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  • Brush Strokes Penns Woods Painters Newsletters

    Vol. 25 No. 6 November/December 2014

    Next General Membership Meeting

    Annual Ornament Exchange

    Monday, November 17, 2014

    Place: Community Room, Messiah Village

    100 Mt. Allen Dr. Mechanicsburg

    Monday, November 17, 2014

    Doors open at 6pm

    Business meeting 6:30 pm

    Program 7pm

    Please send R.S.V.P. to Dee Delorenzo: or call

    717-728-9470 with a Yes, Ill be there or No, sorry I cant make it response by Sunday, November 9, so that we can set up the room accordingly.

    Well be eating, drinking and being Merry and want you to join the fun! The Business meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. Well Socialize a bit beforehand and the Festivities follow our business meeting. Bring a wrapped ornament that youve painted and youll go home with an ornament that another member has painted. Wear that favorite Christmas sweater or painted shirt to add to our holiday theme. Feel free to bring some cookies to share! We will also be electing 2015 Officers. Nominations will be accepted from the floor provided that prior consent of the nominee has been obtained. Thanks Everyone! Its so wonderful to visit with friends and share our love of PAINTING!

  • Presidents Message

    I cant believe that the year is almost over! I am eagerly anticipating our annual ornament exchange in November, and the board has come up with a lot of good ideas for next year to keep our brushes moving and to challenge ourselves

    with some new techniques as well. So come on down and visit a spell. I would also like to take this opportunity to say a great big THANK YOU to each and every one of you because you are all needed and wanted to make our chapter Penns Woods Painters!! I hope that the upcoming holiday season brings you much love and happiness to you and your families

    and that lasting precious memories are made! For those that are going through rough times I hope that comfort and peace can come your way and that you feel the love of many enfolding you! Warmest Wishes!!!


    Membership Report

    Included in this newsletter is your 2015 PWP Membership Application. Both the SDP and PWP application will need to be returned by December 31, 2014 in order to be a member in good standing. Tell a friend or ask someone that was a previous member to rejoin our chapter. Without active members PWP will not be able to thrive.



    At our September meeting, Amy Mogish taught those in attendance one of her colored pencil designs. This was a project enjoyed by many, so we have asked Amy to lead a seminar in 2015. At this time, a date hasnt been set but we are thinking late August or the beginning of September. Jane Allen also has been in contact with several other artists for additional seminars for 2015 and/or 2016. Additional information will be shared as it becomes available.



    Mary Ann Couch - 11/10

    Rebecca Sowers - 11/12

    Tracy Ludwig - 11/15

    Linda Viuker - 11/28

    Sharon Baines - 11/29

    Jane Wheeler - 11/30

    Hilary Felinski - 12/1

    Kathleen Caruso - 12/5

    Barbara Holmes - 12/13

    Becky Wallace - 12/28

    25TH Anniversary Party

    Plans are progressing on our party for October of 2015. We have a contract with Beth Wagner to teach. This will be a Saturday and Sunday event leading into the Tea and Art Show Sunday afternoon. The 25th Anniversary party will be October 24 and 25, 2015 so please keep your calendars open for this great weekend with other painters. This will be free to all 2015 Penns Woods Painters members only.


  • Here are the results from our Annual Art &Tea

    Show which was held on Sunday, October 26.

    Congratulations to Donna Brown for being voted

    Best in Show for her beautiful landscape



    1st Amy Mogish

    2nd Hattie Ogle

    3rd Jane Allen


    1st Linda Kapp

    2nd Pat Meyers

    3rd Barb Lehman

    Primitive/Folk Art

    1st Amy Mogish

    2nd Betty Lou Zimmerman

    3rd Pat Meyers


    1st Donna Brown (Best of Show)

    2nd Betty Lou Zimmerman

    3rd Melissa Crowther


    1st Lois Eckert

    2nd Carol Henry and Jane Allen (tied)

    3rd Melissa Crowther


    1st Pat Meyers and Amy Mogish (tied)

    2nd Jane Allen

    3rd Barb Lehman


    1st Linda Kapp

  • You can see

    more pictures

    on our


  • Nominating Committee

    Hello: I am presenting the slate of officers below for 2015:

    President: Joyce Gutierrez Vice President Programs:

    Will be various individuals presenting a variety of projects

    Vice President Membership: Hattie Ogle Secretary: Dee DeLorenzo Treasurer: Hilary Felinksi

    We will also accept nominations from the floor if you would like to volunteer for any of the above positions. Thank You, Joyce

    Mid-Atlantic States Chapter Council (MASCC):

    Dated August 30, 2014:

    Hello MASCC Membership and Representatives,

    It is with deep regret that I now make an announcement that the board has had to make

    concerning the future of MASCC. We have fought for 5 years to make this organization a go

    but see the writing on the wall and we now need to close our doors. So, please read the

    attached letter and get back to me with your thoughts and or confirmation. MASCC tried very

    hard in a time of economic insecurity. But hopefully if we all made some friendships with

    close chapters we can keep those doors open and the friendships alive. The main thing is to

    just keep the lines of communications open amongst neighboring chapters.

    I hope to see each one of you in the near future.

    Warm Hugs and Regards,

    Eddiejo Herbst, President MASCC

    From Hilary - even though MASCC no longer exists, we are still working to see what kind of sharing we can

    work out, regarding both the chapter newsletters and seminar planning and information. In the meantime, please

    be reminded that you can find chapter websites, by accessing the Chapter section of the SDP website,

    Additionally, as part of the dissolution process, monies were donated to SDP, with some of those monies

    specifically donated in honor of Sheila Rouse.

  • Memory Boxes

    Please bring any completed Memory Boxes to the November meeting. I am including a gentle reminder to sign the boxes both in and out. In our annual report to SDP, as part of the qualifying for our Chapter Achievement Award, we include information regarding the number of boxes we actually paint, in a year, so it does count when you do tell us how many boxes you have returned. To date, for 2014, we have taken boxes and returned 144 painted boxes Way to Go, Ladies! I can only imagine the difference your efforts have made to those families affected by this kind of a loss. Thank you oh so much. We are in the process of planning our 2015 Memory Box Paint-In, with the first meeting having been held (hopefully, it actually happened!) on 10/30. We try to stay away from designs that are dark, or those that include human figures. Floral, baby animals, stroke work (including lace) and whimsical ideas are generally those that we consider. We will keep you posted on what we will be doing in February 2015! Please plan to join us then. If you are interested in helping to coordinate our Memory Box activities, please let Joyce or Hilary know. Thank you.


    Begin balance August 1 2014 15,878.76


    Paint In 260.00

    total income 260.00


    paint in 130.00

    operations 149.00

    total expenses 279.00

    Ending balance 8/31/14 15,859.76

    ` September 1 2014



    membership 180.00

    ways/means 288.00

    total income 468.00


    ways/means 175.00

    operations 3.00

    programs 189.15

    treasure boxes 22.74

    total expenses 389.89

    Ending Balance 9/30/2014


    Web Page

    Thanks to Mary Newby for capturing

    the fun we had with our September

    program! Mary is a wonder and we

    would not have anywhere near the

    photographical history of these last

    few years without her!

    Interested in learning how to get those

    pictures out there on our web page?

    Let Wendy, Dee, or Hilary know and

    well bring you into the fold!

    Upcoming Events

    November 12-15, 2014 World of Color Expo, Washington, DC November 17, 2014 General PWP Meeting December 8, 2014 Board/Planning Meeting

    Month of December Display our artwork at Messiah Village

  • Ways and Means

    At our September meeting, we raised $109 from the Raffle and Silent Auction. Thank you to those who participated. If you are interested in being involved in the Ways and Means activities for our chapter, please let me know. New blood is needed, folks. Ways and Mea