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The Brisbane Convention Bureau provides an effortless one-stop-shop with free independent advice and support services to help you plan, promote, and stage your most successful event. The Choose Brisbane brochure is an introduction to Brisbane and the Brisbane Convention Bureau. It highlights industry strengths that can greatly enhance your conference.


  • Choose BrisBane

  • ConTenTs 03 Lord Mayors Foreword

    04 Brisbane Australias new world city

    06 G20 Leaders Summit heads to Brisbane in 2014

    07 Brisbanes Industry Strengths 08 Energy and resources

    09 Digital Industries and Information Communication Technology 10 Environmental sustainability 1 1 Health and life sciences

    13 How Brisbane Convention Bureau can help

    16 State-of-the-Art Business Events Infrastructure

    18 Brisbane - A Welcoming City

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  • LorD MaYors ForeWorD Brisbane has rapidly grown in status as a destination of choice for international business events, and

    being selected to host the G20 Leaders Summit in 2014 is a ringing endorsement of the state-of-the-art venues and event services on offer.

    Brisbanes ability to accommodate business events of all sizes is a reflection of the citys unprecedented growth across the board.

    The citys economy is building strongly and is currently worth $AUD114 billion and expected to reach $AUD215 billion by 2031.

    Brisbanes business events sector, which grew by 25 percent in the 2011/12 financial year is also expected to continue this growth

    year on year, meaning that event organisers will have even more choice to help them plan their next event in the city.

    Alongside this growth, Brisbane, Australias new world city has continued to evolve into a forward-thinking destination which is powered by innovation, collaboration and opportunity.

    Energy and resources, environmental sustainability, health and life sciences, digital industries and information communication technology are continually growing areas of strength for Brisbane.

    And it isnt just our industries that excel. Brisbane was recently ranked in the top seven most liveable cities in the world at the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize; and through the Brisbane City Councils Green Heart CitySmart initiative, Brisbane is on its way

    to becoming carbon neutral by 2026.

    Drawing on these city strengths, the Brisbane Convention Bureau, which is part of Brisbanes economic development board Brisbane Marketing, is committed to attracting conferences and business events to Brisbane.

    To keep up with the exciting developments in the city, the Brisbane Convention Bureau continues to build on the support it can offer event organisers and this year will launch a range of new initiatives to make doing business in our city as effortless as possible.

    All of this offers a compelling case for bringing your next conference to Brisbane, and we look forward to welcoming you.

    Graham Quirk Brisbane Lord Mayor

    Choose Brisbane, Australia 03

  • Fast Facts

    According to the World Winning Cities 2012 Report produced by international property specialist, Jones Lang Lasalle, Brisbane will rank first out of the top 20 fastest growing economies of the mature world by 2020.

    BrisBane aUsTraLias neW WorLD CiTY Growing

    Brisbane, Australias third largest city has strong business and cultural connections with the Asia Pacific, and a young, skilled, well-educated and culturally diverse population of more than two million. Brisbane offers an open, enterprising and progressive business environment with a strong culture of confidence and innovation, providing the perfect location for your most successful conference ever.

    Brisbane is well on track to become one of the worlds most prosperous new world cities: globally-focussed, digitally-networked and strategically planned around lifestyle and environmental needs.

    Ideally located

    Brisbane enjoys the closest proximity to Asia of any east coast Australian capital city. At just under eight hours flight away, it is the ideal conference destination for planners wishing to maximise opportunities arising from close access to Asias tiger economies such as increased delegate attendance and sponsorship and exhibition support.

    Invaluable connections

    Brisbane hosts the biennial Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) on every second rotation and has done so since its inception in 1996. The Summits key objective is to promote business growth,

    I am drawn to Brisbane as a source of talent, innovation, and opportunity. Brisbane is home to industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to renewable energy, agriculture to information technology. It is home to top-notch research centres and a diverse, well-educated workforce; and it bats well above its average in generating jobs for Queensland and Australia. All told, Australias new world city is fast becoming a key gateway for companies like Dow to do business in Asia and beyond.

    Andrew Liveris President, Chairman and Chief Executive, The Dow Chemical Group

    Brisbane 2031 Vision

    1.5 million jobs$AUD215 billion economy$AUD75 thousand per

    capita income.


  • trade, investment and economic outcomes for cities in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. Brisbanes active involvement in the Summit ensures the citys Asia Pacific relationships continue to flourish and provide conference planners with invaluable contacts and excellent promotional opportunities.

    Perfect timing

    Brisbanes location enables an extended work day across three international time zones, allowing delegates to contact their offices and families in real time. Many Asian cities are just two to three hours behind Brisbane, enabling all-day contact. It is also easy to tap into the end of the American business day and the opening of the European one, all from one connected location.

    World-class thinking and education

    Brisbane is innovative and enterprising and has developed a

    reputation as a leader in research. Many global knowledge-leaders call Brisbane home and ground-breaking discoveries such as Professor Ian Frazers cervical cancer vaccine have emerged out of Brisbanes universities and its research and development community.

    The city has three internationally recognised universities:

    1. The University of Queensland (UQ) - ranks first among its peers for license income, value of equity holdings and invention disclosures and active start-up companies

    2. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a leader in the innovative areas of research and development

    3. Griffith University - revered for its world class research centres and breaking new ground in the fields of health, environment and social sciences.

    CIEAM hosted the 5th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management here at the Convention Centre in 2010. By hosting the event, CIEAM has positioned itself and profiled itself as a hub for international R&D in the area of engineering asset management. Were now on the map, and all our international delegates rave about the time that they had in Brisbane.

    Joe Mathew Chief Executive Officer, Cooperative Research Centre for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management (CIEAM) - based at QUT

    Sister City Networks

    Brisbane has Sister City relationships with:

    Shenzhen and Chongqing, China Kaohsiung, Taiwan Kobe, Japan Daejeon, Korea Semarang, Indonesia Auckland, New Zealand Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Hyderabad, IndiaThese long standing relationships provide:

    Access to an extensive network of sister city contacts including neighbouring cities for congress promotion and marketing

    Connections with key Asian markets to target speakers, delegates, exhibitors, sponsors and membership opportunities for conferences and associations

    Strong cultural understanding of these cities and the Asia Pacific region as well as access to many native speakers

    Choose Brisbane, Australia 05

  • G20 LeaDers sUMMiT heaDs To BrisBane in 2014 Brisbanes selection as the host city for the G20 Leaders Summit in November 2014 underlines its reputation as a world-class meetings destination. The G20 is the premier event for international economic cooperation and decision-making among the major economies of the world, with members from 19 countries plus the European Union. It will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), with more than 4,000 delegates in attendance including many of the worlds leaders, as well as 2,500 media and will place Brisbane even more firmly upon the world stage.

    The fact that Brisbane will host the G20 Leaders Summit in 2014 is a positive reflection on the world-class venues and event services we have on offer in Australias new world city.

    Brisbane Lord Mayor


  • BrisBanes inDUsTrY sTrenGThsBrisbane is a leader in many industry sectors including:

    energy and resources environmental sustainability health and life sciences construction

    and infrastructure

    advanced manufacturing and logistics

    digital industries and information communication technology

    food and agribusiness.

    Fast Facts

    Our industry strengths can greatly enhance conferences by providing:

    potential local support for relevant conference bids

    a supply of locally-based conference speakers and expertise

    delegates to attend the event assistance with delegate

    attraction and promotion via industry networks

    scope for technical tours and site visits

    a source of potential sponsors for conferences

    exhibitors for associated trade exhibitions.

    Choose Brisbane, Australia 07

  • Energy and resources

    Queenslands resources sector is currently valued at $AUD25 billion with more than 170 of the worlds leading mining companies located in the CBD including Rio Tinto (HO for Coal), GE Mining (Global HQ) and Vale (Global coal HQ). Growth in mining technology and services, the coal seam gas and liquefied natural gas supply chains, clean technologi