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Build Your Own PC. Arianto Gunawan CS 147 Fall 2004. Main Components. CPU (Intel and AMD) Hard Drive (IDE and SCSI) Motherboard Memory Power Supply Video Card. Other components. Computer case Monitor CD or DVD drive Floppy drive Speakers. Auxiliary Components. Sound card Printer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Build Your Own PC

    Arianto GunawanCS 147Fall 2004

  • Main ComponentsCPU (Intel and AMD)Hard Drive (IDE and SCSI)MotherboardMemoryPower SupplyVideo Card

  • Other componentsComputer caseMonitorCD or DVD driveFloppy driveSpeakers

  • Auxiliary ComponentsSound cardPrinterWeb camSurround speakersUSB Flash drive

  • First Step: Choosing the CPUIntel or AMD?AMD is more cost effectiveAMD takes less power consumptionOlder AMD models are more sensitive to heatIntel processors are generally better for multitasking

  • Business/General Use Performance, Intel vs. AMD

  • 2nd Step: Choosing MotherboardEach CPU has its own socketAMD Athlon XP = Socket AAMD Athlon 64 = Socket 754, 940, or 939AMD Sempron = Socket 754Intel Pentium 4 = Socket 775 or 478Intel Celeron = Socket 775 or 478Be sure to get a motherboard that supports your CPUs socket

  • Choosing a Motherboard (contd)Determine how much memory you are going to buy, motherboards can support memory ranging from 2GB to 4GBDetermine the type of your Video card, some video cards requires PCI/PCI express slot. But generally, most video cards requires an AGP slot.

  • 3rd Step: Adding MemoryAfter choosing a motherboard, consult your motherboards manual to find out which memory type is supportedGood memory brands: Mushkin, Corsair, SamsungValue memory brand: Kingston

  • 4th Step: Choosing a Video CardDepends on what type of computer you want to buildFor general purpose computer, a GeForce MX card should be sufficient.For multimedia and gaming, a GeForce 6600 or ATi X700 should be enoughFor extreme 3D gaming, a GeForce 6800 or ATi X800 is recommended

  • Video Card Power Consumption

  • Video Card Benchmark

  • Hard DriveIDE or SCSI?IDE is a lot cheaperSCSI is fasterIDE drives generally has more storageUnless you need speed, go with IDE

  • MonitorCRT or LCD?CRT is less expensiveCRT generally has higher refresh rateLCD takes up less spaceLCD produces less heatLCD requires less powerIn the long run, LCD is more cost effective

  • Power SupplyIn general buying a 350W power supply is enough for most computersBut if you plan to build a multimedia computer, get a power supply with higher power rating, preferably 400+W

  • CPU Power Consumption

  • Average Power Consumptions

  • Where to Buy?Research firstFigure out the system you want to buywww.tomshardware.comwww.xbitlabs.comwww.anandtech.comShop