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1. Creating Broken-line Graphs on Chart Paper 2. Learning Goals: Create a broken-line graph on chart paper. Describe trends in the data. Upload photo of graph to create presentation slide. 3. Success Criteria: I can find the range to help me choose an appropriate scale. I can create a graph to display all the data. I can give my graph a title. I can label my data. I can include units of measure when necessary. I can give my x-axis and my y-axis a title. I can create a neat, legible graph so the data is clear. I can join the points on my graph, using a ruler. I can describe the trends I see. I can take a picture of my graph, and upload the photo to create my slide 4. Group 1 Owen and Russel 5. Group 2 6. Group 3 7. Group 4 8. GROUP 5Group 5 9. Group 6 Matty, Lucas, Haden 10. Group 7 Emma, Bri, Austin 11. Group 8 12. GROUP 9stuti, ellie, and katiewe made our graph, we labeled our x and y axis, we described the trends, we added a title and we made it neat. 13. GROUP 10 14. GROUP 11 Thomas Y 15. Do you have any questions about todays lesson? Question Board


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