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No I’m not talking about the feedback loops that you might hear over a bad PA system. I’m talking about building into your architecture the feedback gathering that will give you valuable insights into how your users are using your application, the perceived performance of your application, how the quality of your application is trending over time, how effective your development process is, and allow you to fix bugs before your users report problems. This knowledge will empower the team to make fact-based decisions based on data, rather than only being able to use the team’s intuition.This presentation will cover: the theory behind why feedback is important, the ways you can progressively build feedback into your architecture, and detail some real world examples.


  • 1. Building Feedback Loopsinto your Architecture

2. Zach Nies 3. Replace guessingwith feedback 4. Where are youguessing? 5. Feedback createsbetter decisions 6. Feedback loops 7. Built to learn 8. Learn through reflection 9. Inspect & AdaptDirect AdaptExperience Inspect 10. Team Retrospectives What S What hasWhatHYPOTHESE HELPED HIND hascould weEREDus?!us?! draw abouthow we move forward?! 11. PDCA Cycle Adjust PlanCheckDo 12. A3 Process 13. Development Process 14. Iterative Feedback 15. DevelopmentCycle 16. Build feedback 17. Build Trends 18. Code qualityfeedback 19. Stop the line 20. Performance 21. Server and client 22. Server side 23. Client side 24. Exceptions 25. Building in feedback 26. Data collection 27. Data sourcesrequest-idrequest-id 28. Data analysis 29. Reporting feedback Specific Measurable Actionable Relevant Timely 30. Real-time feedback 31. Feedback replaces guessing 32. What is the biggest guess youre making? 33. Replace that guess with data 34.