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<ol><li> 1. SEO BRISBANE If you did a Google search for SEO Sydney and found this website on the front page of google, then its a very solid indicator that youve found a SEO company that gets google first page results. And when you think about it, SEO is a highly competitive search term, and of course all of the Brisbane SEO consultants will be competing for that term. You can rest assured then, youve now found one of the best search engine optimisation companies in Australia. </li><li> 2. SEO SYDNEY </li><li> 3. SEO MELBOURNE We are so confident that we will get you to the front page of Google, that we actually guarantee it. If you think about it SEO companies who charge monthly fees for their services really dont have any motivation to get you to Google Page One. After all, if they do, then what happens? They may loose you as a client and you will no longer have to pay those hefty monthly fees for your SEO services. </li><li> 4. SEO GOLD COAST Most SEO companies will not really take into consideration what Google really wants. They will create back links to just about anything, as long as you are paying high monthly fees for your SEO Brisbane. Whilst this may deliver some results in the short term, you may not get long term results. If your SEO Brisbane company cannot clearly articulate exactly what Google wants and how they will deliver it them in very simple terms that make sense, then you will need to question whether or not you are with the right SEO Brisbane provider. At Get Smart Websites, we have a very unique way that we structure your SEO, and it is most definitely set up in a way that Google will love! </li><li> 5. SEO BRISBANE For inquiries please visit : </li></ol>