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TED Talk Evaluation


  • 1. Paul captures the audience by establishing how fungi effects every aspect of nature. Including human health.He also begins his talkwith how mycelium is anunderground nutrientmitigation network withinsoil for plants and treesalike. Mycelium pictured above
  • 2. Early in his speech he says that fungi is thebiological internetIt knows when you step on it and immediatelyflares up after to gather nutrients you stirredup
  • 3. He begins the 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World with examples ofhow oyster mushrooms can be placed on petroleum soaked soil to breakdown the fuel and be used as nutrients that the fungi will thrive on. Same strain, but note the left picture. It is brown from absorbing the fuel it naturally broke down, and very large.
  • 4. Paul proceeds to describe the Agarikon mushroom as lab proven to be highly activeagainst Pox viruses, and several Flu viruses within humans.Thats a big mushroom
  • 5. Another way to save the world with fungi is through the power of insecticidesThe insects eat the myceliumand the fungi uses the insect assubstrate to grow inside out,killing them.
  • 6. Paul also described his idea of making shipping boxes more eco- friendly.The Life Box is a cardboard which containsspores and forest tree seeds. The spores helpthe seeds grow efficiently. So now instead ofyour city recycling, you can bury this in youryard and eventually have plants growinginstead of trash.
  • 7. Another way to save is with burlaps sacks filled with inoculated substrate which can remove harmful chemicals and bacteria from bodies of water.These can also be used for oil spills and farmstorm runoffs to filter oil and high amountsof e coli The white spots are mycelium forming after inoculation
  • 8. Throughout his talk, Paul follows the first TED Commandment the best He clearly is passionate about fungi, and he has devoted his career and life to understanding it better. He also submitted many patents based on fungi. Pauls dynamism, I think is a solid 2. He is extremely technical and talks nothing but straight information nearly the whole time. I feel that some of the content could have been reduced to give him a chance to take an occasional pause and not feel pressed for time.
  • 9. Paul is very technical When he speaks He also gets caught up from this and tends to rush his speech But he has a lot of valuable information Vs.Sir Ken is a very suave individualHe takes time to cut jokes andlaugh, and makes the talk seemmore like a storyHe almost makes the time limitappear to vanish with his level ofcomfort on stage
  • 10. By watching this presentation I learned that inorder to properly deliver a message it is importantto be extremely passionate about the subject
  • 11. Another thing I learned is to dress comfortably so yo dont feel so uptight
  • 12. One tip I can give others is to practice. It isessential to rehearse in order to be able toexpress your thoughts without making amistake
  • 13. I hope everyone who watches this learned a thing or two aboutMushrooms!!!