bureau of indian standards(bis)

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  • 1. Revathi Mohan 1st year Masters in Counselling Psychology

2. BIS 3. 14 Divisions of BIS Food and agriculture Water resources Production Mechanical Engineering Chemicals Management & Systems Civil Engineering Medical equipment & Hospital planning Electronics and Information Metallurgical Engineering Textile Petroleum Transport Engineering Coal related products 4. Standard 5. BIS Self Reliant Voluntary in nature Mandatory for 68 items by Govt (Ministry ofConsumer Affairs)through various statutory measures such as prevention of food adulteration act Indian standards are priced and purchased under BIS Sales Office or through sales portal. The user can browse all the standards under 6. Sales portal Re-affirmation year Equivalent standard Revision number 7. Objectivesof BIS To safeguard public healthTo promote consumers confidenceTo protect consumer from unsanitary, unhygenic, mislabelled/ adultrated food 8. Activities of BIS Standard formulation Certification Hallmarking Product/Schemes Consumer related activities Sale of standard and publication 9. Export products116 laboratoriesBIS 2500 products tested every yearProduct certification scheme [8 laboratories for food, chemical and mechanival disciplines] 10. Recent publication of BIS