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Monthly Magazine featuring upcomign titles, sales and cosnoel specials.


<ul><li><p> MarcusPhoenixReturns MoreRugbyfortheFans TradingCards-PokemonvsMagic SnakeHDCollection TheBestofthePre-orders</p><p>IN THIS ISSUEISSUE 24 SEPTEMBER 2011 SOUTH AFRICA ONLY</p><p> BTGamesServices ForthcomingReleases GreatGameGreatPrice ConsoleBundles</p><p>REGUL ARS</p></li><li><p>Standard Terms &amp; Conditions Apply. All offers expire 30 September 2011 unless otherwise stipulated and while stocks last. Pack shot images may vary from actual product. Stock may vary per store - call 0861 4 GAMES for more info. Auto-upgrades and DLC offers are allocated on a first come first serve basis, on condition that pre-orders are collected within one week of release. All release dates indicated herein are merely a guide as to the expected date of release. These dates may change due to circumstances beyond our control and BT Games will inform all pre-order customers of any changes via email or SMS. E&amp;OE. All Trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners.</p><p>FORTHCOMINGRELEASES</p><p>Week 1</p><p>Madden NFL 12 XBOX 360, PS3</p><p>The Sims Medieval: Pirates And Nobles PC, XBOX 360 </p><p>Driver San Francisco PC, XBOX 360, PS3, WII</p><p>Driver 3DS</p><p>Bodycount XBOX 360, PS3</p><p>Mtg Duel DeCkS StRAtegY CARD gAMe</p><p>Week 2</p><p>NHL 12 XBOX 360, PS3</p><p> W40k Space Marine PC, XBOX, PS3</p><p> Resistance 3 PS3</p><p> Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus Collection PS3</p><p>Might And Magic: Heroes 6 PC </p><p>Dead Island PC, XBOX, PS3</p><p>Week 3</p><p>Child Of Eden (Move) PS3</p><p>Kinect Gunstringer XBOX 360 </p><p>Gears Of War 3 XBOX 360 </p><p>Week 4</p><p>Formula 1 2011 PC, XBOX 360, PS3, 3DS</p><p>Dungeons The Dark Lord PC </p><p>Boulders Dash PC </p><p>Rugby Challenge PC, XBOX, PS3</p><p>Week 5</p><p>Fifa 12 PC, XBOX 360, PS3, PS2, PSP WII, 3DS X-Men: Destiny PC, XBOX, PS3, WII, NDS</p><p>Zoo Mania 3DS</p><p>DAte uNCONFIRMeD</p><p>Tropico 4 PC, XBOX 360 </p><p>Patrician IV - Gold Edition PC, XBOX 360 </p><p>Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS3</p><p>The Cursed Crusade PC, XBOX, PS3</p><p></p><p>38 Stores Nationwide</p><p>GAUTENG (JHB):Northgate Shopping Centre (011) 794 4450Cresta Shopping Centre (011) 476 4566Clearwater Mall (011) 679 1564Fourways Mall (011) 467 7780East Rand Mall (011) 826 2760Greenstone Mall (011) 452 0578Eastgate Shopping Centre (011) 622 2417The Glen Shopping Centre (011) 435 8411Morningside Shopping Centre (011) 783 6821Brooklyn Mall (012) 346 0507Centurion Mall (012) 663 2974Menlyn Park Shopping Centre (012) 348 2025Mall @ Carnival OPENING 22 OCT.Woodlands Boulevard (012) 997 2862</p><p>NORTH WEST:Waterfall Mall (Rustenburg) (014) 537 3433Mooi River Mall (Potchefstroom) (018) 293 3538</p><p>MPUMALANGA:Highveld Mall (Witbank) (013) 692 5769Ilanga Mall (Nelspruit) (013) 742 2192</p><p>KWAZULU-NATAL:Pavilion Shopping Centre (031) 265 5838Gateway Shopping Centre (031) 566 4391La Lucia Mall (031) 572 5204Boardwalk Inkwazi Mall (035) 789 7923</p><p>FREE STATE (BLOEMFONTEIN):Mimosa Mall (051) 444 6347</p><p>EASTERN CAPE:Greenacres Shopping Centre (041) 363 0647Walmer Park Shopping Centre (041) 368 2804Vincent Park (043) 721 3332</p><p>WESTERN CAPE:Tygervalley Shopping Centre (021) 914 0104Cavendish Connect (021) 674 5326CapeGate (021) 982 6789Somerset Mall (021) 851 0368Canal Walk (021) 555 4279Garden Route Mall (044) 887 0327V&amp;A Waterfront (021) 418 1359</p><p>NORTHERN CAPE:Diamond Pavilion (Kimberley) (053) 832 1038</p><p>LIMPOPO:Mall of the North (015) 265 1046</p><p>0861-4-games</p><p>VALUEMART</p><p>VALUEMARTS NOW OPEN</p><p>Springfield (031) 263 0114Atterbury (012) 991 3401President Square OPEN 16 SEPT</p></li><li><p>etA: 20 September 2011genre: ShooterPublisher: Microsoft</p><p>Gears of War 3 starts eighteen months after the fall of Jacinto (humanitys last remaining city) in the second title. The Gears now call a converted aircraft carrier (dubbed the Ravens Nest) their home, just off the island of Vectes. Vectes is also home to the Stranded, as well as other survivors of E-Day. The COG is no more and a terrifying new enemy has popped up in the form of the Lambent. See, the Imulsion that powered Seras once-great cities has infected certain members of the Locust horde, turning them into this frightening new enemy that threatens both Locust and humans alike. Gears 3 promises a story that will answer all those burning questions that we all have regarding the series. Its being written by Karen Traviss, author of three Gears novels who is currently working on another two. Though youll spend the majority of your time playing as the indomitable Mr Fenix, control will occasionally switch to other characters, letting you witness events from their perspective.</p><p>Four-player campaign co-op rears its beautiful head for the first time in the series. Expect to see new Locust enemies (like the Digger Boomer, Kantus Knight and the Siege Beast) to accompany all the terrifying new Lambent enemies, as well as the usual array of fresh, powerful weaponry (like the new Retro Lancer and the Digger Launcher) with which to shoot holes in things. Expect a few new friendly faces as well (first appearance of heavily armoured women FTW). Also - mechs!</p><p>On the multiplayer side of things, Horde 2.0 will enhance on the excellent cooperative Horde Mode from the previous title, promising to bring a lot more strategy into the mix by allowing players to place turrets, set up command posts, erect laser fences and more. The introduction of the occasional boss enemy (like Brumaks) in Horde 2.0 should make things infinitely more interesting. Meanwhile, Beast Mode flips Horde on its head, putting players in control of various Locust critters as they attempt to swarm COG members. Killing enemies allows you to upgrade to a stronger Locust class, letting you take control of everything from lowly Tickers to deadly Berserkers as you progress.</p><p>On the competitive multiplayer side of things, expect the usual fast, frenetic action in a variety of game modes, with dedicated servers promising to provide an unbiased and much-improved experience. Youll unlock a variety of interesting rewards the more you play, making an already (hopefully) satisfying competitive experience even meatier. Gears of War 3 is one of the years biggest games. Dont miss out.</p><p>COMINg tO XBOX 360</p><p>CHOOSE EITHER THE SAvAGE kANTUS OR THE SAvAGE GRENAdIER CHARACTER wHEN yOU pRE-ORdER yOUR COpy OF GEARS OF wAR 3</p><p>DLC will be distributed on a first pre-order first receive basis.</p><p>pRE-ORdER EXCLUSIvE! </p><p>XBOX vAULT ON pRE-ORdER</p><p>THE GEARS OF wAR 3 vAULT CONSISTS OF </p><p>ONE CHASSIS, BOdy pANELS ANd LOCkING </p><p>MECHANISMS. UNIqUE FEATURES: THE INFECTEd</p><p>OMEN LIGHTS Up IN 4 dIFFERENT MOdES TO GIvE</p><p> A </p><p>UNIqUE GEARS OF wAR CUSTOM ILLUMINATION</p><p>Xbox Vault is for the Xbox 360 new shap</p><p>e only. </p><p>Does not come with Gears of War 3 gam</p><p>e.</p><p>Savage Kantus: profoundly impacted by the loss of the Hollow. They have reverted to a primal, shamanistic state, and their battle cries have taken a dark, melancholy turn. </p><p>Savage Grenadiers: The Savage Elite add cunning to the mix, making them the undisputed warlords of the locust army.</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>IS YouR Game TIme </p><p> GeTTInG The axe?</p><p>T H E S E G aM e s O N L Y</p><p>IS YouR Game TIme </p><p> GeTTInG The axe?</p><p>SHARE THE LOVE... </p><p>ADDICTIVE PC </p><p>GAMES JUST </p><p>FOR HER!</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>An ancient and priceless piece of jewelry, the Moonstone, has been stolen, and it`s up to you to track it down! Investigate every person who was in the mansion at the time of the crime to solve the mystery and catch the crook, in this Hidden Object game! explore every room of the mansion to find valuable clues in Mystery Masterpiece the Moonstone, and return the jewel to its rightful owner.</p><p>Puzzle video games: A genre of video games that emphasize puzzle solving. the types of puzzles to be solved can test many problem solving skills including logic, strategy, pattern recognition, sequence solving, and word completion.R 99 </p><p>. 9 5</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>6</p></li><li><p>etA: 09 September 2011genre: StrategyPublisher: Ubisoft</p><p>The Heroes VI adventure starts 400 years before the events in Heroes V, showcasing a family of heroes in a thrilling, epic story where Angels plot to revive an unfinished war.</p><p>A legendary Archangel General, killed during the war of the Elder races, returns to life with a vengeance. Under the cover of preparations for an upcoming Demon invasion, he unites the peoples of Ashan to eradicate his ancient enemies.</p><p>MMH VI will be a prequel to Heroes V, taking place four hundred years before, and will drop about half of the previous games spells in favour of new, more innovative powers. The game will also drop the concept of the magic guild, instead allowing players to perform town updates through the chosen heros (only one this time) skill/ability wheel. Five factions will be present: Haven and Sanctuary are the good guys, Necropolis and Inferno are evil, and Stronghold will be a neutral faction.</p><p>The destiny of these Griffin heroes will be determined by the players. </p><p>COMINg tO PC ONlY</p><p>etA: 30 September 2011genre: ActionPublisher: Activision</p><p>That Destiny subtitle stands as more than just a cool word to accompany the beloved X-Men moniker. As a new recruit having freshly joined the ranks of either the X-Men or the Brotherhood of Mutants, your every choice will determine your characters destiny in a world divided by peoples fear of super-powered mutants.</p><p>The game takes place in San Francisco. Mutants and humans have been divided into separate areas due to incessant conflict between the groups. Beginning with a peace rally thats being held in memory of the deceased leader of the X-Men, Professor X, players choose between one of three unique mutants, each one specifically created for this new game. As events unfold, you decide who your allies are, who you call enemy, and what choices youll make throughout your journey, each one affecting the outcome.</p><p>Destiny boasts a story written by Mike Carey, acclaimed writer of the X-Men: Legacy comic book series. Player choice will supposedly play a pivotal role in the game, promising a rich, branching storyline. As you play, your character gains powers based on those of established members of the X-Men universe. Expect to come across many coveted characters from this iconic franchise.</p><p>COMINg tO XBOX 360 | PS3 | Wii | NDS</p><p>7</p></li><li><p>etA: 02 September 2011genre: Action/RacingPublisher: Ubisoft</p><p>The Driver series is back! The uneven streets of San Francisco make for the ultimate in high-speed thrills as we dive into a story that takes place a few months after the conclusion of Driv3r. Protagonist Tanner and his target Jericho both survived the shootout in Istanbul and when Jericho flees to San Fran, Tanner naturally sets off after him. In an unfortunate standoff with Jericho, Tanner ends up in a coma and thus begins the latest game in the series.</p><p>This is where things get weird. All of the action in this game takes place within Tanners comatose dreams. This allows for the awesomely strange Shift feature, a first for the series. It allows Tanner to Shift from car to car on the fly, allowing you to essentially take control of any vehicle you deem necessary. Its not unlimited: you replenish your Shift Meter by performing daring feats like power slides, driving into oncoming traffic and big jumps. With a massive chunk of San Francisco being faithfully recreated in the game (complete with landmarks like the Bay Bridge), the introduction of Shift should make for some intense car chases.</p><p>COMINg tO PC | XBOX 360 | PS3 </p><p>etA: 23 September 2011genre: RacingPublisher: Codemasters</p><p>With a new season of Formula One comes a new game dedicated to the season. F1 2011 will feature all twelve teams from the real deal as well as each teams two drivers. Split-screen multiplayer will make a welcome return so you can play with or against other players without the need for an Internet connection, but the game will also feature online multiplayer capabilities with support for up to 16 players. Additionally, 8 AI-controlled players can also be on the track at the same time to fully recreate the 24-vehicle races of real Formula 1. As well as simply winning the race, players in multiplayer will be given objectives, although were not yet sure what that will entail.</p><p>Including all of the changes made to the F1 2011 season including DRS, KERS, the new Pyrelli tyres and all the drivers, all 19 official tracks from the F1 2011 season will be present, including the currently unfinished new addition Buddh International Circuit in India. F1 2011 will also feature day/night transitions (with the artificial lighting to go along with night-time races), and there have been strong indications that the game will feature a safety car and yellow flag to caution drivers against dangerous driving conditions.</p><p>COMINg tO PC | XBOX 360 | PS3 | 3DS | PSVItA</p><p>pRE-ORdER yOUR STANdARd EdITION OF dRIvER SAN FRANCISCO ANd RECEIvE A 1972 LAMBORGHINI MIURA FOR IN-GAME ANd AN EXTRA SINGLE pLAyER CHALLENGE</p><p>pRE-ORdEREXCLUSIvE! </p><p>COLLECTORS EdITION wITH MOdEL 1970 dOdGE CHALLENGER </p><p>NOw ON pRE-ORdER!</p><p>8</p></li><li><p>ETA: November 2011Genre: ShooterPublisher: Konami</p><p>Gamers who have just jumped on board in this generation of games, or who somehow missed out on the beginnings of the stealth game genre, will finally have a chance to catch up on the Metal Gear Solid series with this HD remake collection. The bundle will include Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and the previously PSP-exclusive Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which is the only PSP MGS both to be considered part of the series canon and to be directed by series creator Hideo Kojima. The best thing about this collection is that itll be available on both PS3 and Xbox 360, but unfortunately for 360 owners, theyll still be without the game that started it all Metal Gear Solid 1.</p><p>For those rock-subdwellers out there, Metal Gear Solid is a series of games that involve the use of stealth, subterfuge and gunplay. Players take on the role of a young rookie agent named Raiden in MGS2 and an ex CIA operative and Green Beret called Naked Snake / Big Boss in MGS3 and Peace Walker.</p><p>COMING TO XBOX 360 | PS3 </p><p>ETA: 02 September 2011Genre: ShooterPublisher: Codemasters</p><p>Seen by some as the spiritual successor to gun-tastic FPS Black (which was released for the PS2 and original Xbox back in 2006), Bodycount hopes to tread similar ground to what EAs Bulletstorm did earlier this year. Hoping to put the fun back into the gun, this shooter focuses on arcade-style action with a bit of score-attack gameplay thrown in for good measure.</p><p>Therell no doubt be a lovely arsenal of diverse weaponry for players to utilise as they make their way through intense warzones, and if its anything like its predecessor (and all signs say it will be, because its developed by largely the same team), each weapon will pack a mighty punch. Destructible environments will crumble around you as bullets fly, with certain enemies happily smashing down cover to get closer to your face before they shoot it. Making matters even more explosive will be unlocks that you gain access to as you play, things like air strikes which will level any obstacles. A cover system which allows complete freedom of movement has been implemented in the game. Cooperative and competitive multiplayer will feature as well.</p><p>COMING TO XBO...</p></li></ul>