feedback loops in agile development

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Feedback Loops in Agile Development


  • 1. Feedback Loops in Agile DevelopmentBehrouzBakhtiariTabriz Software OpenTalks

2. N DecadesAgoTabriz Software OpenTalks 3. NowTabriz Software OpenTalks 4. UncertaintyTabriz Software OpenTalks 5. FeedbackTabriz Software OpenTalks 6. Agile is all about feedback loops.Tabriz Software OpenTalks 7. Empirical process controlTransparencyInspectionAdaptationScrum+Tabriz Software OpenTalks 8. ScrumTabriz Software OpenTalks 9. ScrumTabriz Software OpenTalks 10. In order to achieve high quality, namely to achieve what the customer needs,very short feedback loops are used to show the development to the customercontinuously. Thus, an incorrect development can be stopped very quickly.Feedback does not only come from the customer, but also from the tests.Values of XP : FeedbackTabriz Software OpenTalks 11. Rapid Feedback:Feedback on all activities should be sought as quickly aspossible, resulting in good learning effects.Principles of XPTabriz Software OpenTalks 12. Principles of XPAssume Simplicity:Simple solutions are easier to understand and feedbackcan be obtained faster.Tabriz Software OpenTalks 13. Short Releases:New deliveries should be made at short intervals.Consequently, customers receive the required functions quicker andcan therefore give feedback on the development quicker.Practices of XPTabriz Software OpenTalks 14. LeanTabriz Software OpenTalks 15. Change somethingFind out how it wentLearn from itChange something againTabriz Software OpenTalks 16. Tabriz Software OpenTalksPair ProgramingUnit TestContinuous IntegrationDaily ScrumSprintFeedback Loops 17. Tabriz Software OpenTalksTheimportantthingisnotyourprocess.Theimportantthingisyourprocessforimprovingyourprocess. 18. Tabriz Software OpenTalksDo you have feedback for me?