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Ahead of Griffith University's Franchise Marketing Forum 2014, we look back on one of the most popular presentations from previous years. In 2012 Christine Guy, Global Marketing Manager of Fastway Couriers, shared the reasons behind her companys award-winning brand refresh; the importance of franchisee buy-ins; the logistics of the changeover; and the results they achieved. Visit for more information on the 2014 event.


  • 1. Presented at the FranchiseMarketing Forum 2012.

2. Agenda Set the scene Explore need for brand refresh Planning for change Importance of franchisee buy-in Logistics of changeover Results achieved 3. Set the scene 4. 1983Launched in New Zealand1984Commenced franchising1993Launched in Australia2012Australia2012GlobalOur story25 Regional FranchiseesOver 700 Courier FranchiseesAustralia, New Zealand, Ireland,Northern Ireland & South Africa63 Regional FranchiseesOver 1,200 Courier Franchisees 5. Our service Low cost courier service Timetabled pick up & delivery Pre-paid labels & satchels No fuel surcharges No hidden fees No re-delivery fees Online track & trace of parcel Online proof of delivery signature Up to $1,500 cover included Courier Franchisee owner operator Local expertise Nationwide service 6. The opportunityOnline sales were forecastto almost doubleto $33 billion by 2015Increase salesfrom online sectorfrom 6% to 30% 7. StrategyBecome the leadingcourier service provider tothe online retail industryBecome morecustomer-centric 8. Explore the needfor a brand refresh 9. I want friendly servicebacked by latesttechnologyI need a moreconvenient,cost-effectiveway to do businessI rely on my courier as anextension of my businessThe last mile iscritical to mybusiness successI want transparencyon shipping costsI need expert adviceReliable, cost-effective parcel delivery 10. The logo was still the originalone penned by the companysfounder 29 years earlier 11. Cluttered images, mixed messages, lack of cut through 12. Bridge thedistancebetweenwho we areandwho wewant to be 13. The Fastway brandwould need toevolveif we were to besuccessfulThe brandrevitalisationwas essentiallythe catalyst forchange withinFastwayPosition Fastway as contemporary brand,great place to work & a business to be proud of 14. Planningfor change 15. Marketing program goals1. Enlist buy-in from franchisees2. Minimise cost to individual franchisees3. Minimise disruption to franchise partners and business4. Foster customer-centric focus5. Develop more relevant communications6. Create more effective brand in online channels7. Change brand perception8. Increase franchise enquiriesNo part of thecompanys image9. Drive sales growth10.Lead global changewould be leftuntouched 16. PlanningBriefing & developmentResearchingObtaining approvalProcesses 17. 89% of franchise partners polled said that a strong brandwas of very high importance in their purchasing decisionStakeholders surveyed = current & potential franchisees, current &potential customers, staff, franchise recruiters & suppliers.Feedback = brand to be more contemporary & less confusing 18. Obtaining approvalObtaining approval 19. Agency briefingOctober 2010- 1st conceptsTesting &refiningFebruary 2011Board approvalBriefing & development 20. Process = Project Fastway12 to 18months tocompleteApr Jun Nov Feb Jun 21. Importance of buy-in 22. Securing buy-in Bringing everyone on board Buy-in from franchise partners critical Sharing strategy Management visiting depots Outlining roadmap Whats in it for me? Utilising new intranet channel Constant updates on new materialClear &consistentmessaging 23. Internal launch Regional Franchisee conference softlaunch - March 2011 Explain - business opportunity, needfor change & the big reveal Brand bookThe friendly courier experts 24. Face to face with over 700 Courier Franchisees!Sell concept to delightthe customer at the door 25. ReliablePersonalFriendlyBrand personalityHelpfulHonestModernDown-to-earthThe friendly courier experts 26. Internal launch Courier FranchiseesAcross the boardacceptance ofbrand kit valued at$1,200 27. New ways of communicating Fast & effective way tocommunicate with RegionalFranchisees & CourierFranchisees alike Better means of drivingengagementMessagefromGlobal MDInstructions on how toremove van decals 28. August 2011 conference 29. Internal newsletter 30. Monitoring our progress Regular updates via Weekly Support Pack email toRegional Franchisees and Franchise Support Office team FAC meetings Informal feedback via email and phone from all areas! Follow up feedback from Regional Franchisee teammeetings with Courier Franchisees Franchise Business Managers field visits Franchise Support Office team field visits Weekly Work in Progress meetings with the marketing team Regular meetings with suppliers 31. Feedback from franchise partnersSo fresh, I cant wait to see it in my business.Looks fantastic .Awesome. Love it. Love it.I love it ... youve done such a great job.So simple and so effective.A great investment.It looks so cool.Well done. It looks amazing. Very exciting. 32. Logistics of changeoverBusiness as usual 33. Van rebrand 34. Courier Franchisee brand kit Van decal kit Full van decal installation 5 x polo shirts 1 x cap 1 x pair shorts 5 x pairs socks 1 x safety vest 100 x new flyers 1 x new ID card 1 x new business stamp 1 x free sports bag$1,200 value=$600 +GST 35. Signage 36. Stationery 37. Website & public launch 38. Embrace technology 39. New marketing material 40. Recruitment 41. Recruitment 42. Sales presenter 43. Expo & Trade stands 44. Our brand voiceHow we enact our brand 45. Results achieved 46. Increased coverageMedia = BRW,, InsideRetailing, Post&Parcel,Franchise News & moreSocial media = +27%Online traffic = +32%Promoting our brand 47. +27% in social media engagementOnlinesupport 48. Online traffic +32% 49. Franchisees sayFeedbackHelps us tostand outIts a fresh newlookMakes themfeel proudPositions themas part of aBIGorganisation 50. Customers describe the new look asFeedbackContemporaryMore capableEasier to identifyClearlycommunicates thebusinessFastway is inMoresophisticated 51. Staff believeFeedbackThe brand looks andfeels moregrown upThe new look is easierto work with and works wellacross new mediaMakes Fastwaystand out as aserious player 52. Marketing program goals & results Enlist buy-in from franchisees All Regional & Courier Franchisees supported program - purchasedbrand kits, depots re-signed, vans rebranded & 100% compliance Minimise cost to individual franchisees Brand kit supplied - $1,200 value, paid $600 @ $50 p/w x 12 weeks Minimise disruption to franchise partners and business No time out - road shows @ 6am and van re-branding overnight Foster customer-centric focus All activities and comms focussed on goal to delight the customer atthe door- reinforced at conferences, depot visits & presentations Develop more relevant communications New collateral - customer focus through consultation with relevantstakeholders. Increase in use of marketing collateral & sales growth 53. Marketing program goals & results Create more effective brand in online channels 40% more leads at PeSA 2012, online customers approachingFastway directly Change brand perception Rise in customer enquiries, focus off price and on couriersreliability & our technology offering to online customers Increase franchise enquiries = +70% in 1st six weeks & ongoing high level of enquiries plusdecline in territories for sale Drive sales growth = +15% sales growth & still strong Lead global change = Roll out rebrand to NZ & Ireland 54. Maintain the momentumo Opportunity for ongoing PR Media releases, courier Intranet & blogso Source contributions Reached a major milestone? Experienced solid growth?o Talk to franchise partners Heart strings, healthy living & savingmoneyo Tell us your news!Share your success stories! 55. Considerations Regional Franchisee support needed to facilitate roll-out Busy running their business Benefit in appointing Brand Ambassador Manage franchisee expectations Old & new - side by side, rebrand over 12 to 18 months Franchisees impatient to see something Challenge maintaining momentum Suppliers must be held accountable Document & agree on deliverables All branded items Uniforms, stationery & marketing collateral Minimise $ risk in transition from old to new 56. 57. Thanks for viewing!Tickets for Novembers Franchise MarketingForum 2014 are available at