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<ul><li><p>From waste to electricitywith the Againity ORC System </p><p>We convert your waste into electric power</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>12</p><p>9 107</p><p>8</p><p>5</p><p>6</p><p>1</p><p>3</p><p>2</p><p>55 meter</p><p>4</p><p>40 meter</p><p>is incinerated in a boiler that generates hot water that heats the medium in a small steam turbine generating electricity. State of the art emission control meet the regulations and requirements set by the European Union. The system is built to hand-le a wide range of sorted industrial, municipal and general waste. Your waste disposal site is turned into a profitable business by selling electricity to the main grid and hot water to e.g. nearby industries, houses and hospitals. The hot water can also be used for desalination of contaminated or salty water to produce potable water. At the same time, both the area and sanitary problems of the dispo-sal site is extensively reduced. </p><p>Let us turn your waste into profit! </p><p>Converting waste into electric power </p><p>Againity tackles one of the major problems with solid municipal waste today. Namely that most of it is still dumped at an ever-growing waste disposal site. Both the local and global environment is thereby nega-tively affected, while energy and materials in the waste is unused. </p><p>The Againity ORC System (Organic Rankine Cycle) is a modern and environmentally sustainable solution that converts waste into hot water and electricity. The technology is based on the latest developments in industrial standards. The waste </p><p>1 The waste disposal truck dumps the waste at the sorting ramp. The ramp manager tells the next truck where to unload and closes the gate when per-sonnel is sorting the waste. </p><p>2 The wheel loader flattens thepile for easy access and sort-ing/recycling of different mate-rials. At least glass, metals, electronics, and batteries should be sorted and thrown into the yellow containers for recycling.</p><p>5 The automatic inlet feed system compresses the waste to remove liquids and feed the waste to the boiler at a control-led rate.</p><p>6 The modern two-zone boiler heats pressurized water stored in an accumulator tank. The fire is constantly controlled by the operator with help of measure-ment devices and cameras to ensure an optimal efficiency and low emissions. </p><p>7 The ash is automatically fed into containers. The ash is norm-ally less then 5% of the waste.</p><p>8 The modern electrostatic filter and/or sock filter removes fly ash and small impurities from the exhaust gases. </p><p>9 The Againity ORC System is driven by heat from the boiler. Hot water is pumped from the accumulator tank to the ORC sys-tem that converts heat into elec-tricity which is fed to the grid.</p><p>10 If there is no need for hot water in a nearby factory, hospital etc., heat is given off to the atmosphere by fans or to a nearby river or lake.</p><p>11 The protection system is built for feeding the grid. In case of a power failure it might be neces-sary with a small backup diesel engine.</p><p>12 Office and control room for boiler and ORC.</p><p>3 The wheel loader moves the waste directly to the boiler or to the intermediate storage area. The volume of the waste is decreased by compressing it against the wall.</p><p>4 The intermediate storage area should be sized to handle at least 72 hours of waste under roof for weather protection in or-der to avoid the wind moving the waste and the rain to increase the moisture of the waste. </p></li><li><p>Boiler</p><p>Electricaland/or sock filter</p><p>TurbineEvaporator</p><p>Recuperator</p><p>Condensor</p><p>User of hot water</p><p>External cooling battery</p><p>Generator</p><p>Flow chart of the Againity ORC System</p><p>Converting waste into electric power </p><p>Againitys technology is based on one of the basic laws of nature the transfer of heat from hot to cold. Heat transfer can be described as heat striving toward an even temperature distribution. This force is simple yet effective in industrial use as well, and is utilized in Againitys solution.</p><p>The Againity ORC System At first the Againity ORC System converts the waste into hot water. The hot water from the waste boiler is excellent to connect to our system, although heat from any source can be used. The heat from the hot water evaporates the working medium </p><p>in a heat exchanger. The working medium then enters a module containing a turbine and genera-tor where the electric power is generated. The working medium needs to be cooled down to become liquid again in order to be pumped around the cycle.</p><p>The Againity ORC System will give you electricity for many years. The system increases the effective-ness of your plant at a low investment cost.</p></li><li><p>Copyright Againity </p><p>Againity is all about turning waste heat into something useful electric power! Its about getting more power out of your existing system. This gives you a more energy efficient production, better performance and less cost while saving the environment.</p><p>From waste to electricitywith the Againity ORC System </p><p>The integrated waste management system comes in three different sizes as standard</p><p>Capacity 1,5 ton per hour 4 tons per hour 8 tons per hour</p><p>Electricity production 250 kW 450 kW 900 kW</p><p>Hot water production 2300 kW 4500 kW 9000 kW</p><p>Voltage 380-415 V 380-415 V 380-3000 V</p><p>Frequency 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz</p><p>AGA</p><p>INIT</p><p>Y A</p><p>003 </p><p>EN</p><p> M</p><p>unic</p><p>ipal</p><p> Was</p><p>te </p><p>2016</p><p>.05.</p><p>Againity AB Visit and post address: Laxholmstorget 3 (3rd fl), SE-602 21 Norrkping, SwedenTel: +46 (0)70 529 32 23,</p></li></ul>