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everything you need to know about building your own PC


Build Your Own Computer!

Build Your Own Computer!What you need to know.

Hard Drives

Back to Hardware MenuIDE or SATA?Refurbished?How large do I need?80 gbSurfing/Word160 gbPhotos250 gbMusic files500 gb-1 tbMoviesHow MANY do I need?Redundancy is key!Internal or external?RAID solutionsComputer Case

Back to Hardware MenuMake sure your case fits your motherboard!ATX, 12 x 9.6Mini-ATX, 11.2 x 8.2Micro-ATX, 9.6 x 9.6Does it come with a power supply?How much power? many molex and how many SATA connectors does the power supply have?Does it come with case fans?What size?Inflow and outflow!

Molex PowerSATA Power

MotherboardBack to Hardware MenuWhat form factor?ATX?Mini-ATX?Micro-ATX?What socket size?Intel?1366 i7775AMD?AM2AM3Maximum RAM?SATA & IDE?Expansion slots?PCIPCIEAGPOnboard Video?CPU/HEATSINK

Back to Hardware MenuIntel or AMD processor?How many gigahertz?Dual Core or Quad Core?Heatsink included, or purchase separately?Do you want to overclock?RAM/Memory

Back to Hardware MenuHow many slots in the motherboard?Whats the maximum per slot?How much do you really need???DDR2 or DDR3?Optical Drives

Back to Hardware MenuDVD-RWReads and writes CDs and DVDs$25SATA or IDE?Blu-ray burner$180SATAHardware youll needWhere to buy?http://www.newegg.comhttp://www.geeks.comhttp://www.tigerdirect.com

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