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BTEC Creative Media Production. UNIT: 2 TASK 2. Learning Intentions To understand the principles of presentations To know how to make an effective presentation To know how to address an audience effectively. You have to pitch your ideas to the CEO of Synergy Entertainment. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


BTEC Creative Media Production

BTEC Creative Media ProductionUNIT: 2 TASK 21UNIT 2: TASK 2 TEACHERS POWERPOINTLearning Intentions

To understand the principles of presentationsTo know how to make an effective presentationTo know how to address an audience effectivelyYOUR TASKYou have to pitch your ideas to the CEO of Synergy Entertainment.

You need to create a presentation and in groups deliver this making sure you all take part in making and delivering.

You also have to make sure you address the audience professionally to gain higher marks. SLIDE DESIGN

PowerPoint have default slide designs built in. You can change the colours and text by using the menu on the left. You should make sure your design matches the style and feel of the presentation and should be consistent in colour and be easy to see. Slide design examplesSlide design examplesSlide design examplesTRANSITIONSPowerPoint has default transitions. To get a good grade you should not mix the transitions up. You should have a consistent feel and not distract the audience from the content.

Transition examplesTransition examplesTransition examplesVISUAL AIDSVisual Aids can really help break up the presentation and make it less boring. You can refer to visual aids to try get what you are taking about easier to the audience. Below is some examples of visual aids.

GraphsPicturesVideoPrinted materialIt is useful for the audience to have some written material to read while they follow your presentation. You can print your presentation out like a booklet so the audience who cant see can follow it and even take it home to study further. You can also write a treatment for your idea which is the story like you would see on the back of a DVD cover. To give the audience more of an insight into your idea.

See examples provided buy your teacherStructureThe structure of your presentation is very important. This is what you should be aware of.

Title slide/introduction slide2nd slide should be a contents page of what your presentation coversSlide 3 ideaSlide 4 Who is the target audienceSlide 5 What you will need to make itSlide 6 conclusionSlide 7 Any questionsCopy write IssuesMake sure your ideas that your are presenting are your own. Avoid mimicking too closely to anything else that already exists.

Make sure you if you are using pictures or music that they are royalty free or you have permission to use them. ASSESSMENTP2,M2,D3

Clarity of Voice, style and RegisterThis is the way in which you pitch your voice in order to be heard.Speak clearly and confidently. If others cant hear you, you will have to repeat yourself, which could make you seem unsure of yourself.Dont speak too loudly. If you sound like you are shouting, people may think you are being bossy or even aggressive.If you are too forceful, you may irritate people or make them switch off

Clarity of expressionThink about what you are going to say and make sure you are prepared.Dont say um or er. Get to the point!Avoid repetition of words or phrases such as Do you know what I mean? or you will sound as though you havent thought about your argument.

Technical LanguageLearn to use the correct terms for production work, especially for processes and equipment.You should be able to use technical terms comfortably and in the right context.

Maintaining engagementProject your voiceSpeak slowly and clearlySpeak directly to the audienceMaintain eye contactBe calm and professional



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