in memorial and burial vault handling - hiab .knuckleboom crane the business of ... network of hiab

in Memorial and Burial Vault Handling - Hiab .knuckleboom crane The business of ... network of Hiab
in Memorial and Burial Vault Handling - Hiab .knuckleboom crane The business of ... network of Hiab
in Memorial and Burial Vault Handling - Hiab .knuckleboom crane The business of ... network of Hiab
in Memorial and Burial Vault Handling - Hiab .knuckleboom crane The business of ... network of Hiab
Download in Memorial and Burial Vault Handling - Hiab .knuckleboom crane The business of ... network of Hiab

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  • in Memorial and Burial Vault HandlingAT WORK


  • Monumental performance and efficiency from the HIAB knuckleboom crane

    The business of manufacturing and supplying granite monuments and precast burial vaults has never been more challenging. Increasing costs are forcing more families to opt for cremation rather than a traditional burial. More cemetaries are insisting on bronze markers set level with the ground to facilitate easier maintenance. As a result, the demand for granite monuments has been reduced.

    In this fast-changing industry, the companies that remain competitive and profitable are those that are ready and willing to change the way they do things. Take the handling and delivery of burial vaults as an example. The need for maximum efficiency and versatility has never been greater. Thats why more companies, from small businesses delivering monuments to large precast concrete manufacturers are replacing their existing equipment with a HIAB knuckleboom crane.

    A better way of working

    The HIAB knuckleboom crane outperforms traditional handling and delivery systems in a number of important ways.

    In the yard, the HIAB crane can load itself from any position, easily reaching over other markers to lift the marker and base that the customer wants.

    The HIABs articulating boom system is also a major advantage at the cemetary. The boom pivots and telescopes at several points, enabling the operator to easily maneuver stones or vaults into position while avoiding obstructions between the truck and the burial site. Traditional equipment, such as small trucks and trailers equipped with overhead monorail systems, dont allow you to position the load directly over the grave site and risk damaging nearby markers. Trucks equipped with corner-mounted service cranes give you the same problem. Also, the service crane typically requires a steep boom angle for heavier loads - not good where trees or other overhead obstructions exist. Additionally, these methods all use winches, resulting in more manual intervention due to load sway - all of which consume your valuable time.

    HIAB knuckleboom cranes can be folded away behind the cab or mounted at the rear of a straight truck - saving valuable load space.

  • Help protect the environment with Hiab

    HIAB knuckleboom cranes are extremely efficient on the job site, thanks to a high performing control system which saves on fuel consumption. Our available load sensing control or on demand system is even more frugal and can result in sigificant fuel savings over time.

    Additionally, our manufacturing process uses the latest in capture, scrubbing, and recycling technology. At Hiab, we are proud to say that we are constantly striving to minimize our impact on the environment.

    XS Drive remote control gives you complete mastery

    The HIAB XS Drive remote control makes you more efficient by giving you freedom of movement and the best possible position to view the load. This leads to safer and more efficient deliveries and can eliminate the need for a second worker. Ergonomically designed, the XS Drive offers fluid radio communication, controlling up to 24 fully proportional functions.

    Overload Protection (OLP)

    OLP is a system that monitors the cranes capacity. During operation, if you reach 90% of the cranes capacity, the OLP system will give you a visual and audible alert. Should you reach capacity, the crane will only allow you to do radius decreasing functions.

    OLP is very discrete, running in the background, and is never intrusive - but it is ever vigilant and always on guard for your safety, should it be called upon.

    For handling concrete burial vaults throughout our nationwide network, we have totally accepted the HIAB crane as our most reliable piece of equipment. The ease of handling and placing vaults on-site has proven an overwhelming success. The savings of manpower and time has been unprecedented throughout our company. Joseph Suhor III, Chairman/CEO Suhor Industries, Inc

    Overland Park, KS

  • Hiab USA, Inc12233 Williams Road

    Perrysburg, OH 43551 USAtel. +419 482 6000fax. +419 482

    V2015.05.19BUILT TO PERFORM

    HIAB XS 055 / XS 077 / XS 144 Technical Specifications

    HIAB XS 055 HIAB XS 077 HIAB XS 144Capacity Diagram(Permitted without lifting accesssories)

    Capacity Diagram(Permitted without lifting accesssories)

    Capacity Diagram(Permitted without lifting accesssories)

    | | | | |

    3,790 2,730 1,940 1,410 1,080 lbs

    | | | | |

    9 6 13 1 18 1 23 11 30 6 ft/in

    | | | | |

    5,290 4,010 2,730 1,940 1,540 lbs

    | | | | |

    9 6 12 6 17 9 23 11 30 2 ft/in

    | | | | | |

    13,890 9,920 6,720 4,740 3,530 2,870 lbs

    | | | | | |

    7 3 10 2 14 9 20 8 26 11 33 10 ft/in

    Our commitment to youHiab is the worlds leading provider of on-road load handling equipment. Customer satisfaction is the first priority for us. Hiabs product range includes HIAB loader cranes, MOFFETT truck-mounted forklifts, JONSERED recycling and forestry cranes, LOGLIFT forestry cranes, and MULTILIFT demountables, as well as DEL, WALTCO, and ZEPRO tail lifts.

    Here at Hiab USA, we have invested heavily in our service and support fleet as part of our absolute commitment to our customers, through our network of Hiab USA branch locations. These, along with more than one hundred factory-trained service partners, means that your HIAB crane is supported by an unrivaled coast-to-coast service network. Wherever you are, we are.

    That is our promise to you.

    For all your sales and service needs, call our nationwide hotline at 419.482.6000 to find your nearest Hiab USA branch.


    Additional models available. Please ask for details.