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<ul><li><p> ISSUE 38 MAY / JUNE 2013</p><p>GET THE SURVIVAL </p><p>PACK</p><p> ON THESE GAMESCOMING SOON!</p><p>PRE-ORDER &amp; SAVE</p><p>RELEASE SCHEDULE PG 3</p><p>WWW.BTGAMES.CO.ZA</p><p>WIN R10000!SIGN UP TODAY</p><p>YOU COULD WIN!PG 14</p><p>FREE NAGMAGAZINE</p><p>ORDER ONLINE TODAY FOR </p><p>YOURSTM</p><p>30% TRADE BONUSPLAY. RECYCLE. SAVE!</p><p>Trade in your old games towards these exciting pre-order titles and get an </p><p>extra 30% value on your trade.</p><p>ONLY IN SOUTH AFRICA</p></li><li><p>LIKE US...(BT Games)</p><p>FOLLOW US...(BTGamesStores)</p><p>TERMS &amp; CONDITIONS</p><p>GAUTENG:Atterbury Value Mart (VALUEMART) (012) 991 3401Brooklyn Mall (012) 346 0507Centurion Mall (EXPERIENCE STORE) (012) 663 2974Cresta Shopping Centre (011) 476 4566Clearwater Mall (011) 679 1564East Rand Mall (EXPERIENCE STORE) (011) 826 2760Eastgate Shopping Centre (011) 622 2417Fourways Mall (011) 467 7780Greenstone Mall (011) 452 0578Kolonnade Centre (012) 548-7583Mall @ Carnival (011) 915 7594Morningside Shopping Centre (011) 783 6821Menlyn Park Shopping Centre (012) 348 2025Nicolway Bryanston (011) 463 3571 Northgate Shopping Centre (011) 794 4450President Square (VALUEMART) (011) 660 3081The Glen Shopping Centre (011) 435 8411Westgate Shopping Centre (011) 768 8465Vaal Mall (016) 931 3657Woodlands Boulevard (012) 997 2862</p><p>NORTH WEST:Waterfall Mall (Rustenburg) (014) 537 3433Mooi Rivier Mall (Potchefstroom) (018) 293 3538</p><p>MPUMALANGA:Middelburg Mall (013) 244 3161Highveld Mall (Witbank) (013) 692 5769Ilanga Mall (Nelspruit) (013) 742 2192</p><p>KWAZULU-NATAL:Boardwalk Inkwazi Mall (035) 789 7923 Pavilion Shopping Centre (031) 265 5838Gateway Shopping Centre (031) 566 4391Springfield Value Mart (VALUEMART) (031) 263 0114La Lucia Mall (031) 572 5204Shelly Centre (039) 315 1269</p><p>FREE STATE:Mimosa Mall (Bloemfontein) (051) 444 6347</p><p>EASTERN CAPE:Greenacres Shopping Centre (041) 363 0647Walmer Park Shopping Centre (041) 368 2804Vincent Park (043) 721 3332</p><p>WESTERN CAPE:Kenilworth (021) 671 2567N1 City (021) 595 3529Cavendish Connect (021) 674 5326Cape Gate Shopping Precinct (021) 982 6789Somerset Mall (021) 851 0368Canal Walk (021) 555 4279Garden Route Mall (044) 887 0327Paarl Mall (021) 863 1793Blue Route Mall (EXPERIENCE STORE) (021) 712 6025V&amp;A Waterfront (021) 418 1359Tygervalley (EXPERIENCE STORE) (021) 914 0104</p><p>NORTHERN CAPE:Diamond Pavilion (Kimberley) (053) 832 1038</p><p>LIMPOPO:Mall of the North (Polokwane) (015) 265 1046</p><p>Indicates an internet connection &amp; data is required to access and use advertised content. Third-party account creation may be necessary and additional digital content may be distributed via SMS &amp;/or e-mail (secondly).</p><p>UNLIMITED GAMING RENTALSR99 GETS YOU SIGNED UP!</p><p>PAY JUST R300 FOR 10 GAMES OF YOUR CHOICE!</p><p>Visit us in store and sign up. Pay your once off R99 start up fee and then create your wish list. Rent each game from your wish </p><p>list as you choose, one at a time, over a period of 6 months. Return your last game before the contract expires and thereafter, simply start your contract all over again...</p><p>Rental offer only applicable to certain titles, age restrictions apply. Sign-up is subject to a credit check. Terms and conditions apply.</p><p>PC games not applicable. Must be 18 or older, ID book required. Pre-played is registered trademark, standard terms &amp; conditions apply.</p><p>PRE-PLAYEDBring us your old games and </p><p>well trade them for the game you want! Trade in your old games &amp; get credit towards </p><p>your next purchase.</p><p>48 STORES NATIONWIDE</p><p>CALL 0861 4 GAMES</p><p>All standard terms and conditions of BT Games and suppliers of products advertised herein apply. All offers expire 30th June 2013 unless otherwise stipulated and while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities of promotional </p><p>items per customer. Prices correct at time of going to press. Website pricing may differ from in-store pricing, and vouchers may not be able to be redeemed on website purchases. Whilst BT Games takes utmost care to ensure that all advertising is correct, if any mistakes occur or incomplete information is advertised, BT Games undertakes to display a notice in-store and online with correct information. Pack shot images may vary. Stock availability may vary per store. Auto-upgrades and DLC offers are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis provided pre-ordered items are collected within 7 days of release. Pre-order incentives may be determined by publishers, are limited and may be substituted and/or changed at any time. Collectors editions and other premium versions of games require a R100 deposit within 7 days to secure an order. BT Games cannot be held liable for certain games that require internet downloads and updates before playing. NAG magazines are only given with online purchases, one per customer, NO DVD included, are limited and not guaranteed. All release dates indicated are merely a guide and are subject to change at any time without notice due to circumstances beyond our control. BT Games will inform customers of any changes via email or sms. No dealers. BT Games Advantage card benefits are not applicable to any promotional offers. E&amp;OE. All trademarks and logos used are the property of their respective owners.</p><p>Instores3 May!</p><p>GET YOUR COPY FREE!PURCHASE ONLINE FOR DELIVERY &amp; RECEIVE YOUR FREE COPY OF NAG MAGAZINE WITH YOUR SHIPMENT!Stocks are limited. Ts &amp; Cs apply. No DVD included.</p><p>GET A QUOTE ON THE REPAIR OF YOUR PS3, XBOX 360, WII OR PS2. CALL </p><p>0861-4-GAMES</p></li><li><p>LIKE US...(BT Games)</p><p>FOLLOW US...(BTGamesStores)</p><p>PS3XBOX 360 PSV NDS 3DSPC PSPWii Wii UPS2</p><p>(exp): Expansion Pack. Initial title from series required.</p><p>*</p><p>FORTHCOMING RELEASES: MAY &amp; JUNE THE TOP GAMES TO</p><p>Ten Guilds, One Destination!</p><p>Number of Cards: 156 Guilds in Dragons Maze: All ten</p><p>A massive puzzle spans the city-world of Ravnica, and all ten guilds race to be the first to crack the mystery. Rumours abound that whoever navigates the maze of clues could command world-shaking power. </p><p>Will your guild take the prize?</p><p>Coming in June:</p><p>SAVE R20!Intro PackNOW JUST R179.90 ea</p><p>Epic CollectionR469.90 ea</p><p>15 card booster packs</p><p>R47.90 ea</p><p>Instores3 May!</p><p>Remember Me</p><p>WEEK ONE</p><p>WEEK TWOThe Last of UsAnimal Crossing New Leaf</p><p>WEEK FOURCompany of Heroes 2The Sims 3: Island Paradise (Exp)The Jak &amp; Daxter TrilogyLego Legends of Chima: Laval`s JourneyMortal Kombat 9</p><p>Heroes of Might &amp; Magic: Shades of DarknessMetro: Last Light</p><p>WEEK THREE</p><p>WEEK FOUR</p><p>Fast &amp; FuriousWonderbook: Diggs NightcrawlerF.U.S.EGrid 2Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to InfinityDonkey Kong Country Returns</p><p>Resident Evil Revelations</p><p>MAY</p><p>JUNE</p><p>PERFECTfor a</p><p>beginner</p><p>PRE-ORDER</p><p>Booster BoxR1699.90 ea</p><p>Event DeckR329.90 ea</p><p>Booster PackR52.90 ea</p><p>Fat PackR499.90 ea</p></li><li><p>Naughty Dog are no strangers to developing high-end games originally the Crash Bandicoot series and, in more recent years, the multi award-winning Uncharted series. Proving that theyve got platformers and action games under their collective belts, the studio is now looking to take on the action-adventure/horror genre with The Last of Us.Taking place some years in the future, The Last of Us sees players take on the role of Joel, a black market dealer who runs weapons and drugs into the quarantined zones of a USA thats been ravaged by a killer fungus. This fungus doesnt just kill those it infects, however it raises them from death and causes them to behave in a manner all gamers will recognise as zombie-like. Cool, we know this genre, but Naughty Dog aims to take it to the next level with cutting-edge enemy AI, a brutal and dynamic combat system, and a strong focus on scavenging to survive.Joining Joel will be the young lady Ellie who is AI controlled and will help Joel in puzzle solving, level traversal and occasionally combat. The player </p><p>Release Date: 14th June 2013Publisher: SonyGenre: ActionPlatforms: PS3</p><p>4 GET YOUR 30% TRADE BONUS!now... save more!PRE-PLAYED Trade in your old games for the game you want! Get in store credit towards your next purchase.</p><p>will have to use their wits to get through the massive game world that spans multiple cities across The States, and dealing with enemies isnt simply a matter of pointing a gun and shooting. Weapons and ammo are a rarity in the wastelands, and players will need to make use of the crafting system to upgrade weapons and build makeshift ones to turn the favour of battle.The enemies that youll face in your travels are numerous and varied. As youd expect, the infected are the biggest threat, and come in an assortment of types including the blind Clickers, who can only detect you through sound, and the furious Runners, who have the tendency to charge first and ask questions never. Joel and Ellie will also have to deal with those human survivors who have turned a little crazy in this taxing world, and will challenge the player with their dynamic AI that adjusts enemy bravado (and with it, their likelihood of attacking or retreating) based on events as they happen.</p><p>GET THE DIGITAL SURVIVAL KITSpecial customisable items for your multiplayer character. In-game currency to buy boosters, customisable parts &amp; other items for multi-player characters. Get bonus experience points, a powerful melee attack booster and two bonus skins for Joel &amp; Ellie. Ts &amp; Cs apply.</p><p>PRE-ORDER</p><p>The Last of Us 2012 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Created and developed by Naughty Dog, Inc. The Last of Us is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. All rights reserved.</p></li><li><p>Release Date: 31st May 2013Publisher: Codemasters </p><p>Genre: RacingPlatforms: PC, PS3 &amp; Xbox 360</p><p>5GET YOUR 30% TRADE BONUS!now... save more!</p><p>Simply bring your old games in store, well take care of the rest! Ts &amp; Cs apply.</p><p>Obviously this was an enormously helpful game mechanic and one that could often mean the difference between coming first or dead last. The </p><p>rewind mechanic will make a return in Grid 2, which means the petrol head perfectionists will be able to shave off those valuable seconds in </p><p>pursuit of perfect lap times.The game will include multiple tracks from three different parts of the </p><p>world: Asia, North America and Europe. While Grid 2 wont boast the largest collection of digital cars in a racing game to date, the developers </p><p>have picked an eclectic mix designed to showcase the best that each vehicle class has to offer. Whats more, their choice of cars will include </p><p>vehicles from the last fourty years, including classics like the BMW E30 M3 to the more contemporary and outlandish Pagani Huayra.</p><p>Grid 2 will feature three game modes: Street Racing, Road Racing and Track Racing. An entirely separate multiplayer mode is also being </p><p>developed to make use of Codemasters Racenet online service.</p><p>Back in 2008, Codemasters released Race Driver: Grid it was part of the TOCA Touring Car series. It went on to win multiple Racing Game of the Year awards, as well as a BAFTA award in the Sports Game category for 2009. Needless to say, the game was a success, so its surprising that a </p><p>follow-up title has taken this long to get to us.Grid 2 is the sequel that fans have been clamouring for. Featuring an </p><p>updated EGO 3.0 engine, the game boasts improved visuals and a higher fidelity when it comes to crash physics and car damage. Built </p><p>to be an arcade racer at heart, Grid 2 has been programmed with the all new TrueFeel Handling system designed to give the cars a realistic, </p><p>simulation-type feel in terms of handling, but without sacrificing the accessible qualities of an arcade racer. TrueFeel, according to </p><p>Codemasters, will hit that sweet spot between a hardcore racing simulator and a fast-paced arcade racer.</p><p>The original Grid introduced the Flashback Rewind mechanic, which allowed players to rewind any mistake with just a press of a button. </p><p>PRE-ORDERGET TWO ADDITIONAL PACKS!EURO SPORT PACK &amp; HEADSTART PACKIncludes additional cars, upgrades, circuits and more! Ts &amp; Cs apply. </p><p>The Last of Us 2012 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Created and developed by Naughty Dog, Inc. The Last of Us is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. All rights reserved.</p></li><li><p>PRE-ORDERGET TWO ADDITIONAL PACKS! </p><p>FREEDOM FIGHTER PACK + PUNISHER PACK!</p><p>Get 5 unique multiplayer characters, 3 unique weapons and two Rig upgrades. Ts &amp; Cs apply.</p><p>Release Date: August 2013Publisher: Capcom </p><p>Genre: ShooterPlatforms: PC , PS3 &amp; Xbox 360</p><p>The Lost Planet series has had a bit of a mixed past. The first game introduced players to the icy and dangerous planet known as EDN III during the height of a war between mankind and the native Akrid. The second game continued that story but lost focus, turning the series into a squad-based shooter that suffered from myriad technical and gameplay issues. Lost Planet 3 is set to turn back the clock right the way back to the beginning of the story and refocuses the gameplay to that of a more traditional shooter.In Lost Planet 3, players will take on the role of Joe, an ordinary guy whos come to EDN III to lend his construction skills to the colonisation effort. This is a prequel to the first Lost Planet, which means the war between man and Akrid has barely begun and the planet is still frozen over. The colonists who are already stationed on the planet arent soldiers, theyre engineers, and Joe will have to make use of the basic weaponry and his 30-foot tall robotic Rig to deal with the menace and keep the colonisation </p><p>6 UNLIMITED GAMING RENTALS R99 GETS YOU SIGNED UP - PAY JUST R300 FOR 10 GAMES OF YOUR CHOICE!</p><p>efforts alive. Rigs are the predecessors of the previous games Vital Suits and, while less equipped for combat, have a much stronger presence in Lost Planet 3 thanks to their hulking size and new first-person perspective that should give any fans of the MechWarrior series a dose of nostalgia.For the first time in the series, Lost Planet 3 will feature a strong focus on storytelling and characterisation. Joe isnt a meathead grunt with more ammunition than brain cells, but he knows his way around weapons and isnt afraid to deal with the Akrid with force. But there will be a fair bit of non-combat gameplay, too. When back at the base camp, Joe can freely walk around, chatting to other colonists and learning more about the game world. He can also take on optional side-quests for extra rewards like alternate ammo types, weapon upgrades and T-energy the driving force behind operations on EDN III and a functioning currency for weapon purchases and upgrades.</p></li><li><p>Release Date: 7th June 2013Publisher: Capcom</p><p>Genre: Action/AdventurePlatforms: PC , PS3 &amp; Xbox 360</p><p>PRE-ORDERNEO-PARIS &amp; NILIN </p><p>IN-GAME PACKS!Get unique in-game moves: Pressen </p><p>move, the exclusive Dragon Punch move &amp; the Flash Kick. Also get a PSN avatar or Xbox 360 gamer pics +PLUS+ a PS3 theme </p><p>or Xbox 360 dashboard wallpaper.</p><p>GET EVEN MORE...Get a free t-shirt when </p><p>you collect your pre-order!Sizes are not guaranteed, </p><p>limited stock. Ts &amp; Cs apply.</p><p>R99 GETS YOU SIGNED UP - PAY JUST R300 FOR 10 GAMES OF YOUR CHOICE! Ts &amp; Cs apply.7</p><p>will form one of the games main gameplay mechanics,...</p></li></ul>