoth-er matter, and as they were in the process ofcoordinating a traffic check of that vehicle,these individuals did a robbery right in frontof them, said Burnaby RCMP Sgt. AndyLeClair. Right now, we have five in cus-tody. As far as what charges will be laid, Icant speak to that. Nobodys been chargedyet. Were just in the complete beginnings ofthis.

    Several eyewitnesses reported seeing policetake the suspects downwith gunsdrawn in thelower parking lot behind the Burnaby NOWoffices. Meanwhile, police were also on sceneacross Lougheed Highway at the ProductionWay SkyTrain station. Eyewitnesses told theBurnaby NOW that at least one suspect wastaken into custody at that location.

    Its one of those things that unfoldedquickly. But I can tell you right now, just onthe front end of it, Im pretty pleased with thefact that these guys are in custody, LeClairsaid.

    LeClair said at least two of the suspectswere already known to police.

    LeClair said police have recovered a replicahandgun from one of the suspects, but it hadnot been converted to fire live ammunition.

    RobberydramaunfoldsAlfie Lau and Brent Richterstaff reporters

    Daytime drama:Above, RCMPofficers take a maninto custody aftera robbery attemptat a Telus store ina Burnaby businesscomplex just downfrom the BurnabyNOW offices. At left,a plainclothes policeofficer from NorthVancouver wasone of a number ofNorth Van officersinvolved in thedramatic takedownshortly after 1:30p.m. on Wednesday.Five people werein custody at presstime, althoughcharges had yet tobe laid.

    Brent Richter/burnaby now

    Larry Wright/burnaby now



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    Carrie McLaren,Green Party of CanadaBriefly introduce yourself:

    By day, a junior accountant in aBurnaby office, the rest of my time issplit between keeping up-to-date onlocal news, campaigning for theGreens and educating myself ona variety of issues.

    What political experience doyou have?

    Ran locally for MP in 2008election and MLA in 2009. Notbeing an expert or professionalpolitician means that I can thinkoutside of the its always beendone that way box.

    What issue will you prioritize ifelected?

    For Burnaby-New Westminster, theissues are a combination of homelessnessand lack of jobs. Id like to make sure towork with Burnaby and the province toget a homeless shelter/transition home

    created in Burnaby. Then on to creatinga national affordable housing plan. Oneimmediate action would be to supportthe delivery of increased social housingdollars to provincial and municipal gov-ernments through the Canada Mortgageand Housing Corporation. Get back intofunding co-operative housing, and the

    renovations of older homes andbuildings to be more energy effi-cient. That would also help withjob creation.

    What is your partys trackrecord on dealing with thatissue?

    Since weve not had thechance to prove ourselves, I canonly say that this is one of myown priorities.

    If you could be any superhero,which one would you be?

    After much consultation with comicbook aficionados Green Lantern, whosepower is limited only by his imagination.Looking forward to seeing the movie thissummer.

    Garth Evans,Liberal Party of CanadaBriefly introduce yourself:

    My name is Garth Evans. I live inBurnaby with my family and practiselaw for a living. My practice is concen-trated in the real estate area,particularly the developmentof affordable and special needshousing.

    I am involved with manycommunity groups in the rid-ing and am a director of theFairhaven United ChurchHomes Society and theLArche Vancouver Society,both of which provide carefor seniors and disadvantagedpeople in South Burnaby.

    What political experience doyou have?

    I was a Burnaby city councillor from2005 to 2008. I have been involved as asupporter in many past Liberal partycampaigns.

    What issue will you prioritize if elect-ed?

    The most important issue in thiselection is the protection and enhance-ment of Canadas social programs.Health care, seniors care, education,immigration services and affordablehousing will all be at risk if the current

    government is re-elected. ALiberal government will protectCanadas universal health-caresystem and provide it withsubstantial additional funding.It will also take steps to shortenthe unacceptably long waits, upto 14 years, for family reunifica-tion immigration applicationsto be processed. It will alsoprovide increased funding forseniors care, affordable hous-ing and other social programs.

    What is your partys trackrecord on dealing with that issue?

    The Liberal Party of Canada has anexcellent record respecting the establish-ment and protection of Canadas

    Paul Forseth, ConservativeParty of CanadaBriefly introduce yourself:

    I am a Canadian-born BritishColumbian, who was a member ofParliament for B.C. from 1993 to 2006. Igraduated from UBC and alsoattended SFU and UVic. I live inthe Burnaby-New Westminsterelectoral district. I am marriedand have adult children.

    Previously for 21 years, Iwas a family justice counsellor,divorce mediator, child custodyinvestigator, probation andparole officer, and youth courtofficer in the corrections branchand courts of B.C. I have spentconsiderable time on humanrights issues, democratic renewaland religious freedom in othercountries. I continue as a volunteer onvarious community boards.

    What political experience do you have?During my 12 years of elected office

    I was instrumental in sponsoring majorplanks of the Reform Party platform con-cerning justice and environmental policy,and led House of Commons debateson those subjects. During my CanadianAlliance tenure, I was part of the shadowcabinet under Stockwell Day, leader ofthe official Opposition.

    During the Conservativeparty term, I was our partyslead representative on the gov-ernment operations and esti-mates committee, and co-chairedthe sub-committee which heldin-camera investigative hearingsabout Liberal Mr. Radwanski,who was accused of falsifyingdocuments by the auditorgeneral.

    I demonstrated my flex-ible negotiation skills by beingamong the very few MPs in par-liamentary history, ever to have

    his private members bill, coming fromthe Opposition side of the House, cooper-atively taken over by the government andincorporated into a larger piece of

    Peter Julian, NewDemocratic PartyBriefly introduce yourself.

    My name is Peter Julian, and I havebeen the member of Parliament since2004 for Burnaby and New Westminster.Four generations of the Julianfamily have lived in Burnabyand New Westminster for over80 years. Previous to becomingan MP I was a financial admin-istrator and won consecutivebusiness excellence awardsfor running an important B.C.organization.

    What political experience doyou have?

    I feel privileged to haveserved Burnaby and NewWestminster through successive elec-tions. I have been re-elected twicesince 2004 with progressively increas-ing majorities. A 300 vote majority in2004 became a 4,000 vote majority in2006 and in 2007, the vote majority was

    7,000. Our community office has helpedthousands of families in Burnaby-NewWestminster and the primary role of anMP is to help families, as well as indi-viduals. My critic areas have includedinternational trade, transportation,persons with disabilities and Westernfisheries. I stand third in the House of

    Commons for the size andscope of my private memberslegislation, which includeslegislation to combat drunkdriving, restitution for victimsof crime and the elimination oftoxic chemicals.

    What issue will you prioritizeif elected?

    I would eliminate the hatedHST which has hurt small busi-nesses and families in Burnabyand New Westminster. I would

    stop expensive fighter jet contractsand massive corporate tax cuts, as thismoney should be going towards spend-ing for more important priorities. Thepriorities should be the local economy,

    When residents of the Burnaby-New Westminster riding head tothe polls on May 2, there will besix names on the ballot.

    Vying for the chance tobecome the ridings new mem-ber of Parliament will be GarthEvans, Liberal; Paul Forseth,

    Conservative; Peter Julian, NDP;Carrie McLaren, Green; TylerPierce, Libertarian; and JosephTheriault, Marxist-Leninist.

    Below, meet the Liberal,Conservative, Green and NDP can-didates, through their answers to aquestionnaire provided by reporter

    Jennifer Moreau.In the next issue, well intro-

    duce you to the people running inBurnaby-Douglas.

    Advance polls are open thisweekend.

    Election Day polls will be openfrom 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday,

    May 2.For complete details of how,

    where and when to vote, check outthe Elections Canada website atwww.elections.ca.

    Polling station information canbe searched using your postalcode.

    Meet the people who want your voteA Q&A WITH THE CANDIDATES IN BURNABY-NEW WESTMINSTER

    Garth EvansLiberal

    Paul ForsethConservative

    Peter JulianNDP

    Carrie McLarenGreen

    Evans Page 10 Forseth Page 10

    Julian Page 10

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A03

  • A04 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    The Burnaby Village Farmers Marketis scheduled to open outside the BurnabyVillage Museum on Saturday, May 7.

    The market is moving to its new loca-tion this year during the Burnaby VillageMuseums 40th anniversary season.

    There will be room for more vendors atthe new site, according to Isabelle Bottin,who called the NOW on behalf of ArtisanMarkets.

    There will also be free parking in thearea, she said, and free admission to themuseum, as part of the anniversary cel-ebrations this season.

    The opening day celebration willinclude music all day long, a kids table,face painting and games, and market man-ager Lyn Hainstock will be in attendance,Bottin added.

    All the regular vendors are returning,Bottin said. Theres a huge variety of newvendors coming in as well, she added.

    There is also a book exchange, shesaid.

    The market is comprised of tables forfarmers, prepared food vendors and craft-ers. There is also a kids play area and acommunity area for non-profit groups, aswell as weekly entertainment.

    Past products for sale included jam,jelly, vinegar, salsa, sauces, baking, honey,maple syrup, tea, eggs, beef, pottery,woodwork, jewelry and soap.

    A cooking competition is scheduled forthe first Saturday of the month at noon,starting in June. Competitors should bringtheir best dessert, with recipe, for June 4.

    Family days will also be held forMothers Day, on May 7; Fathers Day, onJune 18; Canada Day, on July 2; B.C. Day,on July 30; Labour Day, on Sept. 10; andThanksgiving, on Oct. 8.

    The market is scheduled to run onSaturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. from May7 until Oct. 29.

    For more information, go to www.artisanmarkets.ca.

    Market at the village


    A shopperchecks outproduce

    at theBurnabyFamers

    Market lastOctober.

    The marketopens atits new

    location inMay.

    File photo/burnaby now

    Janaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporter

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  • Burnabys first medical marijuana dis-pensary opened at 10 a.m. on April 15,and so far, things are going well, accordingto Metrotown Medicinal Society directorBritney Anne.

    Its been great, she said in a phoneinterview the afternoon it opened. Wevegot five members so far.

    The society invited the Burnaby RCMPto the opening to address any concernslaw enforcement might have, she said, butofficers did not attend.

    But Burnaby RCMP spokesperson Cpl.Brenda Gresiuk said compassion clubs anddispensaries arent legally entitled to sellmarijuana under Canadian law.

    To date, theres no legal mechanismfor that, she said.

    She would not comment on whether ornot action would be taken by the RCMP

    against the dispensary.Health Canada does not license such

    organizations to possess, produce or dis-tribute marijuana for medical purposes,according to a government press release.

    The release was put out last June andsent to the NOW this week in response toqueries about the Burnaby dispensary byOlivia Caron, a media relations officer forHealth Canada.

    The federal Marihuana Medical AccessRegulations only provide three optionsfor individuals to obtain legal medicalmarijuana: access to Health Canadas sup-ply, obtaining a licence to produce it fromHealth Canada, or obtaining a licence fromHealth Canada to designate someone togrow it on the individuals behalf.

    A letter or document from a physicianalone does not give legal authorization foran individual to possess marijuana, therelease stressed.

    Marijuana dispensary: Ryan Steplock, Britney Anne and Jordan Kuyvenhoven atthe newly opened Metrotown Medicinal Society.

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Medical marijuanadispensary opens

    Janaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporter

    Marijuana Page 8

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A05

    You are Invited to a

    REVIVALHEALING SERVICEI Saturday, April 30 at 1 pm I

    Kingsway Activity Centre - behind the Church4061 Kingsway, Burnaby

    604-437-5500 or 604-437-3200eternityclub@telus.net l www.audreymabley.org Rev. Audrey Mabley, Founder Eternity ClubEternally Yours Radio & Television

    Come experience theHealing Wave in Gods River!

    (Ezekiel 47:9)

    See us on Eternally Yours TV Sunday, 4:30pm on Channel 10


    Where Possibility meets Prosperity!

    Easter is here and sois the chocolate!

    When you shop on North Road this Saturday, April 23 you will be ableto get chocolate Easter Eggs from one of the Easter Bunnys helpers!

    Saturday, April 23 from 11am - 2pmSears Outlet, Vancity, North Gate Mall, North Square Mall, and the Korean Mall!

    Request for ProposalsAllocation of Community Space

    The City is inviting proposals from Burnaby-based non-prot communityorganizations for the lease of all or part of a future City-owned space. Thesuccessful proponent would be expected to provide services and programs whichrespond to priority social, cultural or activity needs of Burnaby residents, and whichcomplement existing programs/services, particularly in south Burnaby.

    Through the Citys Community Benet Bonus Policy, a 16,000 square foot program/ofce space is being developed for the City as part of an approved mixed-usecommercial-residential development at 6451, 6475, and 6479 Telford Avenue (atBeresford Street), across from the Metrotown SkyTrain Station.

    An information session for interested non-prot organizations will be held atBurnaby City Hall on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 from 10 11:30 a.m. in the CouncilCommittee Room.

    The Request for Proposals package can be found on the B.C. Bid Website atwww.bcbid.gov.bc.ca or through the following link: www.burnaby.ca (click onBid Opportunities, Results & FAQs). Please direct any questions about the RFP topurchasing@burnaby.ca or 604-294-7113.

    Deadline for submission of proposals is 3 p.m., Thursday, May 19, 2011.

  • A06 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    As sure as spring bringsskunk cabbage and thescent of freshly spreadmanure, a federal election bringsthe suggestion that we makevoting mandatory.

    Dont do it, politicians.The Lets just

    make everyone doit! approach isthrown about as ananswer to the (alleged) problemof declining voter turnout.

    Thats not to imply that voterturnout isnt declining. It hit58.8 per cent in the 2008 contest,after bouncing back and forthbetween the high 60s and mid-70s during the previous half cen-tury. But turnout has never beenclose to 100 per cent. In fact, itflirted with the low 60s in the1890s, not far above recent lev-els. And the highest level everwas 79.4 per cent participation inthe 1958 election. We have yet tocrack 80 per cent participation inany election.

    The question should not be,Should we make everyonevote? but, Why dont peoplewant to vote? Let me try toanswer that as someone who hasserious doubts about voting thisyear. The fear that my vote wontmatter: Oh sure, they sayevery vote is important. But inLangley, where I live, the incum-bent MP got 62.5 per cent of thetotal votes. While its an extremeexample, there are dozens ofother ridings across Canada

    where putting up the lawn signsand holding debates is nothingmore than a ritual exercise, agame with a foregone conclu-sion. The election is a lock, andif youre not a Conservative/Liberal/NDPer/Bloquiste, tough

    cookies. Keep in mindthat I have never, evervoted for a winningcandidate at the federal

    or provincial level. If I was ahockey player whod lost everygame for 14 years, Id have got-ten the hint by now and hungup my skates.

    Im aware that the flip side ofsaying your vote doesnt mat-ter is that, if enough people saythat, it becomes a self-fulfillingprophecy. But 62 per cent? Comeon. The choices arent that great:Im a firm believer in the hold-your-nose-and-pick-the-least-offensive-candidate approach. Ihave strongly held opinions, butthey dont map onto the politicallandscape of any party. When Ivote, I tend to vote against theparties and policies I really hate,rather than for one that speaksto me. Its not exactly a la carte poli-tics: Believe it or not, this lefty,bleeding-heart pinko agrees withthe Conservatives from timeto time. And there are Liberalpolicies that I find palatable, andNDP and Green ideas that sendme into fits of frothing rage.


    The Burnaby NOW is a Canadian-owned community newspaper published and distributed in the city ofBurnaby every Wednesday and Saturday by the Burnaby Now, 201A3430 Brighton Avenue, Burnaby,British Columbia, V5A 3H4, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.

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    Information overload during federal campaignWhatever is responsible for the low

    voter turnout expected in the May 2federal election, it cant be a shortage ofinformation about the politicians andtheir politics.

    Political parties, individualcandidates, their supportersand detractors, and punditsand commentators with varying levels ofexpertise and credibility are everywhere.

    They have Facebook pages and Twitteraccounts. They populate the blogosphereand every corner of the Internet. Some

    have developed their own mobile phoneapps to keep in touch with fans.

    There are still the old-fashioned meansof contacting prospective voters, like

    email (who would have thoughtonly a decade ago that emailcould ever be old-fashioned?)and television (from the attack

    ads that assaulted us months before theelection call to the nationally broadcastdebates). And theres radio and newspa-pers not to mention that really old-fash-ioned communication: talking to people,

    face to face.That an immense quantity of informa-

    tion is available is without question. Butthe quality is often anything but unques-tionable. In an age in which anyone canoffer opinions for national perusal, howcan the average voter sift through it all,with expectations of a credible, informedconclusion?

    For our part, we are offering coverageof the federal election at the local level inthe pages of this paper check out Q&Aswith Burnaby-NewWestminster candi-

    dates on page 3 and a listing of all-candi-dates meetings on page 9 of this edition.And dont forget our online edition atwww.burnabynow.com where, by click-ing on our Decision 2011 link, you canfind up-to-the-minute national coveragefrom our associated regional newspapers,at Decision Canada, provided by canada.com.

    Theres a lot of information out there.We can only promise to do our best toprovide the information you really need,and can trust.

    Give me betterreasons to vote

    Who will expand CPP benefits?Dear Editor:

    Elections are in the air, and I am concerned aboutthe future of my retirement security, along with themajority of Canadians.

    With reports that only one in five private sectorworkers belong to an employer plan; that most peo-ple cant save, let alone afford an RRSP; that seniors,single women, First Nations and those living withdisabilities are living in poverty; and that our chil-dren wont have access to the same job market thatwe once did, how is this sustainable?

    Now the federal government decided to supporta program called PRPP (Pooled Registered PensionPlans) a super-size version of RRSP that employers

    can buy into. Who does this benefit other than theinsurance companies and banks that lobbied forit? The provinces have a role to play, and with anelection coming, Ill be supporting politicians whosupport me and my family. I want an expansion ofthe CPP benefits on a fully funded go-forward basis,starting right now. This would bring equality anddignity for all, not just a privileged few. This elec-tion, I will be asking whos on my side.

    Ravindra Singh, Burnaby

    Get out and vote this timeDear Editor:

    We have a severe democratic deficit in this

    OUR VIEWBurnaby NOW


    IN MY OPINIONMatthew Claxton

    The Burnaby NOW, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. respects your privacy. We collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Statement which is available at www.burnabynow.com or by calling 604-589-9182.



    Election Page 7 Low Page 7

  • The Burnaby NOW welcomes letters to the editor. We do, however, edit for taste, legality and length.Priority is given to letters written by residents of Burnaby and/or issues concerning Burnaby. Pleaseinclude a phone number where you can be reached during the day. Send letters to: The Editor, #201A-3430Brighton Ave., Burnaby, B.C., V5A 3H4, fax them to 604-444-3460 or e-mail: editorial@burnabynow.com

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    The Burnaby Now is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing theprovinces newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct ofmember newspapers. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverageor story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go towww.bcpresscouncil.org.


    But I cant pick and choosefrom the policies of theparties.

    All I can do is makeone vote, for one potentialMP, who may or may notwin, may or may not siton the back benches, mayor may not cave in andcompromise the secondParliament convenes. Negativity and person-ality: As I write this, thefour main party leadersare scrapping on TV about

    ethics and leadership abil-ity and coalitions that mayor may not exist. Whenpolicy does get mentionedin campaigns, it tends tobe X is a strong leaderwho can provide a stableeconomy, or X caresabout families.

    The last time I checked,strength of character wasnot enough to stave off arecession, and if I wanteda leader to care aboutme personally, Id havefriended him on Facebook

    already.The election machine

    is working overtime to tryand convince me to votefor X, Y, or Z, but its for-gotten to give me enoughreasons to mark a ballot,period.

    So what would makeme happier about voting?A better system and moreparticipation.

    Matthew Claxton is areporter with the LangleyAdvance, the NOWs sisterpaper.

    continued from page 6

    Election: Changes needed

    country. There are huge differences in theprograms of the political parties, and yetin the last federal election, less than 60 percent of eligible voters even bothered tovote! This is the lowest participation ratein Canadian history, and it seems to bepart of a general trend over the past twodecades.

    As long as so many Canadians refuse toparticipate in the political process in anymeaningful way, unscrupulous peoplewill continue to run the show. This is whyover 1,000 people were arrested at the 2010G20 demonstrations, and it is why 300,000Canadians are homeless. Criminalizationof dissent and mass poverty are seriousissues, and we continue to head in thewrong direction on these and many otherissues.

    But its going to get worse. Much, muchworse. The price of gasoline is now morethan $1.30 a litre, and we can expect to seelarge increases in the price of food realsoon. Peak oil is a reality, and the price offuel will continue to rise. Climate changeand population explosion are realities,and the price of food will continue to rise.These are extremely serious problems, andunless they are addressed immediately byall of us working together and by our gov-ernments, all of us are going to be wishingthat we had brought along a spare paddle.Of course, when that happens, it will befar too late.

    Federal election, 2011: Figure out whatthe parties stand for, and then, get out andvote!

    Victor Finberg, Burnaby

    Parking solutions soughtDear Editor:

    Re:Heights merchants want traffic solu-tion, Burnaby NOW, April 13

    I can agree with the Heights MerchantsAssociation that a neighbourhood withcars racing through it is not a successful

    shopping district, but I disagree withtheir opposition or worry to the cityssuggestion that employees and businessowners park in parking lots.

    I have the perk of living close to theshops along Hastings, but with it comesthe headache of having employees andbusiness owners of the Heights parkingin front of my home all day. I have spo-ken with city staff regarding this all-dayparking, and unfortunately the solutionsoffered are not satisfactory, and I amtold that resident parking only is not anoption.

    I have even spoken with the peoplewho park in front of my house all day, andall I get is a shrug of the shoulders and a: Idont have anywhere else to park.

    Why wouldnt the merchants want totake advantage of the citys offer of park-ing? It is not stated, but even if there isa cost to it, is this not a part of businessthat can be written off? Is the cost notworth making the residents of the Heightshappy?

    Please remember that you have a busi-ness in this neighbourhood, but we livehere.

    G. Jinto, Burnaby

    An unrecognizable CanadaDear Editor:

    Re: An unintended vote for the Bloc?,Letters to the editor, Burnaby NOW, April16

    As usual, Mr. Gary Mausers letter wasbang-on. Permit me to put another littletwist on the situation. The Bloc gets 53seats. As a result of Ignatieffs perfor-mance, the NDP gets 52 seats and theLiberals end up with 51 seats.

    Going along with Mr. Mausers mus-ings, that makes Gilles Duceppe primeminister, Jack Layton minister of financeand Michael Ignatieff minister of foreignaffairs or minister of defence

    It wont be a pretty picture! Youll neverrecognize Canada!

    Ziggy Eckardt, Burnaby

    continued from page 6

    Low voter turnout an issue

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A07


    Put food waste in youryard trimmings bin.Its that easy.

    Biting off more thanyou can chew?

    Recycled food turns into healthy soil.Find out more at www.metrovancouver.org

    604.299.87674688 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC V5C 2H7KennedyStewart.ndp.ca | KennedyStewart@ndp.ca

    Kennedy StewartFOR BURNABY-DOUGLAS

    On Dec. 9, 2009, the Conservatives and Liberals teamed

    up and voted to bring the HST to B.C.

    Jack Laytons NDP was the only party that listened to

    British Columbians and voted NO to the HST.



    ON MAY 2, VOTE

  • A08 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    The dispensary only accepts mem-bers who have a doctors recommen-dation or confirmation of a seriousillness, which is in line with otherdispensaries in B.C., Anne said.

    We arent selling to just any-body, she said, but added that thedispensary has an unlimited capac-ity to serve any valid patients whowish to apply. We do follow correctprocedures.

    The society was originally look-ing at setting up shop in NewWestminster but chose the Burnabyproperty at 4927 Kingsway basedon its central location and proximityto the Metrotown SkyTrain station,Anne said.

    There are two dispensariesin Vancouver, but patients fromCoquitlam, New Westminster,Surrey and other suburbs have dif-ficulty travelling that distance, sheexplained.

    We serve a lot of disabledpatients, Anne said, adding that notall of the members are able to drive.

    The Metrotown dispensary is thefirst to be located near a SkyTrainline, she said.

    The society is considering expand-ing to New Westminster next, Anneadded.

    Dana Larsen, whowas a candidatein the recent B.C. New Democratleadership race, is a director with thesociety and operates the VancouverMedical Cannabis Dispensary withtwo locations in Vancouver.

    The first is in East Vancouver andthe second opened about a year agoin Vancouvers West End, he said.

    Its gone very smoothly, he saidof the two dispensaries, adding thesociety serves about 3,000 patients.

    The East Vancouver dispensaryhas a very good relationship withthe nearby Ray-Cam Co-operativeCentre, he said, and just received a

    letter of thanks for a food drive doneon behalf of the centre.

    Larsen is also on the board of asociety that opened a dispensary inMaple Ridge, he said.

    There, people were initially con-cerned about the effect the dispen-sary might have on a neighbourhoodwhere drug crime had only recentlybeen reduced, according to Larsen.

    Within a couple of weeks, wewon our detractors over, he said,adding the dispensarys directoris now a Block Watch captain inhis neighbourhood. They see howimportant we are to the commu-nity.

    He expects the same reception inBurnaby, he said.

    The Metrotown Medicinal Societyis located at 4927 Kingsway and isopen from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. fromMonday to Friday, and from 11 a.m.to 6 p.m. on weekends.


    Marijuana: New dispensary near SkyTrain stationcontinued from page 5

    Burnaby city council has approvedplans to renew two signs in theBurnaby Heights neighbourhood andrepair five Trans-Canada Trail signs.

    The work got the go-ahead atMonday nights council meeting.

    An interpretive sign, previouslylocated with the Swinging Girl signin the Heights, is being recreated with

    an update on the story of the restora-tion and the civic landmark.

    Another interpretive sign, locatedat MacDonald Avenue and HastingsStreet, was originally created to cel-ebrate the original Regent Theatre inthe neighbourhood.

    As the 1926 Regent Theatre Blockhas recently been renovated, the city

    plans to relocate the sign to the build-ing at 4142 Hastings St.

    In addition, the city plans to repairand reinstall the Crabtown inter-pretation sign stand on the Trans-Canada Trail, and clean up, paint andrepair the four other signs located inBurnaby.

    Janaya Fuller-Evans

    Heritage signs get boost from city

    Community conversationsCommunity conversationsCommunity conversationsCommunity conversationsConnecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.com

    Jennifer Moreaus BlogLets talk. From the personal to political. Life in Burnaby





    Burnaby to New Westminster Transmission Project

    To meet increased demand for electricity in the City of New Westminster, BC Hydro is planning theBurnaby to New Westminster Transmission Project. The project will include the installation of newequipment at New Westminster Substation (located atOvens and Colbourne streets), and a new undergroundtransmission circuit that will connect the substation to anexisting BC Hydro transmission line located near LakeeldDrive at the south edge of Robert Burnaby Park.

    BC Hydro invites you to attend our Public InformationMeeting to learn more about the project.

    DATE: Wednesday, April 27

    TIME: Drop by any time between 5:00 to 8:00 pm

    LOCATIONS: Centennial Community CentreMeeting Room 165 East 6th Avenue, New Westminster(next to Canada Games Pool)

    Light refreshments will be served.

    We look forward to seeing you. For more information about the Burnaby to New WestminsterTransmission Project, please visit the BC Hydro website bchydro.com or contact us by emailingstakeholderengagement@bchydro.com or by calling 604 623 4472.


    What issues affectyourdecision?

    Search and shareElection opinions, key issues,videos, blogs and photos.

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    COPPELIAYouth Ballet Company

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  • As we get closer to voting day onMay 2, all-candidates meetings havebeen popping up around Burnaby.Here is the latest list weve received.

    If you are organizing a debate,please let us know by emailingjmoreau@burnabynow.com.

    Burnaby Douglas Tuesday, April 26: 6 to 8 p.m. atthe Halston Hills Co-op. Candidatesget three minutes to talk, followedby an informal meet-and-greet ses-sion. Co-op housing members willmostly be there, but the general pub-lic is welcome to attend. The co-op isat 8868 Horne St., but parking is onlyaccessible from Halston Crescent. Wednesday, April 27: SFUBurnaby campus, 7:30 p.m., hostedby the Simon Fraser Universitypolitical science students union.The room is yet to be announced,but there should be ample signageto find the exact location. Confirmedcandidates: New DemocratKennedy Stewart, Liberal Ken Low,

    Conservative Ronald Leung andLibertarian Lewis Dahlby. Anyonecan attend, not just students.

    There will be opening statementsfrom the candidates, followed byquestions. Friday, April 29: 7:30 p.m. atthe Capitol Hill Community Hall,361 South Howard Ave. Hosted bythe Civic Association of Iranian-Canadians. Three candidates haveconfirmed: Liberal Ken Low, GreenAdrianne Merlo and New DemocratKennedy Stewart. Ronald Leungmight attend, but the organizer isstill waiting for confirmation.

    Candidates will make a briefintroduction and then take ques-tions. For more information, call KeiEsmaeilpour at 604-788-7766.

    Burnaby-NewWestminster Wednesday, April 27: BurnabySouth Secondary hosting all candi-dates debate, in the Michael J. Fox

    theatre, at 2 p.m. This debate is opento Burnaby South students and theirparents or guardians, but parentshave to confirm by emailing sabha.ghani@sd41.bc.ca or call SabhaGhani (social studies departmenthead) at 604-664-8560. Friday, April 29: 2 p.m. ByrneCreek Secondary, 7777 18th Ave.This one is open to the general pub-lic, not just students. On Thursday,they had confirmed the follow-ing candidates: New DemocratPeter Julian, Liberal Garth Evans,Conservative Paul Forseth andGreen Carrie McLaren. The organiz-ers were still working on gettingthe Marxist-Leninist and Libertariancandidates.

    Other Saturday, April 23: Debate withcandidates from Burnaby-Douglasand Vancouver Kingsway, 2 to 4p.m. at the Chinatown Plaza, 180Keefer St.

    compiled by Jennifer Moreau

    All-candidates meetings set

    The future of politics: Burnaby-Douglas candidates (from left) George Gidora, Communist; Ken Low, Liberal;Adrianne Merlo, Green; and Kennedy Stewart, NDP, address students at Moscrop Secondary during an all-candidates meeting on April 19.

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A09

    Go to burnabynow.com/live-green

    FFoorr mmoorree lllooccaalll gggrreeeenn ssttoorriiieess tthhhaattaaffffeecctt yyoouu aanndd yyoouurr ccoommmmuunniittyy

    Richard T. LeeMLA Burnaby NorthOfce: 1833 Willingdon Ave., Burnaby, BCPhone: 604.775.0778 Fax: 604.775.0833Email:Richard.Lee.MLA@leg.bc.ca


    Coffee with RichardisMOVING!

    Coffee with Richard will be held in a new location every monthDrop by and let me know what matters to youover a cup of coffeeDate: Saturday, April 30thTime: 9:00 - 10:30 amPlace: Caffe Artigiano

    4359 Hastings St., BurnabyI hope to see you there!

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    Mortgage Advice

  • A10 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    social programs. Liberal governmentsbrought in universal medicare and passedthe Canada Health Act. Past Liberal gov-ernments were responsible for establish-ing most of the existing federally fundedsocial programs. We are the party thatcares about people and has worked toprotect those people who are poor or dis-advantaged.

    If you could be any superhero, whichone would you be?

    If I could be a superhero I think Iwould like to be Liberalman, modelledafter Superman.

    Then I would be able to fly arounddoing good, protecting the disadvantagedand punishing evil.

    I suppose in a way that is how I wouldsee my role as a member of Parliament.

    raising seniors out of poverty, providingsupports for families coping with bothyoung children and aging seniors, com-bating homelessness and fixing problemswith health care.

    What is your partys track record ondealing with this issue?

    Tommy Douglas, voted the great-est Canadian, and the New DemocraticParty established our publicly fundedhealth-care system, and we will continueto work towards sustaining this fair,inclusive system. NDP leader Jack Layton

    has pledged to take immediate action toaddress seniors living in poverty and stu-dent debt. The NDP caucus has proposedto put in place a national homelessnessstrategy and to ensure funding for postsecondary education.

    If you could be any superhero, whichone would you be?

    When I was growing up, CaptainCanuck was my favourite superhero.Captain Canuck stood up for the dis-advantaged and upheld fundamentalCanadian values.

    government legislation. (Bankruptcy andInsolvency Act discharge list).

    What issue will you prioritize if elected?I will ensure that I represent the whole

    community to Ottawa and not the otherway around. I will stop the partisanmisuse of the MP householder mailedreports.

    I will advocate strongly on anti-crimeissues. I will also change the pattern ofnegative voting into positive voting, tohelp our community.

    What is your partys track record ondealing with that issue?

    The government has passed or tabledmany incremental improvements to the

    justice system to provide the basic toolsfor public safety, including anti-humansmuggling, but sadly, the NDP votedagainst all of them.

    If you could be any superhero, whichone would you be?

    There are many that we can rememberwho gave of themselves, as they lookedforward to make things better for the nextgeneration.

    Locally my father dedicated his life tohelp the human condition as a reverend-minister. He inspired thousands to chooseto live better, while he led in the construc-tion of seniors low-income housing.

    Leading by example, and selflesslyserving the community is a worthy pathfor me to follow.

    Evans: Meet the Liberal candidate

    Forseth: Running for Conservatives

    Julian: New Democrat candidate

    continued from page 3

    continued from page 3

    continued from page 3

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    KATHYCORRIGAN, MLABurnaby-Deer LakeCommunity Office:150 - 5172 Kingsway St., BurnabyTel: 604-775-2414 Fax: 604-775-2550www.kathycorrigan.caemail: kathy.corrigan.mla@leg.bc.ca

    Kingsway Imperial Neighbourhood Association


    Saturday, April 30, 2011The Courtyard of Burlington Square

    5172 Kingsway(between Royal Oak and Burlington)

    9:30am: Registration10am-12pm: Clean up

    12pm: BBQ for participantsPhone: 604.786.2452

    Email: royaloakkina@hotmail.com

    We welcome all residents and businesses in our Community!Come and have some fun while helping to clean upyour community and get to know your neighbours!Refreshments to be provided to all participants!


    Spring CommunitySpring Community

    Clean UpClean Up

    Building our Community

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  • While Mayor Derek Corrigan and themajority of Burnabys councillors backedJohn Horgan in the B.C. NDP leadershiprace, Corrigan said Adrian Dix will makea good leader for the party.

    Horgan, the NDP energy critic andMLA for the Malahat-Juan de Fuca rid-ing, was one of four final contenders forthe top provincial New DemocratParty spot.

    But Adrian Dix, Vancouver-Kingsway MLA and former NDPhealth critic, won the leadershipof the party last Sunday.

    Im feeling good about it,Corrigan said. Although I wasa Horgan supporter, through thecampaign Dix showed he was astrong candidate.

    All Burnaby CitizensAssociation members have to beregistered members of the NDP.The current city council is com-posed entirely of BCA council-lors.

    The other two candidates wereMike Farnworth, Port CoquitlamMLA, and Dana Larsen, a mari-juana activist and former NDPcandidate.

    While each of the candidatespresented different platformsand plans for the partys future,Corrigan said, it was a very ami-cable race.

    Dix had a lot of name recog-nition, something Horgan did not havegoing for him, Corrigan pointed out.

    It is a huge advantage, being locatedon the Lower Mainland, Corrigan saidof Dix.

    But Horgan ran a good campaign andmade a good impression everywhere hespoke, he added.

    Dix is a good candidate to take onthe job of being premier of the province,Corrigan said.

    Thats the most important thing, headded. His chances are excellent.

    If there were to be a provincial electionin the near future, Corrigan said, PremierChristy Clark would have tough competi-tion from Dix.

    She is a personwho really doesnt havemuch of a grasp of the issues, he said.

    The media has portrayed her well sofar, he said, but all shes done since becom-ing premier in March is announce plans to

    increase the minimum wage.The media has had a love

    affair with Christy Clark uptill now, Corrigan said. Theythink shes Christy Clark theWonderful.

    But she isnt a very deep candi-date, he added, and Dixs knowl-edge of issues and politics willstand him in good stead.

    Coun. Pietro Calendino, theonly Burnaby councillor to offi-cially back Dix, was pleased withthe outcome of the leadershiprace.

    Hes the most hardworkingMLA I know, he said, addinghe supported Dix because of hisideas, principles and ethics.

    Hewould be able to knowledg-ably compare the NDPs record inthe 90s with the Liberals overthe past decade if a provincialelection was called, Calendinosaid.

    I think he stands more thana good chance (in an election),he added.

    Burnaby councillors Dan Johnston,Colleen Jordan, Sav Dhaliwal and NickVolkow all officially backedHorgan, as didBCA president Gord Larkin, and Burnaby-Deer Lake MLA Kathy Corrigan.

    Coun. Paul McDonell was undecidedwhen he last spoke with the NOW, as wasCoun. Richard Chang.

    Coun. Anne Kang did not return callsfrom the NOW on the subject.


    Derek Corriganmayor

    Pietro Calendinocouncillor

    Burnaby councillorsgive thumbs-up to Dix


    Janaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporter

    From the Editors deskFrom the Editors deskFrom the Editors desk

    Connecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.com

    Pat Tracys Blog

    News is a conversation - and it starts here

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A11










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    If this sounds like the perfect fit, please emailyour resume and cover letter in confidenceby Monday, April 25 to:

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    Kemp Harvey Goodison HamiltonCERTIF IED GENERAL ACCOUNTANTS

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  • A12 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    creating a stream of dreams

    Colours of nature: Top, Lori Driussi, principal of UniversityHighlands Elementary School, gets her hands messy duringwork on a Stream of Dreams painted fish mural. Above,student Jake Densky helps out with the mural project. Streamof Dreams is an eco-education project designed to raiseawareness of the fact that all drains lead to fish habitat.

    Photos by Larry Wright/burnaby now


    Visit www.burnabynow.comfor a photo gallery

  • 16 Can you spare an organ? 24 Paper PostcardsSECTION COORDINATOR Jennifer Moreau, 604-444-3021 jmoreau@burnabynow.com

    15 Shadbolt celebrates

    Its that time of year when localstreamkeepers are busy releas-ing tiny fry in local waterwaysto help replenish salmon popula-tions.

    The Eagle Creek Streamkeepersheld their salmon send-off onApril 16. Thanks to volunteer NickKvenich for alerting our paperabout that.

    We ran some photos in our lastissue from the event, but I misiden-tified the group as the Byrne CreekStreamkeepers in the captions.Apologies for the confusion com-pletely my fault.

    The real Byrne CreekStreamkeepers are holding theirsalmon release next Tuesday, April26, around 11 a.m. at the foot ofByrne Creek where it meets withByrne Road. All community mem-bers are invited to attend.

    If you cant make that event,the Stoney Creek EnvironmentCommittee is holding their salmonsend-off on May 7, from 10 a.m. to2 p.m. Thanks to volunteer AlanJames for letting us know aboutthat.

    That event will be at StoneyCreek Community School, 2740Beaverbrook Cres. Participantswill be releasing 3,000 coho fry,supplied by Fisheries and OceansCanada.

    Members of the Sapperton Fishand Game Club will be there tohelp the kids release the small fryinto the water. Volunteers fromBurnaby Mountain Secondary willalso help distribute the fish.

    The fry will live for a year, inthe creek before heading out to sea.People should stay out of the creek(and keep their dogs out, too) for ayear to let the salmon grow undis-turbed.

    Signed Luongo JerseyA local Catholic school has a

    very special auction item as part ofa fundraiser to help quake victimsin Japan, just in time for the play-offs.

    According to Neva Grout,principal at Our Lady of MercyElementary, it all started whentwo Grade 6 students, Bianca andJocelle, wanted to do somethingafter the earthquake and tsunamihit Japan. The girls spoke at schoolassembly to spread the message


    HERE & NOWJennifer Moreau

    Jersey Page 14

    Samurai tale comes aliveTurning Japanese: From left, Quinn Johnson and Daniel Gorodetsky are two of the Burnaby Mountain Secondary dramastudents staging Rashomon. The play runs May 4 to 6 and May 12 to 14.

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Apart from Godzilla movies and anime,Akira Kurosawas samurai period piecesare what most of us tend to associate withJapanese film.

    Kurosawa was not only one of the mostinfluential filmmakers in history, but hisearly film Rashomon introduced an entire-ly new narrative technique byusing flashbacks and conflict-ing vantage points of the sameevent to tell a story.

    In the 1951 film, often cred-ited as the reason the AcademyAwards created the best foreignfilm category, a woman is rapedand her samurai husband killedwhile walking in the woods together inancient Japan. Rashomon offers the audiencefour different viewpoints of the incident the wifes, the suspects, a witnesss and,through a medium, even the dead hus-bands with each revealing a little moredetail to determine what happened.

    However, you probably wouldnt guessthe subject matter was so dark if you hap-pened towander into theBurnabyMountainSecondary studio theatre during a rehears-al, where the high-spirited cast was busycrossing swords, running lines and trying

    to figure out how to wear a kimono whilealso hiding protective kneepads when theBurnaby NOW stopped by.

    Theres certainly no shortage of inter-est in theatre arts at the school, whichallowed director Felicity Rudolph to havetwo entirely different casts for the play partly out of necessity.

    We double cast it because we had toreally, said the drama teacher, who head-ed off to Ottawa last week with her youngcharges after qualifying for the nationalimprov tournament. Usually we havesomeone who can fill in, but you cant dothat with a sword fight. I have to protect

    the cast.Its one thing for an under-

    study to step in for a main leadfor a night, but quite another tohave a student who hasnt fullyrehearsed the fight scenes getwhacked upside the head witha metal samurai sword, and soRudolph opted to go with two

    entirely different sets of actors.Daniel Gorodetsky, who plays the vil-

    lain, said learning to use the swords was aninteresting challenge.

    Its fun, said the Grade 12 student,who hopes to study journalism after gradu-ating. It can get intimidating sometimes,especially at the very beginning when wefirst brought out the metal swords afterpractising with wooden swords. We had astage combat guy (Harvey Ostroff) come in he was awesome, and all you see has beenchoreographed by him.

    Costume designer Jordon Binotto, whoshares the same role with Gorodetsky, saidhe didnt find learning the sword fightingmoves came easily.

    Gosh no, he said with a laugh. Theothers were way better at it than me.

    He added that while the subject matteris quite grim, there is nothing that shouldalarm worried parents.

    Burnaby Mountain dramastudents take on Japanesecinematic masterpieceAndrew Flemingstaff reporter

    Mediummessenger: Justin Bermudezhas a role in Rashomon, a play based onAkira Kurosawas classic film.

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Ending Page 14


    Visit www.burnabynow.comfor a photo gallery

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A13

  • A14 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    It is definitely mature content, butyoure so involved in the scene, instead ofit being shocking, it is just a natural pro-gression of the story, said Binotto. Plusits not really explicit on the stage. Thanksto Ms. Rudolphs direction, all the moremature parts are off-stage and suggestedexcept for the kiss, which of course hap-pens all the time!

    While people may already be familiarwith the classic film, Rudolph said the

    play, which is based more closely on theoriginal 1915 short story the movie is, alsohas a different ending than Kurosawasversion.

    Theres a lot of backstory in the playthat isnt in the movie, she said.

    Rashomon runs at Burnaby MountainSecondary School on May 4 to 6 and May12 to 14. Tickets are $10 for students and$12 for adults. Showtime is 7 p.m. Formore information or to reserve in advance,call 604-664-8552.

    Ending: Based on original

    Jersey: Up for auctionthat the students could make a differ-ence and help the quake victims over-seas.

    One kindergarten student was somoved by the girls presentation thatshe went home that day and told herparents about it.

    The parents were so moved by theirdaughters compassion that they wereinspired to help the schools efforts toraise money for the cause, so the fatherdonated a brand new hockey jerseysigned by Roberto Luongo.

    The online auction for the jersey runstill May 5. To place a bid, visit www.ourladyofmercy.ca.

    Crazy 8s festI had a chance to attend the Crazy

    8s film fest on April 9, which includeda film with young Burnaby actor SeanMathieson.

    For those who arent familiar withthe concept, Crazy 8s is a contest where

    filmmakers pitch their ideas, and final-ists get $800 to make a short film ineight days.

    Sean, 14, gave a top-notch perfor-mance in Chained, a story seeminglyabout child abuse but with a surpriseending. Out of the six films screened atthe gala, Chained seemed to get the loud-est gasp at the end. Sean also landeda small part in Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2:Rodrick Rules, so keep an eye out for thisBurnaby actor on the big screen.

    ClarificationIn an April 13 article in the Burnaby

    NOW, I mentioned that school trusteeDiana Mumford was involved in effortsto make Byrne Creek Secondary thefirst community school in the district. Imeant to write the first secondary com-munity school in the district. We have,of course, a few elementary communityschools in Burnaby already.

    Email Here and Now items to Jennifer atjmoreau@burnabynow.com.

    continued from page 13

    continued from page 13


    MountainSecondarystudentsin a stage

    adaptationof Rashomon.

    From left,Pheobe


    and HowardKirn


    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Community conversationsCommunity conversations

    Connecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.com

    Jennifer Moreaus Blog

    Lets talk. From the personal to political. Life in Burnaby

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  • Celebration of dance:Above and below, the

    Youth In Motion DanceCompany perform

    Jacks Butterflies, Birdsand Beasts, based onthe paintings of JackShadbolt, during an

    Art on the Spot eventat the Shadbolt CentreSaturday. Left, SalomDaz rehearses a dancepiece titled Happiness.

    It was a celebration ofall things dance-relatedat the Shadbolt Centre forthe Arts at Deer Lake onSaturday, April 16.

    The Shadbolt Centreheld an Art on the Spot dayto promote modern danceand recognize InternationalDance Day (which isupcoming April 29), withfour hours of performancesby professional dancersand community groups.

    The Shadbolts owndance companies showedtheir skills, and visitingguests also shared their tal-ents.


    Visit www.burnabynow.com fora photo gallery of this event

    Photos by Jason Lang/burnaby now

    Dancein focus

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A15

    2011WATERMAIN FLUSHINGThe Operations Department will be conducting its annual programof flushing and cleaning of watermains starting October 1, 2010 untilMay 31, 2011.

    This might result in the water supply showing sediment in some areas.This may cause the water to be discoloured and may affect someindustrial processes. If you have any questions or specific concerns,please contact the Engineering Department at 604-294-7221.

    Kingsway Zone: Burnaby North Zone:From Griffiths Dr. to Royal Oak Ave. From Hastings St. to Grant St.From Portland St. to Kingsway Between Boundary Rd. and Willingdon Ave.

    Watermain Flushing: 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. - Monday to FridayGeneral Inquiries call 604-294-7221More information on our web site: Burnaby.bc.ca























    F BUBE0












    HILLCREST PLUMBINGAsk about our Professional 10 year Installation Warranty!




    METRO VANCOUVER212 East 17th Ave.604-879-1415

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  • A16 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    If you arent having any difficulty read-ing this, chances are you may take havinggood eyesight for granted.

    The Canadian National Institute forthe Blind (CNIB), not wanting to see morepeople lose their vision because they maynot be aware they may be at risk develop-ing glaucoma, want Canadiansto take a better look at how theylook after their eyes.

    The not-for-profit rehabilita-tion agency has consequentlylaunched a nationwide onlinephoto contest Eye Rememberoffering a trip for two to a majorCanadian holiday destinations inorder to help raise awareness ofthe importance of eye exams.

    There is a common misconcep-tion that glaucoma is a conditionthat only affects people approach-ing their senior years. While it is the sec-ond most common cause of irreversiblevision loss in seniors, it can actually strikeat any age.

    Gettanjali Chopra, for example, a 25-year-old Burnaby woman currently pur-suing a masters degree in public policy atSFU, has never known a day without it.

    I was actually born with glaucoma,said Chopra. I always had eye problemsas a kid, but it wasnt until I was 12 that itwas finally diagnosed.

    She is now considered legally blind,although she is able to see up to threefeet in front of her with her right eye and

    keeps her condition manageable by takingeyedrops several times a day.

    Its a lot of little things for me, shesaid. I have to sit really close to the TV,and sometimes I have to take my notes inclass from the person sitting next to me.

    According to the CNIB, people with afamily history of glaucoma are six timesmore likely to develop it than others,and a recent survey revealed that half

    of Canadians arent aware abouttheir family history of glauco-ma. The survey also revealedthat 71 per cent of Canadians areunaware that they could havethe condition, which is generallypainless, but still be able to seeperfectly well, and that roughly250,000 Canadians have it, buthalf of them dont know it yet.

    There is no cure for glaucoma,but it can be controlled if detect-ed and treated early. Ironically,Chopra said that her own family

    doesnt have a history of the eye condi-tion.

    Its kind of funny, actually, she said.Im the one who has it and Im alwaystelling my parents go and get their eyeschecked.

    As part of the awareness campaign, theCNIB are inviting Canadians to uploadcherished photos that they wouldnt wantto risk never seeing again at www.eyeremember.ca. On May 18, professionalphotographers will choose a winner, whowill then choose from all-inclusive vaca-tions worth $3,500 each to the Okanagan,Banff, Niagara Falls or Quebec City.

    Andrew Flemingstaff reporter

    Contest promotesvision testing

    Check www.Burnabynow.com for breaking news, photo galleries, blogs and more

    Gettanjali ChopraLegally blind

    Organ Donor Awareness Week wasdeclared in Burnaby, from April 17 to24, by Mayor Derek Corrigan at Mondaynights meeting.

    The proclamation was one of about 10made at the meeting, celebrating every-thing from Drinking Water Week (May 1to 7) to Elizabeth Fry Week (May 2 to 8).

    New West resident Chuck Puchmayr,who has called himself the poster boy forliver transplants attended the meeting asa delegation, along with Jillian St. JamesfromLangley, another transplant recipient.Puchmayr a former New Westminstercity councillor and NDP MLA received

    his transplant on Jan. 24, 2009, after devel-oping cancer linked to hepatitis B.

    The pairs presentation promoted morepublic awareness of the need for organdonations.

    Corrigan suggested organ donationshould be the default choice for everyone,with people having to contact the registryto have their names removed, instead ofhaving to register themselves.

    The B.C. Transplant Society asks thosewho have not registered to do so at www.transplant.bc.ca and click on Organ DonorRegistry.

    Janaya Fuller-Evans

    Organ donors wanted


    yourcommunityStories and photos from

    ~ In print and online all the timeIn print and online all the time

    and CLICK on ADD YOUR EVENTto submit your own local events.

    Go to burnabynow.com

    The best way to recycle milk, cream and milk substitute containers is to bringthem to the Return-It Depot along with your refundable beverage containers.

    39:0. 19647. .27 ;8876 5:7/

    For locations: return-it.ca/milk 1-800-330-9767

    The Gizeh Shriners of British Columbia & Yukon have been part of theBurnaby landscape for many years. From the Shrine Centres location atthe corner of Wayburne Drive and Canada Way, the Shriners have been astrong force in the community for over four decades.

    The Shriners are giving serious consideration as to how they can put theirprime property to its best use in order to continue serving the community.

    One possibility is a new Shrine Centre along with the inclusion of a seniorshousing complex.

    Please help us to explore these and other opportunities by coming to oneof three public meetings. Find out: Whats new in seniors housing; Whats happening around the Lower Mainland; How our aging society might affect seniors housing in the future.We want to know what YOU think!May 4, 2011: 2:00 PM OR 6:00 PM (Content the same at both meetings)Shrine Centre, 3550 Wayburne Drive, BurnabyMay 6, 2011: 10:00 AMBonsor Recreation Complex, 6550 Bonsor, Burnaby

    Refreshments will be served.To make sure we have enough refreshments please let us know you arecoming. Call toll-free 1 (877) 432-9393

    Retirement Housing with aDifference in Central Burnaby

    We Need Your Help!

  • TO APRIL 23Celebration of Spring, AFresh Start, as presented bythe Burnaby Arts Council.Featuring the work of 22 localartists, the Celebration ofSpring works to bring togeth-er a group of individuals,enabling them to showcasetheir artistic talents. Info: 604-298-7322 or www.burnabyartscouncil.org.

    TO APRIL 24Will Rogers Follies, performedby the Royal City MusicalTheatre at Massey Theatre,835 Eighth Ave. PreviewsApril 7 and 8 at 8 p.m.Performances April 9 to 24 at8 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday,Matinee performances onSaturday and Sunday at 2p.m. Show directed and cho-reographed by Valerie Easton,musical direction by JamesBryson. Tickets from $20 to$39 and available online atwww.masseytheatre.com orby phone at 604-521-5050.Info: www.royalcitymusicaltheatre.com.

    TO APRIL 30Asian Canadian Artist show-case, National Nikkei Museumand Heritage Centre, 6688Southoaks Cresc. Exhibitsopen Tuesday to Saturday, 11a.m. to 5 p.m., admission bydonation. Info: 604-777-7000or e-mail: info@nikkeiplace.org.

    TO MAY 15Arts Alive 2011, will fill themain gallery of the BurnabyArt Gallery at 6344 Deer LakeAve. with artwork by elemen-tary school students. Comesee future artists work. Info:www.burnabyartgallery.ca.

    TO MAY 16Encores Gallery and CafExhibit,Marie Caldwell, long-time student of the YoungArtists Studio presents herwork at the Shadbolt Centrefor the Arts. Info: www.shadboltcentre.com.

    TO JUNE 12Broadsides, Chapbooks andEphemera from (m)OtherTongue Press, at the BobPrittie Library as part of itsArt in the Libraries program.Display on during libraryhours, 6100 Willingdon Ave.Info: 604-436-5400.

    TO JUNE 19Alistair Bells Animals:Portraits of the Wild, at theBurnaby Art Gallery at 6344Deer Lake Ave.

    APRIL 27 TO 30Dress Me Up in Your Love, ATheatre Replacement produc-tion, 8 p.m. at the ShadboltCentre for the Arts. Info: www.shadboltcentre.com or 604-291-6864.

    THURSDAY, APRIL 28A Little Lunch Music, 11:30a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at theShadbolt Centre for the Arts.Featuring soprano MargoLevae and Anna Vavilova onthe piano. Info: www.shadboltcentre.com or 604-291-6864.

    FRIDAY, APRIL 29Alastair Bell Exhibit, noon to1 p.m., as part of the BurnabyArt Gallerys Lunch BAG Days.

    SATURDAY, APRIL 30Asian Canadian Artist show-case and art auction, 6:30 to

    9 p.m., $40. National NikkeiMuseum and Heritage Centre,6688 Southoaks Cresc. Info:604-777-7000 or e-mail: info@nikkeiplace.org.

    Revelations III, presented byBurnabys Phoenix ChamberChoir, Shaughnessy HeightsUnited Church, 1550 West33rd Ave. Vancouver. Tickets$25, seniors and students $20,secondary school students

    $10, groups of 10 or more $15.Tickets: 604-584-4755.

    SUNDAY, MAY 1Ensemble Etoile andVancouver Italian Folk ChoirSpring Concert, 3 p.m. atChrist Reformed Church, 825513th Ave. Burnaby. Tickets$12, also available at the door.Info: 778-987-6336 or 604-299-3414 or 604-291-9948.

    FRIDAY, MAY 6Arctic Dance: The MardyMurie Story documentaryfilm showing at the McGillLibrary, 7 p.m. 4595 AlbertSt. Free admission, but spaceis limited. Register by calling604-299-8955.

    Send arts and entertainment list-ings to calendar@burnabynow.comor fax to 604-444-3460.

    ARTS CALENDARBurnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A17

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    yourcommunityStories and photos from

    ~ In print and online all the time


  • A18 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    M E T R O P O L I TA N R E S I D E N C E S

  • SATURDAY, APRIL 23Showing of Tron Legacy, atthe Tommy Douglas Library,7311 Kingsway. 2:30 p.m.This free event is part of TeenMovie Matinees, just bring acomfy pillow. Info: 604-297-4803. No registration, eventfor teens only (age 12 to 18).

    TUESDAY, APRIL 26Cancer Prevention andHealing Event, FirefightersBanquet and ConferenceCentre, 6515 Bonsor Ave.6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Tickets $20advance, $25 at the door, $5off for Health Action NetworkSociety members. Info: www.hans.org or 604-435-0512.

    THURSDAY, APRIL 28South Burnaby UnitedChurch Thrift Shop Sale, 10a.m. to 2 p.m. Church locatedat corner of Rumble andGray, with clothing, house-wares, books, toys and more.Donations welcome.

    Drop-in blood pressure,weight monitoring and healthinfo clinic, 10 to 11:45 a.m.,Edmonds Community Centrefor 55+, 7282 Kingsway. Info:604-524-9060.

    Hanging Basket Sale, pre-sented by the Burnaby SouthSecondary School PAC, 2:30to 7 p.m. $25 baskets forpick-up. Pre-orders availableby picking up form at schooloffice.

    Japan Benefit, Michael J.Fox Theatre, all proceeds toCanadian Red Cross. Ticketsare $30. Info: tiffanycarlson@hotmail.com.

    FRIDAY, APRIL 29Lets Do Lunch at Bella Vitain Maple Ridge, 10:40 a.m.to 2:30 p.m. Meet at BonsorRecreation Complex, 6550Bonsor Ave. $12.71 members,$15.88 non-members. Feecovers transportation only.Info: 604-439-5510.

    Armchair Travellers, presen-tation on Jordan and Israel,Bonsor Recreation Complex,6550 Bonsor Ave. 9:15 a.m.to noon, $5 includes a con-tinental breakfast. Info: 604-439-5510.

    St. Thomas More Pub NightFundraiser for Dry Grad, 7p.m. at the Old Admiral Puband Grill, 4125 E. HastingsSt. $20 for burger, fries andbeer/wine. Info: Lubna atlubna_dalupang@hotmail.com or Tracie at tl_catalano@yahoo.ca.

    Party for a Good Cause, pre-sented by Frontier College.5 to 9 p.m. at Byrne CreekSecondary School, 7777 18thSt. Info: Kathy Powelson at604-713-5848.

    SATURDAY, APRIL 30Pacific Spirit Quilters Guildevent, Shriners Hall, 3550Wayburne Dr. Event includesmerchant mall, gift shop, tearoom and charity sewing bee.Admission $5.

    Giant Flea Market, 10 a.m.to 2 p.m. at MaywoodCommunity School, 4567Imperial St. Admission is 50cents, lots of bargains, doorprizes and concessions. Info:604-664-8208.

    Threads of Life event, 10 a.m.to 1 p.m. at Burnaby LakeRegional Park. Communityagencies involved includeCanadian Society of SafetyEngineers, WorkSafeB.C., and ER Plus RiskManagement Group Inc.

    Giant Flea Market, 10 a.m.to 2 p.m. at MaywoodCommunity School, 4567

    Imperial St. Lots of bargains,admission is 50 cents. Info:604-664-8208.

    Blacksmithing 3 - Basic ToolMaking, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. atthe Burnaby Village Museum.$75. Learn the secrets ofworking and tempering a toolsteel. Students forge a coldchisel and a simple punch onthe anvil and then finish onthe grinder. Students must

    wear steel-toed boots andhave previous forging experi-ence or taken Blacksmithing1. Register through theBurnaby Village Museum at604-297-4565. Code: 242998.

    Victorian Card MakingWorkshop, 1 to 3 p.m. at theBurnaby Village Museum,$22. Create your own specialhandmade gift for mom,as instructed by Rhonda

    Jackson. Register through theBurnaby Village Museum at604-297-4565. Code: 243034.

    Buddhism for the 21stCentury: Overcoming LifesChallenges, presentationand discussion meeting onNichiran Buddhism. 1:30 to 3p.m. McGill Library.

    Kingsway ImperialNeighbourhood Associationcommunity cleanup, 5172

    Kingsway, 9:30 a.m.

    Information and SpeakersFair, for Burnaby familyand friends unpaid caregiv-ers, Nikkei Centre, 6688Southoaks Cresc. 10 a.m. to2 p.m.

    Flea market, SwedishCanadian Manor auditorium,1812 Duthie Ave. 9 a.m. to2 p.m. Features toys, books,baskets, CDs, records, linens,

    household items and more.

    Muffin Break and Thrift Sale,Cliff Avenue United Church,1600 Cliff Ave. 9 a.m. tonoon. Event includes muffins,coffee, toys, books, clothingand more. 55+, 6550 BonsorAve. Info: 604-439-1456.

    Send non-profit events listings tocalendar@burnabynow.com orfax to 604-444-3460. Allow at leastthree weeks notice.

    CALENDAR OF EVENTSBurnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A19

    The next frontierof social networking.

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    Vancouver551 Robson St.Bentall Tower ThreeOakridge CentrePacific Centre2163 West 4th Ave.2338 Cambie St.925 West Georgia St.689 Thurlow St.1855 Burrard St.3121 West Broadway2748 Rupert St.950 West Broadway1707 Robson St.1092 Kingsway3490 Kingsway

    AbbotsfordSevenoaks Shopping Centre32915 South Fraser Way2142 Clearbrook Rd.2602 Mt. Lehman Rd.32465 South Fraser Way2140 Sumas Way

    Aldergrove26310 Fraser Hwy.

    BurnabyBrentwood MallCrystal SquareLougheed MallMetrotown/Metropolis4501 North Rd.

    ChilliwackCottonwood Mall45300 Luckakuck Way45905 Yale Rd.7544 Vedder Rd.

    Cloverdale17725 64th Ave.

    CoquitlamCoquitlam Centre3278 Westwood St.3000 Lougheed Hwy.2988 Glen Dr.1071 Austin Ave.

    DeltaScottsdale Mall7235 120th St.1517 56th St.

    LangleyWalnut Grove Town CentreWillowbrook Shopping Centre19638 Fraser Hwy.19700 Langley Bypass20159 88th Ave.20202 66th Ave.

    Maple RidgeHaney Place Mall22661 Lougheed Hwy.

    Mission32670 Lougheed Hwy.32555 London Ave.

    New WestminsterRoyal City Centre

    North VancouverCapilano Mall1199 Lynn Valley Rd.1295 Marine Dr.1801 Lonsdale Ave.

    Pitt Meadows19800 Lougheed Hwy.

    RichmondAdmiralty Centre MallIronwood MallParker PlaceRichmond Centre

    SurreyCentral City Shopping CentreGrandview CornersGuildford Town Centre13734 104th Ave.12477 88th Ave.7380 King George Hwy.15940 Fraser Hwy.

    West VancouverPark Royal Shopping CentreNorth/South

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  • A20 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    Proudly Serving Burnaby-EdmondsRaj Chouhan, MLAPh: 604-660-7301Fax: 604-660-73045234 Rumble StreetBurnaby, BC V5J 2B6Raj.Chouhan.MLA@leg.bc.ca


    Burnaby Hospice Societys contributions to ourcommunity are immeasurable. This is a uniqueevent as all funds raised will directly supportthe Hospices work. Your generous support willmake a difference.

    Proud to Support

    Hike for Hospiceand the

    Burnaby HospiceSociety

    OCEAN VIEW FUNERAL HOME4000 Imperial Street, Burnaby


    Richard T. LeeMLA Burnaby NorthOfce: 1833 Willingdon Ave., Burnaby, BCPhone: 604.775.0778 Fax: 604.775.0833Email:Richard.Lee.MLA@leg.bc.ca


    Proud to support thecaring programs &services of BurnabyHospice Society





    Gold Partner:

    Media Partner:

    For more information or to register call 604.520.5087

    Your Support MattersFunds from Hike for Hospice support the following programs: Palliative care support Vigils Complementary therapies Professional grief counseling and bereavement support service Memorial services Volunteer training Community outreach and education

    Every year, the Burnaby Hospice Society serves over 800 families through our hospicepalliative care and bereavement programs that are offered at no cost.

    Burnaby Hospice SocietyEstablished in 1986, Burnaby Hospice Society is a volunteer-based organizationdedicated to providing compassionate care to individuals and families during thedying and grieving process.Our trained volunteers visit in homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities to helpmake a difcult life passage both manageable and meaningful for people facing deathand their families.

    No one in Burnaby needs to gothrough the end-of life journey alone.

    Patters onAv enue



    2011 HIKE FOR HOSPICEIn support of Burnaby Hospice Society

    About the EventHike for Hospice raises funds and awareness of hospice palliative care in Canada. All funds raised inBurnaby will remain locally to support the Burnaby Hospice Societys critical work of providingquality support to individuals and families during the end-of-of life journey.

    Event Location Map

    Event Day Activities12:00 pm Registration, barbecue

    lunch, entertainment,silent auction and more

    12:45 pm Opening ceremonies andwarm-up

    1:00 pm Hike begins2:30 pm Closing ceremonies and

    prize draw

    Please bring your completed pledgeforms and collectedmonies

    Hike for Hospice is coordinated by theCanadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, thenational association which provides leadership inhospice palliative and end-of-life care in Canada.

    WAYS TO PARTICIPATE1. REGISTER Contact us at 604.520.5087 for a registration/pledge form or registeronline at www.hikerforhospice.com.

    2. FUNDRAISE Collect donations using the registration/pledge form and bring yourform and collected funds on event day.

    3.NOT REGISTERED ? Sign up at the event or just come out to show your support.4.MAKE A DONATION

    What is HospicePalliative Care?Hospice palliative care provides practical,social, psychological and spiritual support topeople living with life-threatening illness, theirlived ones and the bereaved.

    Date: Sunday May 1, 2011(Rain or Shine)

    Time: 12-3 pmVenue: South Burnaby Bowls Club

    Central Park 4000 Kingsway

    Routes: 3 km and 5 km

    Registration Fee$25 per participant or raise $125 or moreto have your registration fee waived.Children 12 & under free of charge. Allregistrants will receive choice of an eventt-shirt or water bottle.

    National Partners:

    Silver Partner:

    Bronze Partners:


    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A21

  • A22 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    Libraries host art exhibitionsThe Burnaby Art Gallery is reach-

    ing out into the community with twonew exhibitions at city libraries.

    At the Bob Prittie branch of theBurnaby Public Library, visitors cancheck out Broadsides, Chapbooks andEphemera from (m)Other TonguePress, on now until June 12.

    (m)Other Tongue Press was found-ed in 1994 by Salt Spring Island resi-dents Peter Haase and Mona Fertig,with an eye on printing and pub-lishing original poetry in broadsideor chapbook form using its own let-ter press embellished with linocutsdesigned and printed by Haase.

    The press so far has worked withmore than 28 poets from around B.C.and across Canada, and their pub-lications are noted for the variety ofprinting techniques, binding methodsand materials incorporated into eachpublication.

    In 2008, (m)Other Tongue Presswas expanded to become MotherTongue Publishing, and the companyhas already published several books ofpoetry, a novel and three volumes inthe Unheralded Artists of B.C. series.

    Check them out at www.mothertonguepublishing.com or stop bythe Bob Prittie library branch at 6100Willingdon Ave., in the Metrotownneighbourhood, to see the exhibition.

    In North Burnaby, at the McGillbranch, visitors can check out The ArtPrinters Toronto: City Seen Portfolio,featuring works from the City ofBurnabys permanent art collection.

    The Toronto: City Seen Portfoliowas published in 1984 by Jerry Shinersthe Art Printer, working in collab-oration with David Bolduc, ClaudeBreeze, Graham Coughtry, HaroldKlunder, bp nichol, Paul Sloggett andJan Winton.

    It was published in honour ofTorontos sesquicentennial celebra-tions.

    Two editions of the print series

    were released - the first edition of 30copies was available for the public,and a second series, numbered I to X,was printed as gifts for galleries acrossthe country. The Burnaby Art Galleryreceived number VI of that series.

    The work can be seen at the McGilllibrary branch, 4595 Albert St., untilJune 13.

    Check outwww.burnabyartgallery.ca for more information.


    Photo courtesy Burnaby Art Gallery/special to the burnaby now

    Art prints: Rosedale Valley, a 1984 serigraph by Jan Winton, is part of theToronto: City Seen exhibition at the McGill branch of the Burnaby PublicLibrary.





    Friday, April 29th

    For all your Royal Wedding news visit






    UT:V 8Q::V 67L7V8

    E 4 C JDF[]]_ >]_DYB[]_ X>D _

  • Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A23

    Champagne Tastehome furniture & decor consignment1101 Royal Avenue, New Westminster

    microfiber reversible chaise sofa $849other models available starting at $499

    built locally. custom order. 18 colours available.

    Compare and Save

  • A24 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    PAPER Want to be featured in Paper

    Postcards? Take a copy of theBurnaby NOW along with you onyour next trip. Take a photo ofyourself in front of a scenic back-drop or landmark, holding thenewspaper.

    Send your photos by email topostcards@burnabynow.com or bymail to the Burnaby NOW, 201A-3430 Brighton Ave., Burnaby, B.C.,V5A 3H4. Include a few detailsabout your trip.

    Happy trails!

    Take us travelling

    Happy trails: Far left,Vicki, Amanda andLauren Chor hangingout at the famousInternational MarketPlace in Waikiki, Hawaii.Above, Austin Trasolinitook his copy of theBurnaby NOW to thesummit of MountCotopaxi in Ecuadorin January. Trasolinireached the summit onJan. 20 at 6:30 a.m.Left, Tracy and Wai FuWarner had this picturetaken while in HongKong recently.

    Contributed photos/burnaby now

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    ,, BuBuBuBurnrrrnabababbyyyy6060606039393939 MMMMcKcKcKcKaayayay AAAAvevve

    Scan QR-code withyour mobile phonefor more information.

    1 Bedroom from $250,000s2 Bedrooms from $420,000s

    Now selling by appointment only

  • A26 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW


    A sporty SUV arrives

    Four short years ago,Ford raised the baron crossover SUVswhen it introduced theEdge, a mid-size crossoverSUV that successfullymarried cool with conve-nient. The Edge was aninstant hit, appealing toa wide demographic andannouncing Fords returnto prominence in the pas-senger-car market. You

    can imagine, then, that theexpectations for the rede-signed, 2011 Edge wouldbe very, very high andyoud be right.

    DesignThe 2011 Edge is a

    beautiful vehicle and astrong followup to whatwas already a very attrac-tive crossover. The pro-portions havent changedmuch, but the lines aresmoother and bolder, in

    keeping with recent Forddesign work. The Sportgains a few tweaks, themost noticeable of whichis the blacked-out frontgrille.

    If you believe in theimportance of smalldetails, take an up-closelook at the projector-styleheadlamps, which featureclear Edge nameplates sus-pended behind the lenses.The plates dont impact

    David Chaocontributing writer

    Edge Page 28

    An eyeful:The new FordEdge featuresprojector-style

    headlampswith Edgenameplatesbehind the


    Contributed photo/burnaby now

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A27


    5622 IMPERIAL STREET, BBY604-430-6666

    Unique Auto Salon Inc.Coupon expires May 31, 2011

    Oil Filter

    100% SYNTHETIC SERVICES Up to 5 litres of 5W20, 5W30, 5W40, 10W30

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    Includes 21 point Inspection, Oil/Oil Filter, Inspect tire condition

    Up to 5 litres of 5W30, 10W30, 5W20

    CVT TRANSMISSIONFLUID SERVICEIncludes parts and labour.

    $$7878..8888Most vehicles. up to 5 L

    $5050..8888**applicable on USA & Japanese cars Oil Filter

    SPRINGOIL CHANGE SERVICES $$2828..8888**Applicable on USA & Japanese cars

    PREMIUMOIL CHANGE SERVICE Up to 6 litres of EDGE & Oil Filter $$7878..8888**

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    J. PetersenJ. PetersenAutomotive Ltd.Automotive Ltd.







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    Read Autond every Saturdayin the Burnaby NOW.

    Read Drive3Click21Contact the dealer, check outyour new ride and drive home.

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  • A28 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    the lighting at all (andwont project the nameonto your garage door) butare a nice little addition.

    The interior is as well-done as the exterior, witha tiered dashboard thatflows into the centre con-sole. Instead of a hard-plastic shell, the top of thedashboard is padded to

    create a softer finish thatsmore inviting. And ergo-nomics aside, the touchpanels look nifty.

    PerformanceMost Edges feature a

    3.5L V6 with 285-hp and253 lb-ft of torque, butthe Sport gets a 3.7L V6with 305-hp and 280 lb-ftof torque thats borrowed

    from the Mustang, alongwith a fluid six-speedautomatic transmissionand paddle shifters thatare surprisingly respon-sive.

    EnvironmentTheres ample pas-

    senger space in both thefront and rear, along withauto-folding rear seatsthat make it easy to extendthe large cargo area. Thecupholders and storagebin in the centre consoleare underwhelming, butsizable map pockets and adecent glove box make upfor it.

    FeaturesThe Edge Sport sells

    for $43,499 with all-wheeldrive, and comes loadedwith standard featuressuch as ABS, tractioncontrol, stability control,automatic A/C, cruisecontrol, heated front seats,tilt/telescope steering,12-speaker Sony stereo,

    SYNC(r) handsfree system,reverse-sensing system,and front/side/side-cur-tain airbags.

    Optional items on theSport include a powermoonroof, remote starter,entertainment system, GPSnavigation, rain-sensingwipers, and blind-spotsensors. Fuel economy forthe Edge Sport is rated at12.2L/100km in the cityand 8.8L/100km on thehighway.

    Thumbs upAttractive interior and

    exterior styling; high-qual-ity workmanship; excellentperformance.

    Thumbs downDifficult touch-sensitive


    The bottom lineAn impressive and

    innovative vehicle thattakes the innovation to theextreme.

    Edge: Spacious and attractiveWHEELSWHEELSWHEELS DealsDealsDealsANDcontinued from page 27

    Convenience: The Ford Edge has a spacious interior,with ample space in both the front and rear seats.

    Photo courtesy Ford Motor Company/burnaby now

    From $288,900* including 9 ceilings, granite counters, clean steel appliances, washer & dryer,and exclusive access to incredible Seasons Club amenity. International award-winning design, builtadjacent to 80+ acre Byrne Creek eco preserve, and steps to Taylor Park Elementary. These homes areproudly built to Built Green Gold standards of sustainability. Live Green and LIVE WEST COAST.

    *Limitations apply, contact Sales for details. Sales by disclosure statement only. Green Adera Projects Ltd. Adera Realty Corp. 2200 1055 Dunsmuir St., Vancouver V7X 1K8 604.684.8277

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  • 30 Synergy to A cup final 31 WPDef player of week 32 U-16 hoop team namedSECTION COORDINATOR Tom Berridge, 604-444-3022 tberridge@burnabynow.com

    Hes taking his dreams to the mat

    Melvin Arciaga is taking everyvictory as a first step along aever-lengthening road to success.

    The Burnaby South SecondarySchool junior recently chalkedup his first national age-groupwrestling championships. But itundoubtedly will not be his last.

    The just-turned 16-year-oldgrappler won the Canadian cadetboys wrestling title at 50-kilo-grams in Windsor, Ont. on April8.

    Arciaga, who won the pro-vincial high school title earlierin the year, defeated his B.C.counterpart Andrew Dignan ofAbbotsford 7-2 in the nationalfinal.

    But it was his upset win in thequarter-finals that was the mosttelling.

    In the quarters,Arciagapinnedheavy favourite Sam Jagas fromthe Matmen club in Mississauga,Ont. to move on to the final four.

    In his first-ever appearanceat the cadet nationals last year,Arciaga finished with a silvermedal at 48 kg.

    I remember in Grade 9, Iwanted to win the provincials.But after training over and over,I wanted to be a national champi-on becuse it sounded that muchbigger, said Arciaga.

    While that eventuality didnthappen, Arciaga made sure thatresult would be different the nexttime he found himself in thatposition.

    I was so close to getting agold (last year), Arciaga added.(Jagas) was undefeated for along time. When I pinned him,people came out of the standsand other athletes asked, Areyou the guy who beat Jagas? Youknow he hasnt lost in years.

    Rather than feel cocky orboastful, Arciaga thought thatmaybe the Ontario wrestler hadperhaps been a bit overrated.

    Arciaga took the openinground 1-1 by virtue of the lastpoint scored. He then fell behind3-0 in the second.

    In the deciding round, Arciagaexecuted a step-over move on theformer Pan Am champion andtook him to his back to knot the

    match before finally sealing thewin with a pin.

    Arciaga went on to defeat JoshBodnarchuk of Saskatoon 11-4in the semifinal, before bestingDignan for a second time in agold-medal final.

    Not bad for a young man whowon a bronze medal at 41 kg inhis first-ever competitive tourna-ment just three years ago.

    That event was the highly

    competitive Western Age Classchampionships.

    It was like an all-out rumblebetween little guys, rememberedArciaga of his Grade 8 debut intowrestling.

    I just took it like one tech-nique that I knew. I dont remem-ber what it was. I did one moveor take down and I did it overand over in that tournament, andthats how I earned the bronze.

    After that, he began train-ing with coach Frank Mensahat Raw Academy, a martial artsclub in East Vancouver. He alsowent out for the school teamat Burnaby South under coachDanny Einhorn.

    They taught me all the righttechniques and mentally how toreach my goals, Arciaga added.

    Won a bronze medalat first-ever age-classwrestling tournament

    Tom Berridgesports editor

    Hockey Giants still standing tall at Telus CupThe Northwest Giants are the

    only undefeated team left at theTelus Cup.

    The Giants fought back froma pair of one-goal leads to defeatthe host St. Johns Privateers4-3 at the Canadian nationalmidget hockey championshipsWednesday.

    First-year forward JacksonHouck tied the game 3-3 early inthe third period.

    Houck then set up SamReinhart for the game-winning

    tally six minutes later to give theGiants their slimmest margin ofvictory at the national champion-ships to date.

    The win gave the Burnaby-based club a 3-0 record.

    The Lions du Lac St-Louis arenext at 2-1.

    Burnaby faced the Quebecchampions Thursday (after NOWdeadlines).

    Alex Kerfoot, who earned hissecond consecutive player of thegame honour in the win, led offthe scoring against St. Johns withhis tournament-leading sixth goalof the championships.

    Kerfoot currently leads allscorers with 16 points in threegames, one less than Reinhart.Houck is next with six points.

    Joel Issigonis knotted the scoreat 2-2 midway through the mid-dle frame.

    Scott Legault chalked up hissecond win between the pipes forthe Giants.

    The Giants other keeper,Daniel Cotton, currently leads allgoalies with a sparkling 0.970save percentage while boasting a0.75 goals against average.

    After opening the competi-tion with a 12-5 pounding of

    west region champion WinnipegThrashers, the Giants thendumped the Atlantic champsHalifax Titans 6-1 on Tuesday.

    Kerfoot led the way with a hattrick in a five-point outing.

    Reinhart chipped in with hisfourth goal of the championshipsin the opening period.

    Sean Lan, Cam Marks andAlex McNeil also scored for thePacific region champions.

    To date, the Giants powerplay has been very effective, scor-ing 10 times in 17 opportunitieswith the extra man.

    The team has been even bet-

    ter killing penalties, allowing justtwo goals and stopping the com-bined opposition more than 81per cent of the time.

    The Giants finished off theround-robin against Centralchampion London Jr. Knights onFriday, also played after NOWdeadlines.

    The top four placing teamsface off in todays semifinals(Saturday).

    The medal games follow onthe Sunday, with the gold-medalcontest scheduled to be broad-cast on TSN at 11:30 a.m. Pacifictime.

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Cadet champ: Burnaby South Secondary junior Melvin Arciaga is off to the Pan American wrestling championships in Mexico aftercoming away with a gold medal at the Canadian cadet freestyle wrestling championships earlier his month.

    Wrestle Page 33

    Tom Berridgesports editor

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A29

  • A30 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW


    Holdout dealt to RocksThe Western Lacrosse Association

    Burnaby Lakers traded holdout JamieShewchuk to the Victoria Shamrocks fora first-round pick on Tuesday.

    Shewchuk was Burnabys first-roundpick in 2006, drafted fifth overall aftertwo previous seasons with the junior ALakers, including a Minto Cup ring in2005.

    Shewchuk led the B.C. junior leaguein scoring in his final season.

    The Edmonton native is playing inhis fifth season in the National LacrosseLeague, currently with the MinnesotaSwarm,.

    Shewchuk as scored 126 goals and gar-nered 293 points with both the Swarmand the Colorado Mammoth.

    Last season, Shewchuk led theMammoth in scoring with 66 pointsbefore being dealt to Minnesota earlierthis year.

    Get ready for Bellies TVThe New Westminster Salmonbellies

    announced a new initiative for theupcoming Western Lacrosse Associationseason Bellies TV.

    The senior A lacrosse club will streamsix of its regular season games throughthe teams website in a partnership withSportwave.ca.

    Veteran announcer Steve Ericksonand his Sportswave crew will broadcastsix games for free, including New Westshome opener on June 2 against MapleRidge. Also on the schedule is Seats forSoldiers night on June 9 against Victoriaand two other home games at QueensPark Arena.

    The Rivers Reach Pub will also beshowing two New Westminster roadgames in Nanaimo on June 26 andVictoria on July 8.

    Cliff Avenue finds its Synergyin Coastal Cup semifinal

    The Cliff AvenueSynergy is back in theCoastal Cup.

    The past under-14national club championfound its way back to theCoastal Cup final, ekingout a 1-0 shootout victoryover the regular seasonchampion Victoria Capitalsin the u-18 girls A cupsemifinal in the CapitalCity last weekend.

    Eleni Tolusso scoredwhat turned out to be theeventual game-winninggoal in the shootout, scor-ing Cliff Avenues third

    goal from the penalty spot.Samantha Drescher,

    Samantha McLuskie andSimran Parmar, with thefinal goal of the shootout,also scored.

    Kayla Klim stopped oneVictoria shooter to helpCliff Avenue win 4-2 inpenalty kicks.

    Cliff Avenue got stal-wart efforts from the restof the 14 players that madethe trip, including MonicaPogorski, who made anumber of heroic tackles tokeep the score deadlockedin regulation and extratime.

    Megan Pasternak alsowon a lot of ball on the

    back line for the Synergy.The Synergy finished

    fourth overall in leagueplay.

    Every single playerput in a worthy shift, saidCliff Avenue head coachMark Pennington. It wasa very emotional game justbecause we were playingthe top team. We knew thiswould be a very difficultgame.

    Cliff Aveune will faceLangley FC in the CoastalA Cup final over the April30/May 1 weekend.

    If we want to keepthis going weve gotto keep winning, saidPennington.

    Tom Berridgesports editor

    I ntroducing


    Burnabys only local group buying site.Heres how it works:

    SwarmJam promotes your dealto a database of local subscribers

    The deal is active when the pre-setminimum purchases have been met

    You receive payment within 10 daysafter the deal is done

    As a SwarmJam vendor, youll benet from: Free newspaper and online promotion

    No upfront cost Performance based payout

    For more info, or to get in onthe swarm, call: 604.444.3451

    Are you a local business?Are you a local business?Need Cash Fast?Need Cash Fast?


    Is your child the next Taylor Swift,Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez?Then wewant to HEAR THEM!




    10153 King George Blvd., SurreyMay 7/11 Central City Shopping Centre

    10153 King George Blvd., Surrey*Maximum 50 kids per Open Audition. Kids are to singAcapella, no backtracks, no instruments.

    Pre-register by calling Chrisat the NOWNewspaper (604) 572-0064

    SEMI-FINALSSEMI-FINALSMay 14/11 Central City Shopping Centre

    10153 King George Blvd., SurreyMay 20/11 Finalists will perform at the Rodeo

    Days event at Clover Square VillageFINALSFINALSMay 21/11 Finals will take place on the

    Budweiser Stage at the CloverdaleRodeo and Country Fair 1-3pm

    TheWinner of the 2011 BC Junior Talent Search will receive a professional demo recording from Danielsen Studios and Sonic Voodoo Productions, cashprizes sponsored by the Vaudevillians and the opportunity to perform at some of the City of Surreys biggest family events as well as other great prizes!


    Shooting blanks: South Burnaby Snipers Alban Hodo, in green, goes intoa tackle in a 3-0 loss with the CoquitlamMetro-Ford Liverpool in an under-16boys Coastal B Cup semifinal at Bryne Creek Turf last weekend.

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Monsters take firsttwo from MooseBurnabys Mark

    Olver helped the LakeErie Monsters draw firstblood against VancouverCanucks minor leagueaffiliate Manitoba Moose inAmerican Hockey Leagueplayoffs.

    Olver scored an empty-net goal and assisted onteammate Ryan Stoassecond-period tally withhis first-ever professionalplayoff point in Lake Eries6-4 win over Manitoba athome April 16.

    Olver finished 19thamong AHL rookies with14 goals and 27 assists.He finished off the seasonwith the NHL ColoradoAvalanche, where he tal-lied two goals and postednine points in 18 gameswith the parent club.

    The Moose tied the best-of-seven series winning 3-2in overtime Sunday, on for-mer Canuck Rick Rypiensgame-winning goal in theeighth minute of overtime.

    The Monsters then tooka two-game series lead fol-lowing a 2-1 on Tuesday.

    The two teams werevery evenly matched thisseason with similar homeand away records.

    Lake Erie and Manitoba

    split the four regular sea-son contests between themthis year.

    The two teams contin-ued their best-of-sevenNorthern Division semifi-nal Thursday and Friday(after NOW deadlines) inWinnipeg.

    Pro signingTyler McNeely signed

    a one-year, two-way procontract with the NHLNew York Islanders onWednesday.

    McNeely, 24, appearedin the final 10 games of theAmerican Hockey Leagueseason with the Islandersminor league affiliateBridgeport SoundTigers onan amateur tryout contract,scoring five goals and gar-nering 11 points. He wasa plus-9 during that spanwith the Tigers.

    Prior to the stint,McNeely completed fouryears at NortheasternUniversity, where heamassed 44 goals and 61assists in 142 career games.

    McNeely finished uphis junior hockey careeras captain of the BurnabyExpress, where he accu-mulated 184 points and 62goals in his last two years.

    SPORTS BRIEFSMoscropgradJakieKhli

    was named the Womensvarsity water polo WesternDivision defensive playerof the week.

    The honour was thesecond divisional defen-sive player award for theIndiana University swim-mer. Khli picked up17 steals, while scoringnine times for the 17th-ranked Hoosiers duringa three-game series at theUniversity of Maryland.

    The Burnaby native cur-rently has 209 career stealsat Indiana, fifth overall onthe all-time list.

    Summer 7sBurnaby will again be

    the place to be for rugby 7sthis summer.

    Two of the six stops onthis summers B.C. Rugbyseries schedule will be heldin the city.

    Simon Fraser Universitywill host its annualHighland tournament onBurnaby Mountain on July16. The Burnaby Lake clubwill put on the Lighthousesevens at Central ValleyEast on Aug. 6.

    Burnaby Lake won boththe mens and womensdivisions last season.

    The defending provin-cial champions will kick offdefence of their B.C. titlesat the James Bay Buccaneersevens in Victoria on June11.

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A31


    Sales Centre OpenNoon-5:PMSaturday to Thursday

    21 Eighth Ave,New Westminster

    Call 604.377.9630facebook.com/eightwest twitter.com/eightwestliving



    This is not an offering for sale. Rendering is artists conception only. The developer reserves the right to make modifications without notice. No HST offer for qualified purchasers only. Prices correct at press time. E.&.O.E.











    5, 2011

  • A32 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW


    SFU women eke out awin in twin doubleheaders

    Simon Fraser Universityfailed to gain any groundin Great Northwest confer-ence womens softball.

    The varsity Clandropped both ends of aSaturday doubleheader tothird-place Montana State-Billings at home on April16.

    SFU lost the opener 6-3 before falling 3-2 in thelater game at Beedie Field.

    We simply went flat.We had a couple of bigswings that got us a fewbig runs, but unfortunate-ly we played 13 inningsand only made about fiveof those count, said SFUhead coach Mike Renney ina school press release.

    Senior first base KelseyHaberl got the home teamon the board first, clubbinga two-run homer in the

    opening inning.SFU added to its lead

    in the following inningon Megan Durrants firsthomerun of the season.

    Kelsie Hawkins came onin relief of starting pitcherCara Lukawesky in theseventh inning but gaveup a pair of two-run homeruns to take the loss.

    In the second game,MSB led 2-0 after fourinnings, but Leah Riskeand Durrant, with her sec-ond dinger of the day, bothconnected on solo homeruns to tie the score.

    Billings broke the tiewith a single down the leftfield line, spoiling CortneyMcCallums opportunity topost her first win of theseason.

    The following day, theClan split a doublehead-er with conference-lead-ing Western WashingtonUniversity.

    SFU dropped the opener11-3 before coming back towin the later game by a 13-5 score.

    Down 5-0 after the firstinning, SFU took the leadwith a five-hit, six-run bot-tom of the second inning.

    Brittany Ribeiro gotthings started with an RBIdouble. Haberl also dou-bled down the right fieldline to cash in two moreruns.

    SFU scored another fiveruns in the third, includingHaberls second two-rundouble of the game.

    Lukawesky earned herseventh win of the season.

    In the opener, Haberl cuta 4-0 deficit in half with atwo-run single to left field.

    But WWU, answeredback in the seventh framewith a seven-run inning.

    The Clan women com-mitted seven errors in theloss.

    Tom Berridgesports editor

    U-16 hoopsteam named

    St. Thomas Mores Brooke Briscoe and KamilaWojciechowski, and Pavneet Brar of Burnaby South werenamed to the under-16 girls provincial basketball team.

    10' ,331$! 502$) ,+$$1$+68 $994(4$1'/

    , .0!$+ )2,+' 603& 3,*$33$& 1$!502$%)$) "-7 3$)) $1$+68 '5,1 '5$ ,#$+,6$/

    3+; $1- *"%+% %2%-#4 %$.6!%2* $%9*)-%+ !2 41)- 2%5* 2%' "18% 92& %2

  • But there is something more to Arciagathat goes beyond just the good student/good coach relationship.

    Arciaga was first enrolled into martialarts by his father to give his then 11-year-old son a fun activity to pursue.

    Fast forward to nextmonth, andArciagawill be competing this August at the PanAmerican championships in Mexico in hisfirst-ever international assignment as partof a Canadian wrestling team.

    But despite the talented teens meteoricrise in arguably one of the toughest indi-vidual sports on the planet, Arciaga is notabout to get ahead of himself.

    Arciagas goals continue to be modest,yet realistic.

    He wants to add a national juvenile titleto his mantel and maybe go to the juniornationals as a graduating senior.

    After that, the current honour roll stu-dent sees himself continuing on in wres-

    tling at either Simon Fraser University orDouglas College.

    The difference between the averagehigh school wrestler and one that wantsto continue on in the sport is goals, saidArciaga.

    I wrestle for a reason. When I wrestle,I know what Im wrestling for. Right now,Im wrestling for the Pan Ams, its prettybig.

    But when pressed further, Arciagaconcedes he has his own reward hispride.

    I want to go step by step and see whatthe next step is, he said. I hope I canbecause I dont think that you can win theOlympics tomorrow. You have to workyour way up there.

    Listening to Arciaga tell his story, Ihave no doubt that somewhere along longroad ahead of him, there is a stop in thatdirection.


    continued from page 29

    Wrestle: Hes wrestling for a reason

    One in, oneout:Cliff AvenueUnited, in black,lost its recentquarter-finalmatchup 2-1to the WestVancouverGunners inCoastal B Cupunder-18 girlssoccer.Cliff Avenueis still alive ingirls A Cupfollowing theSynergys 1-0 win overthe VictoriaCapitals in a u-18 semifinal lastweekend.

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A33

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    MORGAN,William George (Bill)Retired Staff Sgt. 35 Years

    New Westminster City PoliceAugust 24, 1922 - April 19, 2011

    It is with heavy hearts we announce Dadspassing, peacefully, and with family at his side.He is deeply loved by his wife Georgina, son

    Ken (Susan) and daughter Pamela. Survived by brothers Ernie (Lil) andHubert (Helen); grandchildren Jeffrey (Vicki) Letourneau and Nathan(Tania) Letourneau and 4 great-grandchildren. Our beloved husband,father, brother, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend will be missedby all who knew him.Dad was born in New Westminster and raised in Port Moody, the eldestof 5 boys. Growing up in Port Moody, Dad met the love of his life,Georgina Ostegard. World War II in 1939 interrupted their courtship, asDad enlisted and served 5 years with the Royal Westminster Regiment,5th Canadian Armoured Division in Europe. Dad returned in 1946 andthey were married in Port Moody. Georgina and Bill celebrate 65 years ofmarriage in 2011. Dad joined the New Westminster City Police in 1953and retired 35 years later.Dad won many Pistol Shooting Competitions throughout his PoliceCareer, but he was never a hunter. He loved shing, gardening, cooking,stone carving, big band orchestra music, dancing and driving his car.Dad loved people and a good cup of coffee. But most of all, Dad loved hisfamily, and his sweetheart Georgie. Well be seeing you Dad! Cheerio!Dads family would like to express much gratitude to the nurses, staffand volunteers and all the special people at Burquitlam Lions CareCentre for their gentle care and support over the past two years.In lieu of owers, donations to Burquitlam Lions Care Centre, 560 SydneyAvenue, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6A4 is appreciated.Memorial service to be held on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 1:00pm at St.Marys the Virgin Church, 121 East Columbia Street, New Westminster(Sapperton).



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    Feelings About UnemploymentThis article is by Chris Newell, Career Coachand Facilitator with Transitions Career & BusinessConsultants.Unemployment is one of the most difficult situations aperson can experience in their life. It ranks fourth on

    the stress scale after personal injury, death of a family member and divorce.It is a major life crisis that can throw a person off balance and, especially ifthey are not expecting it, they can experience an incredible shock.When a person loses their job, they may go through a grieving processsimilar to that associated with the death of a loved one. The stages orreactions of grief include the denial stage the disbelief or I cant believeit but know its true; anger - at the injustice and feelings of no control overthe situation; and then the depression stage which can include feelingsof desperation and discouragement.When people lose a job, they are not only faced with the loss of theirlivelihood but other losses as well, such as status or identity. Some peoplemay feel the loss associated with having a routine, some place to go everyday or the social elements a workplace can provide.In working through the process of unemployment, it is important to seekemotional support from people you trust. Unemployed individuals whoreceive support are less likely to suffer from depression, low self-esteemand illness due to stress.However, sometimes the people we expect to be available to help usthrough a difficult time are not necessarily available. Family members mayhave little energy to spare or are projecting their own fears about yoursituation back onto you. Friends may be too busy. If this happens, it maybe beneficial to talk to a professional counselor, someone who can listen toyour problems without judgment, biases or agendas. They can even assistyou in looking at new possibilities and provide strategies and resources foryou to actualize them.The Transitions Program, a free 3-week career exploration program, isavailable to all unemployed people in the Lower Mainland. For informationcall 604-434-1177 or 604-681-2774.

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    ( 2nd flr E.Bby United Church)

    Tim Stephens' Astral Reections Apr. 24 - April 30 Aries March 21 - April 19: Delays end. You cancharge ahead on new fronts. Youve already entereda brand new world it is sleek, clear, alive, evennervous, and within this new world, friends, ideas,inventiveness and fun are more important thanmoney.Youre going to have fun Sunday to Tuesday and foreight years! Your freedom is growing. The shy, quiet,dreamy and elusive friends of the past decade fallaway, to be replaced by bright, sharp-minded types.This week, this peeling off causes a relationshipdisappointment. For the month ahead, chase money,seek higher earnings, cultivate new clients.Taurus April 20-May 20: Your energy, charismaand effectiveness rise strongly! The delays of Aprilhave ended. Start new projects, see and be seen,tackle chores that previously intimidated you.Despite this surge of energy, one part of you remainscontemplative, and is tied in to private matters, quietplanning sessions, government liaisons, etc. Yourreal break out will come in June, when a year ofhuge luck will commence! Meanwhile, be ambitiousSunday/Monday luck is with you. Watch legal,ethical factors all week. Change is needed here.Happiness midweek! Retreat, rest Friday/Saturday.Gemini May 21-June 20: Recent delays end,but indecision continues unless you make choicesbased on gentle love, foreign travel/contacts, cultureand intellectual pursuits, which all draw you nicelySunday to Tuesday. The weeks ahead emphasizerest, contemplation, solitude. Retreat, plan, prepareand fulfil obligations. Contact government agencies,institutions, charitable organizations. Your spiritualside grows and might become, June onward, asignificant relationship factor. If your hopes abouta special person are disappointed, alter lovegoals. Be ambitious Wednesday. Half happinesslate week.

    Cancer June 21-July 22: Your future looks bright!Optimism, new hopes, friends, wishes, entertainmentand light romance come waltzing in. Youll enjoy theweeks ahead even more so because your positionin the world is on the rise, your ambitions meet luck.Recent warnings about not starting anything neware now over. Sunday to Tuesday feature changes,big finances, commitments, sexual urges, lifestylechanges and health diagnosis, all productively. Apartner or competitor isnt thrilled with you, though,so proceed cautiously all week. Gentle love mightpoint to the right mate for you midweek!Leo July 23-Aug. 22: The emphasis for the nextfew weeks will be on ambition, prestige relationships,your status in the world. All looks fairly smoothhere, no big highs nor deep lows. Meanwhile, yourexpansion (usually lucky) in love, legal, intellectual,international and cultural zones continues, especiallyFriday/Saturday but work or health demands,or your caution, can interfere. Recent delays end,so charge ahead with new ideas, relationshipsand projects, especially Sunday to Tuesday,when exciting meetings and prospects arise!Research, financial and sexual commitments arefavoured midweek.Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22: A mellow, understandingvibe fills the weeks ahead. This promotes gentle love,far travel, intellectual pursuits, legal and culturalaffairs, education and publishing. Recent delaysdissolve; you no longer need to avoid new projects.Tackle chores Sunday to Tuesday everything runssmoothly. One caution: the first half of this weekmight cause a barrier in income zones, or a conflictbetween sexual desire and ethics. This continuesmore softly, workably the last half. You face differentrelationships now to 2025, in love, business, with thepublic think enchanted.

    Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22: A month of mystery,depths, investment, financial manoeuvres, intimacy,commitment, lifestyle changes, health diagnosis anddetective work lies ahead. Your life might change.Youre in a powerful and unpredictable relationshiptrend. So far (early 2011) this might have been moretalk than action, but this week and May could cementyou in the age-old way. Dont expect smooth sailingfor eight years but do expect excitement! Whateveroccurs this month could return in a hugely lucky wayJune 2011-June 2012. Romance, Sunday-Tuesday.But you must change! Security sabotages.Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21: The weeks aheademphasize relationships and opportunities. Bediplomatic, eager and willing. Dont stubbornly clingto an outmoded position, especially at work or inhealth areas. Recent delays and indecisiveness end charge ahead, especially on work and machineryfronts. A co-worker might oppose you, although theoppositions subtle, might exist between the linesin a conversation or email, etc. Youll win such astruggle, but might lose a friend: i.e., win the battle,lose the war. Be forgiving! Home, rest are both sweetSunday to Tuesday. Romance, beauty call midweek.Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21: Youre in the midst ofa lucky, pleasure-filled, scholastic, romantic, creativesurge! (January to June.) But the four weeks aheademphasize work, health, machinery, duties anddependents. Ah, well it will run smoothly, anyway.(Except, perhaps, for a wee struggle aroundmidweek when life dictates that you must choosebetween love and money with money exercisingthe most influence. This, of course, steers you backtoward work.) Recent delays and indecision passnow. Travel, errands and paperwork fill Sunday-Tuesday. Home, midweek. Romance late week sober, then strong!

    Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19: Recent delays end.Charge forward with new ventures, relationships andsituations. The weeks ahead emphasize romance,speculation, risks, good luck, children, beauty,creativity, pleasure and sports youll ride a winningstreak! You face a choice now: on one side are yourambition, your natural personality; on the otherlies love. If the love is in your home, you becomeprotective, nurturing. If the love is outside, youmight unconsciously press it, to end it. Chase moneySunday-Tuesday. Casual friends, talk, travel midweek.Home, security Friday/Saturday buy it!Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18: The weeks aheadaccent security, domesticity, rest (hibernation)gardening, nutrition, soul, stomach, Mother Nature.Look over your retirement fund/plans, protect yourchildren and their future, repair the house, etc. Andsettle back every once in a while to observe whatyoure doing present interests and inclinationshold a clue to where the riches lie in a very luckyperiod on the horizon June 2011 to June 2012. Thattime might bring a new, better home, the end of anoppressive situation, a child, good things! Your energyand charisma rise nicely Sunday to Tuesday.Pisces Feb. 19-March 20: Delays end so domistakes, and wrong-headed money decisions.If needed, correct, alter course now. If you need aguide, look at your long-term future, envision it,where you want to be, and reconsider, alter moneydirections to suit that future. This works best mid-week. The Thursday-Saturday period emphasizes aslightly different money trend: your earnings versusyour net worth, debts, ability to grow. (E.g., do Iwork for wages or start a business?) You might startsomething that will grow big in money areas! Retreatearly week. Your energy, charisma soar midweek.

    timstephens@shaw.ca Reading: 416-686-5014

    TRAINEDMASSEUSE $55/hr,Call Kathy 778-885-5254


    4060 Metaphysical4060Gadry ConsultationSpiritual Healer, Medium&Life Coach, Psychic Advice

    you can trust!Family issues, Happy Marriage,Reun i t i n g l o v ed one s ,Immigration and Court matters,Business Success, Stress,Relationship, Depression.Quick Results. Natural gift!

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    5005 Accounting/Bookkeeping5005

    INCOME TAX returns: Delinquentor current. Small business orsingle. Starting at: $35 per return.20 yrs experience. 604-420-1108

    5020 Computer/Internet5020Microsoft

    Small Business SpecialistYour

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    5040 Business Opps/Franchises5040#1 JANITORIAL FRANCHISE

    Customers, (Office Cleaning),Training and support. Financing.

    www.coverall.com604-434-7744 info@coverallbc.com

    5040 Business Opps/Franchises5040

    EDIBLEARRANGEMENTS,the leader in fresh fruit

    with bouquets hand sculptedto look like flowers, all naturalsmoothies and drinks, fruitsalads and chocolate dippedfruit; has immediate franchiseopportunities in B.C. Join thecompany named one of thetop 10 franchises for yourmoney in 2011. Become an

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    5060 Legal Services5060#1 INPARDONS

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  • Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A37

    1 BR/Bach, New West, $695,laminate, renod, nr Skytrain, smpet ok, avail May 1. 604-720-9483

    PHILIP DANYLUK 604-777-5005Living Options Real Estate Services

    939 - 6TH STREET, NEWWEST.$799,000

    Unique nd. Must see. Ideal for a largefamily. 6 bedrooms/2.5 bathrooms, airconditioning upstairs. Originally located ontheWoodwards site, this house was movedto is current location in 1952. Beautifulwood doors, door frames & railings.Original hardwood oors on the mainoor. Large deck in back for entertainingor having children play safely. Secondkitchen in basement. Located on 6th Streetat 10th Avenue. Close to NewWestminsterSecondary High School, transit, shopping.Showings by appointment only.

    6020-22 New Westminster6020-22

    PHILIP DANYLUK 604-777-5005Living Options Real Estate Services

    NEWWESTMINSTER CONDO#112 - 836 12th St.

    $212,000Rarely available 2 bdrmsuite in this centrally locatedbuilding. Clean and ready tomove in, but might use someupdating. Priced accordingly.This unit has a huge 500sq ft private deck. Owneroccupied. Please call ListingRealtor for viewing.

    OPEN SAT.,APR. 232-4PM

    6008-18 New Westminster6008-18

    PHILIP DANYLUK 604-777-5005Living Options Real Estate Services

    #15 - 688 E. 17TH AVE., E. VAN.Penthouse $439,900

    One of the best condos in thebuilding. Convenient location withina great community. Comfortableoor plan with elegant nishes.Granite countertops, Maplecabinets, stainless steel appliances.Great mountain and city views fromthe living room or the 120 squarefoot balcony. Only 10 minutes toDowntown. Pets are welcome. Somerental restrictions. Ready to move in.Make it your own.

    6008-34 Vancouver East Side6008-34

    6007 BUSINESSES FORSALE6007KELOWNA - Upscale Adult Resort,4 Jacuzzi Stes., 6 baths. Salt pool,media room & sauna. Lake, mtn &city views. Private 2 bdrm. res.Fabulous semi-retired lifestyle.T u r n k e y . $ 1 , 5 4 9 , 0 0 0 .1-877-762-7831 ClassAct@shaw.ca

    6008 Condos/Townhouses6008

    6008-02 Abbotsford6008-02MOUNTAINVIEW VILLAGE inquiet end location. Familyoriented complex in East Abby.Has outdoor pool, club house,playground, pets allowed. ThisUPDATED 3 BR, 3 bath feels likea home. Spacious mn flr offeringeating area/computer space offthe remodeled kitchen w/newmodern cab ine t f ron ts &hardware, counters, tile floor &appls. Nice dining rm w/slider toprivate yard & patio. Good sizeliving rm w/gas fireplace w/lamflrs. 3 BR up master has ensuite &walk in closet. Double side by sidegarage. Painted in trendy colours& close to visitor parking. Greatplace to call home! Easy accessto Hwy 1, shopping, parks, and alllevels of schools. $284,900. CallPamela Stadnik, Remax TreelandRealty, 604-533-3491

    6020 Houses - Sale6020

    6020-01 Real Estate6020-01

    uSELLaHOME.comSell your home, only $99. 604-574-5243Chilliwack 2.5yr old 2967sf 3 storey 4 br 2.5baw/suite potnl $417,900 798-2511 id5344Delta Price Reduced studio condo, 19+complex, pool, park, $94,900 597-8361 id4714Delta Open House Sat/Sun 2-5, 9546-116A st.large 2278sf 5br 2.5ba w/2br suite, 7599sf cul-de-sac lot, $565K 588-0185 id5319Maple Ridge drastically reduced 4.9ac ser-viced vu acreage $370Kobo 200-2412 id4694Sry Bear Creek Park beauty 1440sf rancher,gated 45+ $275,900 306-931-3939 id5234Sry Tynehead on Greenbelt 3600sf 5br 4.5ba1/2ac GD lot $930K 575-7311 id5350Sry Guildford renod 922sf 1br+den or 2brcondo, private yard $219K 454-7050 id5353

    * ATWEBUYHOMES *Sell Your House Fast! Call us First!Damaged House! Older House!Difficulty Selling! Need to Sell Now!No Fees! No Risks! 604-626-9647


    ALERT:WEBUYHOUSESForeclosure Help! Debt Relief!

    No Equity! Dont Delay!Call us First! 604-657-9422

    6020 Houses - Sale6020

    6020-01 Real Estate6020-01

    www.bcforeclosures.com6 BR home from $19,000 down$1,940/mo. 604-538-8888, Alain@ Sutton WC Realty W. Rock

    WEBUYHOMESAny Price, Any Location

    Any Condition. No Fees! No Risk!Call Kristen today (604) 786-4663www.HomeBuyingCenter.ca

    DIFFICULTY SELLING?Difficulty Making Payments?Alternative to Bankruptcy!Penalty? No Equity? We TakeOver Your Payment! No Fees!!www.GVCPS.ca / (604) 812-3718

    6035 Mobile Homes6035

    SRY, 7850 King George Blvd.Looking for a beautiful dbl wideunder $80,000? 55+ adult park.Pet ok. Lorraine Cauley, RoyalLepage North Star, 604-889-4874

    6050 Out Of TownProperty6050BIGBEAUTIFULAZ LAND

    $99/mo, $0 down - 0 Interest. GolfCourse, Natl Parks. 1 hour fromTucson Intl Airport. GuaranteedFinancing! NOCREDIT CHECK!

    Pre-recordedmsg1-800-631-8164 code 4040www.sunsiteslandrush.com

    6065 RecreationProperty6065

    MISSION - LAKE FRONTstarting from $78,800. 60 minsfrom Vancouver. Park GeorgiaRlty Lisa Hughes 604-931-7227

    MT. BAKERSKI AREA2 cabins, 1 property. Rent one,use one. Gated community w/amenities. 35min. from border

    $374,000 U.S.Maryann Angus 360-224-6704www.mymtbakerhome.com




    6508 Apt/Condos65081 & 2 BR, 1180 Landsdowne Dr.$895 up, carpets, drapes, balc./patio, outdoor pool, tennis crt, NOPET. nr Coq Ctre. Avail now orMay 1st. 604-942-2865

    Time toGetYourOwnPlace?Find your answer in the

    Classifieds in print and online!

    FOR RENT1-BEDROOM APT. Move intomorrow. Affordable monthlyrent. Call Today!

    Go to http://classified.van.netor call 604-444-3000.

    6508 Apt/Condos6508SALISBURYAPARTMENT

    7111 Salisbury Ave Bby HighgateLrg 2 BRs. Rent incl heat & hotwater. NS/NP. 604-526-5584

    Refreshingly Clean Meticulously Maintained

    Surrey Gardens Apartmentsfor your new one bedroom homewww.GreatApartments.ca


    Owner Managed.Sorry, No Pets.

    Call to view!604-589-7040


    6508 Apt/Condos6508

    Low rise in residentialuptown neighborhood. Closeto parks and public transit.

    11 bdrms frombdrms from $$775775



    Beautifully landscapedgrounds with views of Fraserriver. Outdoor swimmingpool and close to parks.

    11 bdrm frombdrm from $$88088022 bdrm frombdrm from $$11001100


    Large balconies and tness.Close to transit and parks.

    Bachelor fromBachelor from $$75075011 bdrm frombdrm from $$810810


    1 & 2 Bdrmsfrom $825

    Include heat, hot water,D/W, gym & visual intercom.U/G parking & storage avail.

    Near transit/Skytrain& shopping.

    Pet-Friendly Community

    RENTALS 604-521-8831rentals@capreit.netwww.caprent.com




    RENTALS 604-522-9139www.caprent.com

    Bach., 1 & 2 Bdrm. SuitesHeat/Water included,

    parking avail.No smoking, no pets.

    Close to Royal ColumbianHospital, bus/skytrain.





    1 Bedrooms from $870Water & heat included.

    Close to skytrain,shopping just a walk away.

    Small pet okay.O Security Deposit. Call for details.

    1 Bdrm From $870

    RENTALS 604-931-3273rentals@capreit.netwww.caprent.com

    2232McAllisterPort Coquitlam2BRApartmentAvailable MAY 1

    * Newly renod, quiet securebldg, walk to all amenities.

    * NearWCExpress.* Rent incls heat, hot water,fridge, stove, priv balcony &

    window coverings* Laundry & Storage ea floor

    * No pets Wheel Chair Access604 - 941 - 7721

    1 & 2 BEDROOMAPTon Balmoral Street avail May 1& June 1. Close to trans,Highgate Mall & shopping.Rent incls heat & h/w. Refsreqd. Renod stes avail.Wheelchair accessible. Ana778-859-0798 or BaysideProperty Office 604-432-7774.

    AMBER (W)401Westview St, Coq

    Large Units.Near LougheedMall.

    Transportation & S.F.U.

    office: 604- 939-2136cell: 604- 805-9490

    AMBERROCHESTOR545 Rochester Ave, Coq

    Close to LougheedMall,S.F.U. & Transportation.

    office:604- 936-3907

    BBY, Lghd Mall. Bach, $720 inclht & h/w. ns/np, newly renod,storage, Apr 1. 604-779-3882

    SALISBURYPLACE7272 Salisbury Ave, Bby,

    Highgate, 1 BR incl heat & hotwater. N/S & N/P. 604-524-4720

    BBY S. 1 & 2 BR. $725, $859, ugprkg, carpets, WiFi, Metrotown,storage. cat ok, 604-818-1129

    COQ. CNTR, 2BD-2bath, hi/ceil-ing condo, ensuite, wkg/closet,balcony, insuite laundry, SS ap-plncs, Grte counter, elec. f/pl,f/sprinkler, 1 parkg & 1 storage.$1400/m incl. cookg gas & H/wa-ter. 778-898-1941

    COQ Austin HeightsClean quiet 2 BR apts avail.Sorry no pets. 604-936-5755

    NEW WEST 508 - 8 St. Close toWestminster Mall & transit.BACHste w/balcony, $655 incls heat &storage locker. Lrg 1 BR withbalcony $795. Cat ok w/pet dep.Refs req. Res Mgr 604-521-1862

    NEW WEST Cozy 1 BR Pent-house, nr all amens, n/s, n/p,$750. Avail Now. 604-783-6003

    EL PRESIDENTE220 - 7th St, NewWest

    1 BR apts from $720/mo. 2BR, $850/mo. Includes heat &hot water, Big balconies. Byshops, banks, Skytrain &college. U/grd prkg available.

    Call 604-519-1382Managed by Colliers International

    VILLAMARGARETA320-9th St, NewWestBach & 1 BRAvailable.

    All Suites Have Balconies.Undergrd Parking Available.Refs Required. Small Pet Ok.


    GARDENVILLA1010 6th Ave, NewWest

    1 BR & 2 BR Available.Beautiful atrium with fountain.By shops, college & transit.Pets negotiable. Ref required.


    MONTECITO TOWERS99-7360 Halifax St, Bby

    Bach, 1 BR & 2 BR

    604 420-5636www.montecitotowers.com

    6508 Apt/Condos6508NEW WEST 310 - 8 St. Close toskytrain & bus. Lrg 1BR, w/lrgpatio. $795 incls heat & storagelocker. Cat OK with pet dep. Refsreqd. Call ResMgr 604-395-5303

    6508 Apt/Condos6508

    BBY/COQ. BROOKSIDE 2 BR, 7appls, f/p, sec prkg, storage. Nearsfu, skytrn, mall. Avail May 1.$1250. NS/NP. 778-891-8772

    6508 Apt/Condos6508NEW WEST nr RCH/Skytrain,1 BR apt, $755/mo, No Pets, quietcomplex, Call 604 299-8288

    GROSVENORHOUSE1 BR Apt, incls ht & h/w. ByMoody Park. 720 - 7th Ave, NewWest. N/P, N/S. 604-517-1077

    COTTONWOODPLAZA555 CottonwoodAve, Coq

    Large units somewith2nd bathroom or den.On bus routes, close toS.F.U. & LougheedMall.

    office: 604- 936-1225

    JUNIPERCOURT415Westview St, Coq

    Close to LougheedMall, allTransportation Connections,

    Schools & S.F.U.

    office: 604- 939-8905cell: 604- 916-0261

    KINGALBERTCOURT1300 King Albert, Coq

    Close to Transportation,Schools & S.F.U.

    office: 604-937-7343cell: 778-848-5993

    NEWWESTSt Andrews Street

    1 BR Apt, Large balcony,updated, nr transit & amens.Available May 1. Small petok with pet deposit.

    Call 604-518-5040

    COQ. 2 BR $900, Avail Now orM a y 1 , h e a t , p a r k i n g .778-990-7079 or 604-521-8249

    COQ, 325 Casey St. X-Lrg 1 BRsw/cbl, secd prkg, locker, elevator,bldg laundry. Pets & Kids OK.Frm: $775. Quiet. 604-339-2316

    COQ AUSTIN & BLUEMTN. 1 Br$720, 2 Br $820. Incl h/w, bldgW/D. Nr transit. 778-865-6696

    ARBOURGREENE552 Dansey Ave, CoqExtra Large 2 Bedrooms.Close to Lougheed Mall &S.F.U.

    office: 604- 939-4903cell: 778- 229-1358

    CALYPSOCOURT1030 - 5th Ave, NewWestNear Transportation &Douglas College.

    Well Managed Building.

    office: 604- 524-8174cell: 604- 813-8789

    RentalsContinues on next page

    Renting or buying, weve gotwhat youre looking for.FEATURED HOMES

  • A38 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    8105 Flooring/Refinishing8105



    1 to 3 Men1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 TonFrom $45

    We accept Visa, Mastercard & InteracLicenced & Insured

    Local & Long DistanceFREE ESTIMATESSeniors Discount

    8185 Moving &Storage8185

    YARD CLEAN-UP, lawns cut,hedges pruned, trees trimmed,power raking, aerating, rubbishremoval, gutters. 604-773-0075

    YAMATO LANDSCAPINGGarden maintenance, Comm &Res. Free Est. 604-761-7109www.yamatolandscaping.com

    THE LAWNBUTCHEROnly Prime Cuts will do!

    C a l l J i m 7 7 8 - 8 3 9 - 6 2 5 0

    Royal Garden Lawn cut, edging,power raking, pruning, tree/hedgetrimming WCB Ins. 604-754-8407

    M. GILL Gardening - Lawn care.Com & Residential, Power raking,Fertilize, Weed Hedge Trims,Prune. Free Est. 778-898-4922

    LAWN MAINTENANCE 20 yrsexp. power rake, aerating. Freeest. Reliable Reas. 604-649-9965

    Lawn & Garden Clean-ups &Disposal, Gutters/Press WashingSeniors Disc. Al @ 604-783-3142

    Lawn cut/pwr rake/aeration/hedge trim/clean-up/top dress.Reliable. No tax. 778-241-9706

    Grow n Gardens Lawn/GardenTrees/Hedges. Power Washing.All Services Tara 778-316-2648

    Best Value Gardening Full LawnCare. Cut fr $20. Pwr rake, hedgetrim. 19 yrs exp. 604-719-6832

    A Gardener & A GentlemanLawn, garden, tree svcs. Pruning,yard clean-up, rubbish. 319-5302

    604-723-2468; T. TRAN, Newlawns, grass cuts, p/raking,aerating, hedging, pruning. Reliable

    8160 Lawn & Garden8160D& JGardenScape Power Raking Lawn Maintenance Moss Control Trimming Spring Cleanup

    Call for ourSPRINGSPECIALS

    604-589-8527 604-771-4636

    D& JGardenScape Power Raking Lawn Maintenance Moss Control Trimming Spring Cleanup

    Call for ourSPRINGSPECIALS

    604-589-8527 604-771-4636

    OPERA LANDSCAPING Retaining walls, irrigation, paving,patios, fences, etc. 778-688-2444

    Greenworx Redevelopment Inc.Hardscaping & Landscaping.Hedges, Pavers, Ponds & Walls,Returfing, Demos, Drainage,Jackhammering. 604 782-4322

    DOUBLE - 0 LANDSCAPINGBobcat (small jobs), lawn care &power raking. Call 778-885-2984

    SPRING IS HERE!!!SPRING IS HERE!!!Enjoy Your Weekends while we: Spring Clean Lawn & Garden All Gardening Services Trim Hedges Rock Walls/Paving Stones Deck & Fence PaintingFree Estimates & Friendly ServiceCall Andy 604-544-3677AndrewsGarden@shaw.caAndrewsGarden@shaw.ca

    8155 Landscaping8155

    HANDY ANDYHandyman services. Odd Jobs.(WHATEVER). 604-715-9011

    8130 Handyperson8130ASemi Retired Tradesman

    Small Renovations & Repairs,Crown Moldings & Finishing.

    Richard, 604-377-2480

    PRESSUREWASHING,Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

    Call George 778-859-7793

    ADANAC GUTTERS- Installationof continuous gutters, cleaning &repairs. Call ....604-676-1085

    A1 Steves Gutter Cleaning &Repair from $98. Gutters vacu-umed/hand clean. 604-524-0667

    8125 Gutters8125


    Sales & Installation of 5Continuous Gutter

    Minor Repairs Cleaning

    604-420-4800Established 1963

    PROFESSIONAL INSTALLA-TION. Quick & Clean, Goodprices. Free Est. 604-566-4429

    INSTALLATION REFINISHING,Sanding. Free est, great prices.Satisfaction guar. 604-518-7508

    Best Service! Best Price!Hardwood, Laminate & Tiles.

    Repair & Refinish. 604-783-4615

    8105 Flooring/Refinishing8105

    Artistry of Hardwood FloorsRefinish, sanding, install, dustlessProf & Quality work 604-219-6944

    8160 Lawn & Garden8160

    Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance Power Raking Lawn Repairs Lawn Mowing Aeration Gardening Yard Clean-up Hedge Trimming Tree Pruning

    Free Est. 604-779-6978email: alljobs@telus.net

    GARDENINGSERVICEMany years exp Free Est Lawn cuts Garden maintainance. Tree topping & trimming Power raking, aeration.Call Mr. Van 604-726-9741Or 604-782-3411 Laura

    GARDENINGSERVICEMany years exp Free Est Lawn cuts Garden maintainance. Tree topping & trimming Power raking, aeration.Call Mr. Van 604-726-9741Or 604-782-3411 Laura

    WILDWOODLANDSCAPINGHedge Trimmimg & TreePruning & Hedge Removal

    Spring UpChaffer Control & Lawn

    Restoration. Comm/Strata/ResAerating & Power Raking.

    Free Estimates.604-893-5745

    CHAFFER BEETLE Treatment.Lawn care, reseeding, rototillinggardens & hedges. 778-885-6488

    AMAZING TOUCH LANDG Bobcat, paving, retaining walls,turf, planting, etc. 604-889-4083


    Stonework.paving stones Cedar decks/fencing Turf .. Ponds...Call Danny 604-250-7824www.constructivelandscaping.com

    8010 Alarm/Security8010


    Systems Ltd.

    8030 Carpentry8030

    HOME IMPROVEMENTSRenos to Handymans Service

    Call Ray 604-418-4208

    * RENOS * Bsmt refinish * Drywall* Bath Tiles * Windows * Doors *Stairs. Call Norm 604-437-1470

    8035 Carpet Cleaning8035ROYAL STEAM CLEANINGCarpet, Upholstery, Auto (Int),walls & windows 604-765-8054

    8055 Cleaning8055


    Home&Office CleaningJanitor ServiceCeiling & wall washing,Floor WaxingHouse CleaningRestaurant CleaningWindow Cleaning And many more things! 3yr contract includes FreeSnow shoveling, free paintlabour, free light bulb changes!call Tom 604-307-5998

    Lic. Insured & WCB Free Est

    A.S.B.A. ENTERPRISE. Comm/Res. Free Est. $25/hour includessupplies. Insured. 604-723-0162

    EXP CLEANING ladies avail 7days/wk. Bonded. Vancouver,Burnaby, Richmond 604-928-0025

    8060 Concrete8060

    Concrete Cracks Repair .Foundation Walls, Basement,Parkade. Full Warranty. CallSimon (604) 473-7761

    DALLANTONIA CONCRETESeniors discount. Friendly, familybusiness, 40+ yrs. 604-240-3408

    8073 Drainage8073BAJMINI EXCAVATING

    Sewer/storm, drains, oil tanks,paving, retain wall. 604-779-7816

    DRAIN TILES&WATER LINESWithout Digging a Trench


    Mia Casa Drain Tile/Sewer LineWater Line Repairs / Replace-men t & C lean ing . V ince604-941-6060, Al 604-783-3142

    8080 Electrical8080HOMEFIX

    ELECTRICALDIVISIONContract # 102055

    200 Amp Service UpgradesSpring Special $1800

    Free est. Ins. 25 yrs exp.For All Your Reno Needs!


    Small Jobs to rewires,lighting control, new houses,repairs. Insured & bonded.Knob & tube replacementspecialist. Lic. #23726.

    Call Chris,604-788-3864

    #1113 Low Cost Electric 522-3435Comm/Res/Panel change Heat-ing/Appl Repair. Lic & Bonded.

    ABACUS ELECTRIC.ca Lic ElectContr 97222. 40 years exp. 1 stop!Reas. rates! BBB. 778-988-9493

    CHARLIES ELECTRIC Co.#94835 all electric needs, reasrates bondedWCB 778-888-4528

    YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 servicecall. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fastsame day service guaranteed. Welove small jobs! 604-568-1899

    8087 Excavating8087


    BOBCATonemini, drainage,

    landscaping, stump / rock /cement / oil tank removal.

    Water / sewer line, 24 hoursCall 341-4446 or 254-6865

    8090 Fencing/Gates8090DIRECT FROMTHEMILL6x8 Fence Panels from $27,Siding, Decking, Roofing,Shed, Split Rail, etc...

    We Install Chain Link &Cedar Fencing. Free Est.7753 Edmonds St, Burnaby

    Call 604-520-7792Timberlandforestproducts.com

    Hardwood FloorRefinishing

    Repairs & StainingInstallation

    Free EstimatesCentury Hardwood Floors


    Hardwood FloorRefinishing

    Repairs & StainingInstallation

    Free EstimatesCentury Hardwood Floors



    Sanding & RefinishingInstallationQuality WorkmanshipFree EstimatesFully Licensed & Insured


    7010 Personals7010CRIMINALRECORD?

    Canadian pardon seals record.American waiver allows

    legal entry.Why risk employment, business,travel, licensing, deportation?All CANADIAN / AMERICAN

    Work & Travel Visas.604-282-6668 or1-800-347-2540

    *Drywall * Taping * Texture *Stucco*Painting * Steel stud fram-ing Quality Home 604-725-8925


    Specializing in drywall &textured ceiling repairs, drywall

    nishing, stucco repairs,painting. Fully insured.

    604-916-7729 JEFF


    POCOSPACIOUS 1 BR apt, heat& hot water incls, $800, small petok, Avail Now. 604-783-2262

    Port MoodyNEWPORTVILLAGEHighrise DELUXECondoGREAT LOCATION.1 BR&Den 900 sq. ft

    7 appls, parking, storage, $1350.Rec & Amenity rooms. NS / NP.

    604- 983- 8046


    Professionally managedfamily townhome complexon 28 acres located inbeautiful Port Moody.Spacious 2 BR & 3 BRunits, 5 appls, inste W/D,walk out bsmt, 1 parking.Cat friendly.

    Contact 604-939-0221woodland@rentmidwest.com

    RIVERS INLETTownhouses

    (CoquitlamCentre area) 2 BR Townhouse 3 BR Townhouse

    1.5 bath, 2 levels, 5 appls,decorative fireplace,carport. Sorry no pets. 1 & 2 BR Apts also avail.

    Call 604-942-2012coquitlampropertyrentals.com

    PORT COQUITLAM 2 BR town-house, $830, quiet-family com-plex, no pets call 604-464-0034.

    POCO 2 BR T/H $785/mo. Quiet-family complex, No Pets! AvailNow. Call 604-464-0034

    6605 Townhouses -Rent6605COQUITLAM 2 BR townhouse ,quiet family complex, no pets.$920. Call 604-942-2277.

    POCO, Stafford/Shaughnessy. 1BR ste. $775 incl heat & elec.Avail Now. 604-941-8344

    POCO 3 BR grnd lev, spac,bright, D/W, own W/D, avail May1. $1200. NS/NP. 604-552-7418

    NEW WEST, Queensborough.Clean & spac. 1 BR. Ns/np. $625incl hydrol. Near bus, park, shops,schools. Avail now. 604-306-3057

    NEWWEST. 2 BR bsmt, full bath.Ns/np, no laundry. $950/mo inclhydro/cbl. Immed. 778-836-1196

    COQ WESTWOOD Plt. 2 BR, grlev ste, 5 appls. $950 + 1/3 utls.Avail now. NS/NP. 604-834-8355

    COQ, MARINER Way, 1 BR grlev, Own W/D, sep entry. Availnow, $700 incls utls. NS/NP.604-945-6755 or 604-767-8049

    BBY, The Crest. Newly renod 2BR. Priv w/d & yard. N/s. $1000incl hydro. May 1. 604-522-5547

    BBY SOUTH. Lrg 1 BR gr lev,own W/D, NS/NP. Suits cpl. $825incls utls. Refs. 604-526-7335

    BBY SOUTH 2 BR mn flr, $1100incls all utils, w/d hookup, lrgsundeck, Avail May 1, n/s, petneg. 604-515-0367

    BBY NORTH 1 BR g/lvl, full bath,patio, enste w/d, $875 incls utils,Avail May 1. ns/np, 778-858-8690

    6602 Suites/PartialHouses6602

    BBY N. Georgia/Springer. 2 BRbsmt, own W/D. May 1. $1100incls utls. NS/NP. 604-299-6976

    BBY, Metrotown. 2 BR, upper flr.Nr bus, Skytrain, schls, T&T Mrkt.Ns/np. $980 + util. 604-438-1588

    BBY, METROTOWN. 1 BR, g/lvl,Alarm. Near skytrn. NS/NP. Refs.$750 incl util. Now. 604-430-1358

    BBY EDMONDS 1 BR semi furn,incls utils, n/s, n/p, $750. nrskytrain, May 1. 604-525-9140

    BBY 3 BR upper flr, nr CanadaWay, quiet CDS, w/d, 6 appls, lge,deck, smoking outside, $1300.Avail now. 604-522-3663

    BBY, 14 Ave/2nd St. 1 BR, grd/lvl.$700/mo incl hydro. Shared w/d.Ns/np. May 1. 604-802-4492

    BBY 1 BR & DEN ste, very clean,f/p, full bath, $800 incls utils, n/s,n/p, Avail Now. 604-420-1077

    1BR COQ, 1 yr New own W/D$850 incls utls cable net No Pet/smoke, Avl. Now 778-834-8464

    6602 Suites/PartialHouses66021 BR suite, E. Bby nr schools &bus, ns, np, $600 incl hydro, availnow 604-377-3107

    6595 SharedAccommodation6595

    6595-40 NewWestminster6595-40

    FURNISHED ROOMS. $450 -$500/mo incl hydro/cbl & tv. Shdw/d & kitch/bath. 778-892-1936

    6590 Rooms6590BBY N room in house, bath & kit.Nr Lough Mall, SFU & Skytrain.$420 incl hyd/cbl/net, w/d, Ns/np.May 1. 604-438-7341

    6565 Office/Retail -Rent6565POCO RETAIL 1236sf, 3450/mo,2569 Shaughnessy St. Air cond,exc loc acreoss from City Hall.Jun 1. Bill Evans 604-836-2494

    6450 MiscellaneousRentals6450




    *RENT TOOWN*Abbotsford- 3262 Clearbrook Rd.HOUSE with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths.Mortgage helper. Walk to all Schoolsand other amenities. Only $1,598/m.

    LowDown. Flexible Terms.(604) 626-9647 or (604) 657-9422


    STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWNNoQualification - LowDownABBOTSFORD - 2087 LonsdaleCr, HOUSE, 3bd w/ 2bd suite, quietneigh., hot tub & pool.......$2,188/MCHILLIWACK - 9557 Williams, 3bdrm, 1 bath, cozy HOUSE on49x171 lot, excellent investmentproperty in heart of town..... $888/MCall Kristen today (604)786-4663www.HomeBuyingCenter.ca

    BBY SOUTH Executive FullyFurn 3000 sqft, 4 BR 2 baths, lotsof prkg, cls to transit, $3000. Lseavail May 1, Bryan 604-617-6501

    6540 Houses - Rent6540BBYMetrotown 3 BR bsmt home,deck, garage, workshop. Av now.$1500. NS/NP. 604-327-3855

    6525 Garages6525AVAILABLE NOW or May 1,New West, 9 ft x 18 ft, $125/mo.

    CALL 604-454-4540

    6510 Co-ops6510PINE RIDGE Co-op: 1 & 2 bdrm.units available. Country life in theheart of the city. $696 & $913 pm;$2000 and $2800 share purchaserequired. Download application atwww.pineridgeco-op.bc.ca orsend SASE to #89, 8763 AshGrove Cres. Burnaby, BC V5A4B8

    6510 Co-ops6510115 PLACECO-OP

    Located in Burnabynear Lougheed Town Centre

    Accepting applicationsor waiting list for Bachelors,1 BRs, 1 BR & Dens & 2 BRs.Adult oriented high rise. Pool,exercise room and workshop.No Pets. Participation mandatoryand $2000 share purchaserequired.

    Enquiries toMembership CommitteeCall 604 421-1222

    Whitgift Gardens1 BRApt, $750/mo,2 BRApt, $925/mo,3 BRApt, $1100/mo.Heat, hot water, parking.

    Family living,daycare available.Near kids park,

    basketball court and Skytrain.No pets. Available now.

    604 939-0944

    SUNSET PARK5870 Sunset StreetClose to Bus & BCITSTUDIO & 1 BDRM

    Quiet park-like settingNewly Renod

    Heat/hot water incld604-291-8197



    22588 Royal Crescent Ave,Maple Ridge

    Large units. Close to GoldenEars Bridge. Great view of River

    office: 604- 463-0857cell: 604- 375-1768

    ROTARY TOWER25 Clute St, NewWest

    Age 55 or over. Beautiful view.B a c h h i g h r i s e a p t .Close to trans & shopping.Rent incl all utils. Refs req.

    Contact AnaCell: 778-859-0798

    Bayside Property Services Ltd.

    RIVERS INLETApartments

    (CoquitlamCentre area)Bachelor, 1 BR& 2BRApts,3 appls, incls heat & hot water,bldg laundry room on each flr.Avail May 1. Sorry no pets.

    Call 604-942-2012coquitlampropertyrentals.com

    BONSORAPTSRenovated high rise, concretebuilding. Penthouse, 1 BR &2 BR available. Very close toMetrotown, Skytrain & Bonsorswimming pool. Rent includesheat, hot water. Refs reqd.

    Contact Alex604-999-9978

    or Bayside Property ServicesOffice: 604-432-7774

    SKYLINE TOWERS102-120 Agnes St, N.West

    Hi-Rise Apartment withRiver View & Indoor Pool.1 BR & 2 BR Available.Rent includes heat & hotwater. Remodelled Buildingand Common area. Gatedundergrd parking available.References required.


    6508 Apt/Condos6508NEW WEST. RENOed 1 BR & 2BR. New Kitchen/Bathroom, Car-pet, Appliances. From $795 &$1050. 604-724-8353

    Home ServicesContinues on next page

    Planning onRENOVATING?Planning onPlanning onRENOVATING?RENOVATING?Check out the specialists in our Home ServiceDirectory of the Classieds and get started

    on your project today!

    To advertise your Home Service Businesscall Classieds 604-444-3000

  • #1 Roong Company in BC

    All types of RoongOver 35 Years in BusinessCall now for Free Estimates



    Need a vehicle?Good or Bad Credit?

    Call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599www.autocreditfast.ca

    DLN 30309

    9110 Collectibles &Classics9110

    1991 ASTON Martin, 1-owner, allorig., only 27,000 km, immac.$45,000. 604-987-3876. D24627

    9125 Domestic91252006 LINCOLN Zephyr 32,600kms, excellent cond, lady driven$15,000 obo 604-929-1184

    9145 Scrap CarRemoval9145


    9155 Sport Utilities/4x4s/Trucks9155

    1999 MAZDA B3000 ext cab,85,000 k, 5 spd, canopy, $6,700.Exc cond, no accid 604-802-6888

    9155 Sport Utilities/4x4s/Trucks9155

    2002 LANDRover Discovery SE798,000 km, Sand/tan int. Exccond. $11,750 604.687.2146

    9160 Sports &Imports9160

    1998 VW Passat turbo, auto190,000 k, s/roof, air, lady driven,$4,200. W. Van 604-649-2285

    NEED CHEAP AUTOBODY ?www.cheapautobody.ca604-341-7738

    9173 Vans9173

    2003 PONTIAC Montanaextended van, great runningcondition. Navy blue (similar topicture), gray interior. 166,000KMs, all in Lower Mainland. Newbrakes, DVD system, comes withsnow tires. $5,000 obo. Call604-908-9080 or 604-802-2884.

    FREE TOWINGup to $500 CASH Today!

    604-728-1965 John

    $CASH FOR CARS$ Recyclingin the lower mainland for over 30years. Top dollars paid. Call forfree quote. 604-725-3937

    AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVALMinimum $150 cash paid for fullsized vehicles. 604-518-3673

    #1 FREEScrap Vehicle RemovalAsk about $500 Credit!!!

    $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200

    9145 Scrap CarRemoval9145


    604-790-39002 HOUR SERVICE


    HOME SERVICES To place your ad call604-444-3000

    BOBSWINDOWGets that Clean, Clear Shine

    No Drops, No Drips, No StreaksRight into the corners! Servingyou for over 20 yrs. Also doGutters 604 588-6938

    8335 Window Cleaning8335

    Edgemont BuildingMaintenance PowerWashingWindowCleaning Gutter Cleaning

    604-420-4800Established 1963

    Wildwood Tree Services, ExpHedge Trimming and Removal &Tree Prun ing . F ree Es t .604-893-5745

    8315 Tree Services8315

    Treeworks 15 yrs exp. Tree/Stump Removal, Prunin & Trimin& ViewWork 291-7778, 787-5915


    Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping,hedge trimming & stump grinding.

    Fully insured & WCB

    Jerry 604-618-8585

    $ BEST RATES $


    Andrew 604-618-8585

    8315 Tree Services8315

    Quality Home Improvement Stucco All Kinds. No Job TooBig or Small. 604-725-8925

    8300 Stucco/Siding/Exterior8300J. PEARCESTUCCO

    CONTRACTING.Residential /Commercial. 604-761-6079

    DISPOSAL BINS: Starting at $99+ dump fees. Call 604-306-8599


    8255 Rubbish Removal8255CHEAPCHEAPRubbish Removal

    Seniors discount. 604-807-0198

    A.J.K. Moving Ltd. Special truckfor clean-ups. Any size job. Lic#32839 604-875-9072 873-5292

    Affordable Rubbish RemovalRes &Construction Cleanup

    John 778-881-5678

    $35/HOUR PER PERSON 24/7Abe Moving & Delivery and

    Rubbish Removal. 604-999-6020

    John 778-288-800910% OFF with this ad


    StudentWorksDisposal & Recycling

    Tripsstart at $49$49

    B ins from 7-20 yards ava i l .


    *We Remove & Recycle Anything*Free Ests Large or Small Jobs

    www.604rubbish.com10% OFF WITH THIS AD

    8255 Rubbish Removal8255

    8255 Rubbish Removal8255

    LOWCOSTRubbish Removal

    DISPOSAL Construction,Renos & Drywall / Demolition YARD & HOME Cleanup7 Days/Week Free Ests

    Isaac 604-727-5232

    Royal Castle Roofing - New &Re-roofing, Work Guar, 15%Senior. Disc. Jazz 604-725-9963

    Roofing Experts 778-230-5717Repairs/Re-Roof/New Roofs. Allwork Gtd. Free Est. Call Frank

    Alive & still roofing after 50 years!!RCABCCertified Roofers.

    BILL the Roofer 604-522-8516

    Advantage Building Maintenance:Roof Chimney Skylight RepairsFREE Estimate 604-802-1918

    A Save on Roofing - specialize inreroof repair Fully Ins. Freeest. 10% discount 778-892-1266

    A Eastwest Roofing & SidingRe-roofing, Gutter, Free Est, BBBMember, 10% disc, Seniors Disc,604-812-9721, 604-783-6437

    A Eastcan Roofing & Siding LtdRe-Roof, Repair. Ins. WCB. BBB.604-562-0957 or 604-961-0324

    Quality work byQualied


    All work Guaranteed!Family owned & operated since 1989

    (604) 299-8131

    Free Estimates 24Hour RepairsSkylights Gutters

    Cedar - Duriod - Torch-On Systems

    Tried & True Since 1902Call for a free estimate:1.877.602.7346Visit us online to receive a special discount:



    For: B-CHEEMA ROOFINGRep: LBamptonAd#: 1307606

    Read Autond in the paperevery weekend.Read.Read.11



    1. Go to burnabynow.com/autond2. Search by STOCK#3. Get details & photos of cars you choose

    Contact the dealer,check out your new ride and drive home.Easy, right?



    25 Years in Business25 Years in Business25 Year Workmanship25 Year Workmanship




    Save the HST &Book before April 30th

    8250 Roofing8250

    ROOFING/ FRAMING/ Flooring/Renos or new construction. AcomConstruction. Call: 604-240-1850


    JKBCONSTRUCTION LTD.COMPLETERENOVATIONS604-728-3009 jkbconstruction.com

    HANDYMAN SERVICE, majorcontracting, Renos, Res &Comm. Call Alan, 604-290-1060

    D & M RENOVATIONS, Flooring,tiling, finishing. Fully Insured. Topquality, quick work 604-724-3832

    Complete Bathroom RenosSuites, Kitchens,Tiling, Skylights,Windows, Doors, 604 521-1567

    CARPENTER HANDYMAN,Renos, Carpentry, H/W Flrs,Home Repairs, etc. 604-307-6715

    A1 CONTRACTING. Bsmt, bath,kitchen cabinets, tiling, painting &decks. Dhillon, 604-782-1936

    A Lady & GentlemanHome Improvements, Painting,Tile, Carpentry, Plumbing, Elec.Quality, 25yrs exp. 604-512-8915www.aladyandgentleman.com

    TIMWOODHOMESLTDSpecialized in Renos:

    . Framing . Sundecks. Stairs .Rooms. Garages. Sheds.Basements .Tiles . Vinyl Siding.Exterior Paint . Hardwood &Laminate Floors . Fencing .. Small or big jobs. Insured.WCB


    778-317-1256 604-451-0225Bath *Kitchen* Suites & More

    Save Your Dollars!WWW.RENORITE.COM


    PRPRENOVATIONSKitchens, baths, tiling,flooring, painting,plumbing, gutters

    Small jobs welcome Insured,WCB604-764-0399

    MATCODESIGNAll Renovations & Additions,I n s . Q u a l i t y W o r k

    604-720-156430 yrs exp.matco@telus.net

    M&SHANDYMAN Framing Flooring Finishing Carpentry Painting DrywallT i l ing Senior d iscountwoodysgallery@hotmail.com604-783-0979All Work Guaranteed

    Georgie Award forBest Renovation & Design

    Complete Renovations / AdditionsKitchens / Bathrooms


    COUNTRY STYLE -General Contractor Com-plete home & commercialrenovations painting kit-chen & bath bsmt - decks,f e n c e s . .Gua r a n t e e d -: p r omp t , Ca l l T om604-307-5998Lic. Insured & WCB


    Since 1983


    Specialties Include:Kitchen & Bath Improvements

    We Also Do: Roofing Sundecks Door& Window Replacements

    Call Bill604-298-1222www.chrisdalehomes.com

    8240 Renovations &Home Improvement8240

    8225 Power Washing8225SMART CLEANING

    Janitorial, Pressure Washing,Window Cleaning. 604-862-9797

    PRESSURE WASHING, siding,gutters, tile, roof, treat moss. Gill,604-897-4204, 604-599-4204

    FUTUR GRAFFITI SOLUTIONS,Power Washing & Graffiti Remov-al. Hot/Cold Water. 604-420-2848

    8225 Power Washing8225Grants HomeMaintenanceComplete PressureWashing:Roofs, Houses, Driveways, etcGutter Cleaning &Repairs.

    Residential & StrataPrompt Service. WCB Insured

    604- 936-2808grantshomemaintenance@shaw.ca

    LICENSED PLUMBER & Gasfit-ter. BBQs, ranges, etc. Repairs,renos. VISA ok. 604-830-6617

    PLUMBERSWater Lines (without digging)Sewer Lines (without digging)Install. Drain tiles. 604-294-5300

    COPPERWORKS PLUMBINGWill doALL your plumbing needs.Get 25% off. Call 604-219-5555

    $69/HR Licd/Ins. Exp & friendlyClogged drains, plumbing, smalljobs OK! Call 24/7! 604-805-2488





    ENTERPRISEMechanical Systems



    Tel: 604-931-7575Cell: 604-612-4347

    8220 Plumbing8220

    METRO BLACKTOP CO. LTDCustom work for Driveways &new lane Aprons. Repairs/resur-facing. Call Gino 604-657-9936

    8205 Paving/SealCoating8205ALLEN Asphalt, concrete, brick,drains, foundations, walls, mem-branes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187

    8200 Patios/Decks/Railings8200West Coast Cedar InstallationsNew or repaired outdoor cedar

    specialists since 1991604-270-2358 or 604-788-6458

    Good Day Painting Fully In-sured, Quality Work, Res/Comm,No Payment till Job is Completed!

    Call Thomas 604 377-1338

    BEST PAINTING, Int/Ext, Re-paint Specialist, Repair Drywall,Free Estimates. 604-724-9953


    Pressure Washing Residential/Commercial Over 25 years experience

    Call Geoff Dann at:604-782-8665


    Interior/Exterior SpecialistMany Years Experience

    Fully InsuredTop Quality, Quick Work

    Free Estimate604-724-3832


    Low Prices, High Quality*25 years Experience* Fully Insured WCB* Free Estimates* References

    Call Steve 604-722-1313


    Interior & Exterior UNBEATABLE PRICES Free Est. / Written Guarantee


    8195 Painting/Wallpaper8195

    8195 Painting/Wallpaper8195

    STORMWORKS Oil Tank Removal Recommended Insured Reasonable Rates



    Oil Tank DetectionOil Tank RemovalSoil RemediationFREE ESTIMATES



    8193 Oil Tank Removal8193

    TWO BROTHERS MOVING Loc-al & Long Distance 604-720-0931


    AMI MOVING 3-5 ton cube.Starting at $39/hour. Local & longdistances. 24/7 604-617-8620

    ABBA MOVERS bsmt clean 1-4ton Lic, insd from $35/hr, 2 men$45 hr honest 26 yrs est 506-7576.

    AMOVINGEXPERIENCEWITH L&DENTERPRISES !!!Fast & Dependable Special RatesSeniors Disc. Call 604-464-5872

    $35/HOUR PER PERSON 24/7Abe Moving & Delivery and

    Rubbish Removal. 604-999-6020

    Experienced Movers withAffordable Rates!Starting $30 /hourLicensed & Insured

    Local & Long Distance Avail. 24/7 incl. holidays Seniors Discount Delivery to/from YVR Airport



    Experienced Movers~ 2 Men $50 ~ Includes all Taxes Licenced & Insured

    Professional Piano Movers



    Moving Storage DeliveriesLocal & Long Distance Movers

    Residential CommercialIndustrial

    604-875-9072, 604-873-5292


    Also Special Truck for Clean-UpsGarage Basement Backyard

    No Travel Time Charges No Minimum Charges No Job Too SmallFLAT RATES ALWAYS AVAILABLELicensed & Insured A+BBB Rating




    8185 Moving &Storage8185


    Licensed, Bonded & InsuredSingle item to full house moves

    We Guarantee the Cost of Every MoveFlat Rates always available(604) 861-8885



    Fully Insured

    B-CheemaRoofing Ltd.

    Free Estimates

    Call Paul (604) 722-3600bcheemaroofing.ca

    CCaallll nnooww,, ggeett 55%% ddiissccoouunntt

    All Types of Roofing & Repairs

    Call now, get 5% discountCall now, get 5% discount

    All Types of Roong & RepairsAll Types of Roong & Repairs

    bcheemaroong.ca Fully Insuredbcheemaroong.ca Fully Insured

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, April 23, 2011 A39

  • A40 Saturday, April 23, 2011 Burnaby NOW

    100%BCOwned andOperated

    Prices Effective April 21 to April 27, 2011. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Not all items may be available at all locations. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.

    choicesmarkets.comKitsilano2627 W. 16th Ave.Vancouver604.736.0009

    Cambie3493 Cambie St.Vancouver604.875.0099

    Kerrisdale1888 W. 57th Ave.Vancouver604.263.4600

    Yaletown1202 Richards St.Vancouver604.633.2392

    Choices inthe Park6855 Station Hill Dr.Burnaby604.522.6441

    Rice Bakery2595 W. 16th Ave.Vancouver604.736.0301

    South Surrey3248 King George Blvd.South Surrey604.541.3902

    Choices atthe Crest8683 10th Ave.Burnaby604.522.0936

    Kelowna1937 Harvey Ave.Kelowna250.862.4864Note Area Code

    Happy Easter


    100%BCOwned andOperated



    From theDeli BulkDepartment

    Green & BlacksOrganic Easter Eggsassorted varieties

    from 5.99110-180g product of Italy

    OlympicOriginal Yogurt

    assorted varieties

    2/5.00650g product of B.C.

    Tropicana Premium Juice

    2/7.001.75 L

    assorted varieties

    + dep. + eco fee

    Meadowvale Creamery Butter

    3.99454g product of Canada

    Vitala Free Run Omega-3 DHA Large Eggs

    3.991 Dozen product of B.C.

    Rice Hot Cross Buns

    4.99 package of 4

    Hot Cross Buns

    3.99 package of 6Easter Chocolate Cookies

    2.49 package of 2

    Hop to your local Choices for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Festivities begin at 11am. Each childparticipating will receive Easter treats.

    Choices Annual Easter Egg HuntSunday, April 24 at 11:00am all Choices locations

    Happy EasterKettle Krinkle CutPotato Chipsassorted varieties

    3.99397g product of USA

    Hot Kid Rice Crisps

    2/4.00100g product of China

    Applesnax Organic Natural Apple Sauce

    from2/5.00796ml product of Canada

    assorted varieties

    Barbaras BakeryCheese Puffsassorted varieties

    2/5.00155g product of USA

    Island Farms Vanilla Plus Ice Cream

    4.991.65Lproduct of Canada

    assorted varieties

    Dempsters English Muffinsassorted varieties

    2/5.00 package of 6 product of Canada

    Halibut Fillets


    Bacon Wrapped BeefTenderloin Steaks

    12.99 4 per pack

    2.99/100greg 4.39

    Brie Le Roy Cheese

    Freybe Emperor Ham (Kaisershinken)

    2.49/100greg 2.99

    Stahlbush Island FarmsFrozen Vegetables

    assorted varieties

    3/4.98283-350g product of USA

    Pacific Foods OrganicBroths and Soups

    from2/5.00946ml-1 L product of USA

    assorted varieties

    Prairie Harvest Organic Pasta

    2/4.00454g product of Canada

    assorted varieties

    Red Tomatoes On TheVine from Origin OB.C. Grown,Certified Organic


    1.98 227g pkgCertified Organic, California Grown

    Rainbow Chard

    2/3.00Certified Organic, California Grown

    San Pellegrino ItalianSparkling Mineral Water

    3/4.98750ml product of Italy

    + dep. + eco fee

    Burts Bees Lip Balm

    3.99 4.25g-8.5g

    Packed with beeswax, shea butter,almond oil, cocoa butter and ultraemollient lanolin to keep your lips softand healthy.

    Brookside Chocolate Covered Raisinsor Cranberries and Yogurt Raisins

    20% off regular retail priceprepacked or bins

    Spatone Liquid Iron

    19.9928 Sachets product of Australia

    A gentle and effective liquid iron,especially suited for people who cannottolerate manufactured iron preparations.Suitable for adults and children over twoyears of age, for long-term use.

    Treehouse Childrens Bath andBody Care products By Nature Clean

    20% offregular retail prices

    These naturally mild formulas are derived fromplant and mineral sources. Dermatologist-tested and gentle enough for babies.

    assorted varieties

    from2/5.00454g product of Canada

    Earth's Choice Tortilla Chipsmade with organic corn

    three varieties