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<ul><li><p>Helping you build your teams for the future</p><p>Recruitment &amp;Site Staff Resources</p></li><li><p>OFFERING A DISTINCTIVE ALTERNATIVE 2</p><p>ABOUT US 3</p><p>SERVICE PROVISION 4</p><p>ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT 5</p><p>OUR DATABASE 6</p><p>SEARCH &amp; SELECTION SERVICE 7</p><p>KEY CLIENT TESTIMONIALS 8</p><p>A COMPETITIVE FEE STRUCTURE 9</p><p>GET IN TOUCH 10</p><p>Contents</p><p>1</p></li><li><p>Offering aDistinctiveAlternative</p><p>2</p><p> Established since 2001</p><p> One of the UKs leading and respected recruiters</p><p> 38th in the Recruitment Hot 100 2010</p><p> Over 30 years combined industry experience</p><p> Fully trained, REC consultants</p><p> Comprehensive understanding of all industry sectors</p><p> 80% CV to interview ratio</p><p> 78% interview to placement ratio</p><p> Over 500,000 candidates</p><p> We work with all the leading companies</p><p> Personal, friendly and hardworking team</p></li><li><p>It has beenrefreshingto work with arecruitment company that hasbeen extremelyproactive infinding the rightcalibre of candidate...</p><p>Established in 2001, Fawkes &amp; Reece has grown to become one ofLondons leading and most respected Technical Recruitment Consultancies.</p><p>We endeavour to deliver a service that is personal, a valuable extension to ourclients business and a partner to our candidates that will act as a guide throughthe job finding maze.</p><p>Our honest, down-to-earth and results driven approach has been instrumental inour success in becoming a Preferred Supplier to the largest construction names inthe UK and it is this same approach that enables us to professionally manage therecruitment programmes for many other professional clients including:</p><p>FM/Maintenance: Vinci Facilities Carillion Plc Norland Managed Services ISS Kier Mitie Cofely Jaguar Building Services Artic Building Services.</p><p>Contractors: Vinci Construction Crown House Skanska Shepherd Canary Wharf Group T.Clarke Phoenix Briggs and Forrester MJN.</p><p>Design Consultants: Norman Disney Young Hoare Lea M-E Engineers WSP Capita Silcock Dawson E&amp;M Technica SKM.</p><p>A team of over 35 experienced consultants all work from our centrallybased, Head Office in Liverpool Street.</p><p>We feel this improves communication internally and the flow of information byregular face-to-face team meetings. Our clients benefit from working with wellinformed consultants who are up to date on all account activity and this reducesqueries and poor response! We are better equipped and work more effectively!</p><p>Put simply, the success of Fawkes &amp; Reece is in many ways down to thecontinuous hard work, enthusiasm, energy and ambition of every member of staffwithin the company. This hard work resulted in us achieving 38th place in theprestigious recruiter Hot 100.</p><p>About Us</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>We have foundFawkes &amp; Reece to</p><p>be highlyprofessionaland</p><p>hesitation in usingtheir services again.</p><p>BUILDING SERVICES, M&amp;E, DESIGN, INSTALL, MAINTAINIn order to deliver consistency within the sectors and areas we work, wehave invested in dedicated teams of consultants who are positionedperfectly in their specialist sector so that they can understand their market,network and build the essential relationships required. </p><p>Within the sectors below we cover all positions from all levels of engineerand site operatives through to management and surveying, planning andpre-construction, and bid management.</p><p>Service ProvisionAcross Your</p><p>Business</p><p>4</p><p>FM/Maintenance:Facilities ManagersBusiness Development ManagersAccount ManagersProject ManagersContracts ManagerEstimators &amp; Bid ManagersShift ManagersSupervisorsMaintenance Technicians (M&amp;E)Gas Engineers (Commercial &amp;Domestic)Catering EngineersElectricians and Plumbers</p><p>Contractors:Senior Project Managers (M&amp;E)Electrical Project Managers&amp; EngineersMechanical Project Managers&amp; EngineersContracts Managers &amp; EngineersQuantity SurveyorsEstimatorsM&amp;E Co-ordinatorsCo-ordination Draughters</p><p>Design Consultants:Associate DirectorsElectrical AssociatesMechanical AssociatesPrincipal &amp; Senior Design Engineers (M&amp;E)Intermediate Design Engineers (M&amp;E)Junior Engineers and CAD</p></li><li><p>5AccountManagement -The Service We</p><p>Offer</p><p>5</p><p>...Fawkes &amp; Reecewere ableto quicklyprovide twovery competentcandidates.</p><p>FAWKES &amp; REECE AS A PREFERRED SUPPLIERWe have gained excellent experience from working as a Preferred Supplierto many leading companies. We understand the expectation of us in thiscapacity is to deliver consistently and from working with the leading namesin the industry we have been able to gain a valuable understanding thatallows us to shape ourselves to meet all our clients needs.</p><p>On being appointed Preferred Supplier we make sure we set up theaccount correctly from the start. All consultants are briefed on the servicelevel agreement in place and we build an internal recruitment file for theaccount so that every single bit of activity is recorded.</p><p>We will appoint a dedicated Account Manager to personally coordinate allactivity, manage the flow of information and produce any necessary reportson activity, performance and financials. </p><p>As Preferred Supplier we:</p><p> actively carry out proactive searched for key skills will put a professional team in place manage and maintain consistent service levels manage cost, compliance and efficiency produce cost and performance reports bulk invoice/group invoice once per month (if preferred) save our clients time and money improve communication between HR and project teams. </p><p>As a fail-safe the Account Manager/Director will audit the account monthly tospot check compliance and performance against the service level agreementand to make sure the account is getting the very best service possible fromour recruitment consultants through to our accounts department.</p></li><li><p>The old saying ofquality overquantityencapsulates the kindof service provided byFawkes &amp; Reece.</p><p>RESOURCES FOR OUR CLIENTSAt Fawkes &amp; Reece we have access to an extensive database of well over500,000 potential candidates. This positions us perfectly to have suitablecandidates ready for work. Since 2001 we have so far invested over1million in our database so that we can offer a wide spectrum ofcandidates for any position we cover from site based trades &amp; labourthrough to senior project management, commercial roles and all technicaldisciplines (up to and including director and board level).</p><p>From a marketing and advertising perspective we position ourselves in themarket so that we can continue to attract the very latest job seekers.</p><p>For both permanent and short/long term contract positions we can offerexceptional candidates with proven and stable track records.</p><p>All candidates that work through Fawkes &amp; Reece as a Contract/Freelanceworker are rigorously checked to ensure they are compliant. </p><p>This includes:</p><p> right to work in the UK minimum of two satisfactory references (most recent employers) verified copies of identification (passport or driving licence) CRB check (if applicable) copies of essential qualifications and certificates.</p><p>Our Database</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>The only way to achieve successful completion will be to havethe right personnel on board the moment you need them.</p><p>Fawkes &amp; Reece have extensive experience of delivering a successfulSearch &amp; Selection service to ensure the ideal match is made by theessential deadline.</p><p>As one of the industrys most successful Search &amp; Selection consultancieswe are able to structure a proactive recruitment programme whereby wework back from the essential deadline to ensure all hurdles are consideredand planned for upfront. We will discuss timeframes and the steps ourclient needs to take so that all parties work closely and the recruitmentprogramme doesnt overrun.</p><p>Fawkes &amp; Reece Search &amp; Selection involves proactive approaches - thesecan be head hunting, networking or referral gaining, which sees us build atarget list of suitable, potential applicants.</p><p>Once a suitable target list is required, we then carry out initial approachesby phone and face-to-face for exploratory meetings to sell the vacancy weare instructed on and qualify the suitability of the person in question.</p><p>At all times we protect the identity of our client until an applicantdemonstrates a keen interest in the outlined opportunity we are presentingthem with.</p><p>As part of our company policy and best practice standards we will nevercarry out cold-call head-hunting or proactive candidate generation from anycompany we deem to be a preferred client or work with as part of theirpreferred supplier chain.</p><p>Our proactive and professional Search &amp; Selection service builds anetwork of relationships with potential applicants and by doing so offers usthe ideal platform to discuss career opportunities.</p><p>Search &amp;Selection Service</p><p>7</p><p>Inclusive ServiceTo PSL Clients at</p><p>No Extra Cost</p></li><li><p>I have been building teams for many years and have been involved with manyrecruitment organisations. This is the first time that I have used Fawkes &amp; Reeceand I have found them to be very professional in their approach. In particular, Ihave found Fawkes &amp; Reece to be good listeners and have therefore understoodour detailed requirements which are unique to the Aviation Sector. This in turn hasmeant that they have pre-selected candidates against our requirements and thatwe have only had to review relevant candidates. I would be happy to use Fawkes &amp;Reece again and also to recommend them to a friend.</p><p>Subash F J TavaresProgramme Director, VINCI Construction UK Limited - Air Division</p><p>I have had the pleasure to work with Fawkes &amp; Reece over the last 6 - 9 monthsas they have been assisting with recruitment for Engineers required on our currentcontract. I can only say that they have achieved all the goals set and delivered, aspromised, good candidates for the roles required. More importantly they haveenhanced their role to deliver a personal service with ownership and dedicationwhich is a pleasant change in the current industry. I would recommend Fawkes &amp;Reece to anybody I know who is looking for a dedicated tip top service withpersonal ownership to deliver all deadlines with updates and dedication all the way.I will be keeping in contact with Fawkes &amp; Reece in the future as its rare to findthis level of commitment.</p><p>Darren BryantonHead of Operations - Vinci/O2</p><p>Fawkes &amp; Reece were a breath of fresh air for us as they were the only recruiterwho took the time to personally meet with us and discuss face-to-face ourrecruitment needs. We were under tight timescales and Fawkes &amp; Reece were ableto provide us with suitable candidates immediately available for interview and thestandard of the proposed candidate was extremely high. I will have no hesitation inusing Fawkes &amp; Reece again for any future recruitment.</p><p>Alex HydesOperations Manager - Vinci</p><p>Key ClientTestimonials</p><p>8</p><p>fawkes &amp; Reeceto be goodlisteners andhave therebyunderstood ourdetailedrequirementswhich areunique to theAviation Sector.</p></li><li><p>A CompetitiveFee Structure</p><p>9</p><p>STANDARD TERMS OF BUSINESS FOR THE INTRODUCTIONOF PERMANENT STAFF</p><p>FeesSalary FeeUp to 45,000 17.5% of the Remuneration45,001 - 55,000 20% of the Remuneration55,001 - 65,000 22% of the Remuneration65,001 - 75,000 25% of the Remuneration75,001 + 30% of the Remuneration</p><p>Remuneration includes basic salary and all benefits.</p><p>Payment Terms14 days</p><p>Rebate period1-4 weeks = 100% rebate5-6 weeks = 50% rebate7-8 weeks = 25% rebate</p><p>FREELANCE &amp; INTERIM MANAGEMENTCompetitive fee structure for all positions. Charge hourly or daily rates.</p></li><li><p>For an initial conversation to find out more about us or to seehow the Fawkes &amp; Reece team may be able to assist you withyour recruitment needs please contact us.</p><p>OFFICE LOCATION:The Courtyard Building, 11 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3LT</p><p>Phone Us: 020 7288 0166 | Fax Us: 020 7426</p><p>CONTACT DETAILS</p><p>Get in Touch</p><p>I have always foundthe level of service</p><p>provided to beexemplary.</p><p>10</p><p>moorgateliverpool street</p><p>SHOR</p><p>EDIT</p><p>CH H</p><p>IGH </p><p>ST</p><p>BISH</p><p>OPSG</p><p>ATE</p><p>GREAT EASTERN ST</p><p>CURT</p><p>AIN </p><p>RD</p><p>APOL</p><p>LO ST</p><p>CURT</p><p>AIN </p><p>RD</p><p>OLD STREET</p><p>CITY ROAD</p><p>LEONARD ST</p><p>RIVINGTON ST</p><p>BATEMAN'S ST</p><p>WORSHIP STTAB</p><p>ERNA</p><p>CLE </p><p>ST</p><p>MOO</p><p>RGAT</p><p>E</p><p>old street</p><p>FAW132251 FIN_01FAW132251 FIN_02FAW132251 FIN_03FAW132251 FIN_04FAW132251 FIN_05FAW132251 FIN_06FAW132251 FIN_07FAW132251 FIN_08FAW132251 FIN_09FAW132251 FIN_10FAW132251 FIN_11</p></li></ul>