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"Incendium" Review (Milfits 'zine issue2 Preview)


  • Burial VaultIncendiumApostasy Records, 24 May 2013Track Listing:Chapter I:01. The Stench Of Burning Thoughts02. A Blind Follower And AWatchful HoundChapter II:03. Soil & Green04. Peculiar05. The Nightly Horror06. Prelude To Peripety07. Fatal AccidentChapter III:08. Struggling Doubt09. Moment Of Truth10. AwarenessChapter IV:11. Surveillance Web12. Catharsis13. Black IntoWhite



    German a l l a round dea th me ta l band Bur i ed Vau l t re l eased the i rsophomore a lbum Incend ium on Apos ta sy Records , ju s t a f t e r ayea r l a t e r the i r fu l l l eng th debu t Ekpyros i s Pe r iod ic Des t ruc t ion was re l eased unde r the same labe l . Incend ium i s des igned as aconcep t a lbum insp i r ed by c la s s i c nove l "Fahrenhe i t 451" by RayBradbury. Recorded a t the Sound lodge S tud io wi th p roduce r Joe rgUken (DewScen ted , Nigh t f a l l , God Deth roned ) , i t combinesspeedy pace bru ta l i t y wi th moment s o f l i gh tness and beau ty tha texpe r t ly c rosses genres and s ty l e s . The re a re two s ides in Bur i edVau l t ' s sound tha t coex i s t t oge the r. The f i r s t i s a fa s t s ty l e o f th ra shydea th me ta l wi th a s t rong sense of me lody. The second , and the pa r ttha t has much appea led to me per sona l ly, i s the da rk emot iona l con ten ttha t bo rde r s on b lack meta l . Incend iumembod ies bo th of these s idespe r fec t ly ba lanced . Br ing ing i t a l l t oge the r, Bur i ed Vau l t have pu tou t a good record tha t cou ld exc i t e and a t t r ac t ho rde of me ta lheadswi th the i r p rogres s ive in f luences and the ene rgy of the i r mus ic .


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