graphs!. what are graphs??? a pictorial device, such as a pie chart or bar graph, used to illustrate...

Download Graphs!. What are graphs??? A pictorial device, such as a pie chart or bar graph, used to illustrate quantitative relationships. Also called chart

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What is a special kind of Bar Graph?

Kinds of GraphsCircle/ Pie GraphBar GraphPicture GraphHistogramLine Graph

Circle/ Pie GraphShaped like a CIRCLEDivided into fractions that look like pieces of pie

Bar GraphUses bars to show dataCan be vertical (up or down), or horizontal (cross).The data can be words or numbers

Picture GraphUses pictures or symbols to show data

HistogramA special kind of bar graph. Data must be shown as numbers in order

Line GraphShows points plotted on a graph

What are the other 2 kinds of tables? (Aside from simple table)

Define a simple table.

What program in the computer can we find rows and columns?

Give 2 kindsof diagrams.

What map do you use to show the weather patterns in a given area?

What are tables?

What are maps?

Relief MapsA map that depticts land configuration usually with contour lines

ClimateMapsA deptiction of prevailing weather patterns in a given area

Vegetation MapsA map showing the pattern of vegetation in an area. (Botany)

Population Maps A map that shows different population of the world. It is an example of a Thematic Map.Shows a certain area of population.


What are tables???Is a set of data elements (values) that are organizes using a model of vertical columns and horizontal rows.Is a means of arranging data in rows and columns the use of tables is pervasive throughout all communication, research, and data analysis.

What are tables???Appear in print media, handwritten notes, computer software, architectural ornamentation, traffic signs, and many other places.

Kinds of tablesSimple tableMulti-dimension tableWide and Narrow tables



What are graphs?

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