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  • 1. POSITIVE STROKES Stroke was defined by Eric Berne The concept of strokes is a way to measure the attention one person gives to another. Whenever we make eye contact with someone, we acknowledge them and we give them one unit of recognition, or a stroke

2. TyPES Of STROKES POSITIVE UNCONDITIONALCONDITIONAL NEGATIVE VERBAL NON VERBAL STROKES 3. ExamplEs 4. Whats thE NEEd for strokE? In order for babies to survive and grow, physically, mentally and emotionally, they need to be touched, fondled and shown recognition. This physical handling stimulates the release of growth hormones from the pituitary gland. Individuals deprived of such recognition and touch have been seen to be physically, mentally and emotionally retarded, at times so severely that death results. Inadequate recognition of the existence of the self often leads to mental anxiety, depression and illness. The fact is all of us need to be seen and recognized by others. To be starved of human contact and recognition is as bad as being starved of recognition. 5. Range of StRokeS Strokes range from a casual nod to an intimate relationship. Some forms of recognition have a negative impact on the recipients and result in mild discomfort or even intense bad feelings. Other forms of recognition can have an effect on the recipient that can be described as ranging from no effect or neutral effect to intense pleasure. Recognition at times is given spontaneously with no conditions or strings attached to it. This is unconditional recognition. For example, a mother showers her affection on her baby just for no reason; it is done absolutely unconditionally. Other form of recognition is conditional. It is given subject to the fulfillment of some condition; for example, on accomplishment (or non- accomplishment) of some expected work or task. So, normally, conditional strokes are task related. 6. advantageS in giving and Receiving the StRokeS They are free of cost. They are the simplest yet, the biggest investments in emotional and psychological life of people. They are great motivators. They improve one's overall personality. They increase the emotional bank balances of each other