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    What is Bodhi MEDITATION?Derived from ancient Buddhist theory, Bodhi Meditation offers unique methodology that stimulates physical renewal and promotes general health. Acclaimed as a natural stress relief system, it further revitalizes the mind and frees the spirit, facilitating improvements in both mental clarity and physical well-being.

    Bodhi Meditation applies traditional practices to the challenges of modern living. The result is a uniquely effective meditation system that holistically enhances immunity, stamina and state of mind. The techniques are accessible and practical, yielding results quickly. As such, they are particularly well-suited to the pressures of urban life and the health issues that result from them. In its mere 20 years of availability to the public, Bodhi Meditation has already benefited millions sentient beings, all of whom are welcome, irrespective of age, ethnicity or cultural background.

    Under the auspices of Meditation Master JinBodhi, Bodhi Meditation has been offering meditation materials, retreats and drop-in sessions to students from all corners of the globe since its 2004 global inauguration.

    Master JinBodhi developed Bodhi methodology after eighteen years studying traditional philosophy and meditation on the QingHai-Tibetan Plateau of China. In 1991, he emerged from this period of intensive training to great acclaim as a meditation master. From then on, he has taught and inspired vast multitudes of people throughout Asia. Master JinBodhis methodology is based on the ancient Eastern philosophy of compassion, an understanding of humanitys interconnectivity and its inseparability from the natural world.

    Mind-body awareness is an essential component of the Bodhi Meditation approach. According to meditative tradition, the mind has the ability to broaden and to heal, correcting physical and mental illness.

    Motivated by his beliefs and experience, the Master continues to teach meditation, author written works and release multimedia material. Due to his efforts, Bodhi Meditation has spread to over twenty different countries and regions worldwide. As a result, courses are offered in various languages, including Cantonese, Mandarin, English,, Japanese and Korean.

    Bodhi Meditation relies on this fundamental objective

    in the teaching of select and effective meditation


    The organization pursues these educational goals in order to promote greater

    mental and physical health within individuals and society

    at large.

    What I would like to tell you is this: we need to love this world with a compassionate heart. We must begin with the clothes we wear, t he utensils we use, and the pets we live with. If we treat everything with compassionate love, we will benefit tremendously.

    Zen Wisdom

    Meditation Master JinBodhi From Our Students:

    ALANA, San DiegoBefore, I couldnt hold my arms up for very long. Yesterday was so powerful for me because I stood up doing everything, and that was the first time. I was so incredibly grateful.

    FRO, WhittierIt is very hard for me I never see miracles, its not I am unwilling to believe it. along the way, things started to happen to me. as well as to my friends.

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    for health, for life

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    Hello my name is Alana and Im from San Diego.

    This is my first big retreat. The first couple of days were challenging. I felt weak, my back hurts, and legs were weak. They have some type of muscle weakness and no doctor is able to help. I started to practice Meditation of Greater Illumination two months ago, doing it everyday.

    Yesterday I was in the back of the room. It was hard to keep my eyes closed and stand up without falling over. So I kept eyes open a little bit, the room was dark, and all I could see was the beautiful candles and the Buddha, which was just so exquisite and I opened my eyes a little more and I saw master JinBodhi standing blended with the Buddha and he was walking toward me and my mind went crazy. I could feel his energy coming toward me and my mind said, Oh, its coming to your Crown Chakra, then I heard his voice and he said, Stop thinking! I am coming to your heart That is the most beautiful thing I ever experienced.

    Also, when I was dong the meditation, my body was full of Buddha light. I did not feel like myself at all. I felt like I could hold my arms forever. Before, I couldnt hold my arms up for very long. Yesterday was so powerful for me because I stood up doing everything, and that was the first time. My legs were very strong I felt strong I was so incredibly grateful. Most importantly, since yesterday, I had a strong and powerful feeling. I am grateful for everything,

    just anything. If my back hurts, that means the Master is working on it, I dont have to worry. I love you all, each of you!

    Good afternoon! I was talking to Carol yesterday, and she was mentioning how I seemed to be very sincere when I was doing the chanting. I guess for me it has been a journey.

    When I came here the second person I met was Jenny outside. The reason I thought about doing meditation is because I work lots of hours and under lots of stress. I heard meditation helps. I asked Jenny about the Chinese clinic next door. Jenny said, come here and have some tea, and you wont need anything like that. I did not know what she was talking aboutits completely over my head. So when I came here I started to do Level One in June. I got everything I expected, such as to get rid of my stress. But what I didnt expect is that I got more than that. What I found here is the spiritualism, which in the past I have never found.

    I grew up catholic and I have had friends with other religions that took

    me to the churches I never really found anything. Nothing really hit me. The closest I ever felt of spirituality is in the past I was involved in doing the human rights work, and I always organize in the community and I loved working around people who are struggling for their dignity or humanity, which is great. I love being around people. Thats the closest I have had for spirituality.

    Once I started coming here, I started hearing stories about all these miracles that are happening; people who know me like he is a very rational person, he is very skeptical. Its not I dont want to believe things, but I rather observe and make a rational decision. I have always been open to it. When I told some body you know when I first started coming here you got to come here, because I have been to many places and the thing is miracles do happen here. its very hard for me to believe that they happen.

    It is very hard for me I never see miracles, its not I am unwilling to believe it. Along the way, things started to happen to me as well as to my friends. I have been working around the human rights issues with different groups, and I am well respected because I was very sincere with them, trying to be as truthful as possible. I become friends with them and at first its hard for me to talk to them, if I found out something is wrong--I have this credibility. If I tell them something, they are going to think I am crazy.

    I guess along the way, its

    being truthful and sincere. I have had friends, the most recent one, she had a baby this year. For the last month she has been bleeding everyday, I guess from uterus. The doctor told her it is either she has cancer or problem with uterus. Since she is so young, it is probably not cancer. She is someone I work with for human rights. I gave her a napkin blessed by Master GuanHai, I told her to put it under her back. It was on a Sunday night. The next evening as I driving home from work I got a call from her. She was all excited, you know what, I dont know how to say this, my bleeding stopped Of course I know, I said, because thats how I was, so I know how you feel. You dont have to say anything; you dont have to tell me. It works! She became a believer. I dropped her some more napkins and water blessed by Master GuanHai last night. Its very hard to me with certain people I dont know well to have such respect. Even I only saw Master JinBodhi once, I never had such kind of admiration. I have invited my friends to come to the healing event on Oct. 27th

    Where my sincerity comes from? From everything I see and experience. There are other friends that have similar situations with the napkins. I have no choice but to offer my sincerity not only to Master GuanHai, but to all the volunteers who are here whether I talked to them or not. I really admire what they have done and everything to me is special here. Thank you!

    Live Report from Bodhi Meditations Healing Event

    Real People Real Story

    Froilan Mercado

    Alana McFarlance

    Transcribed by Jenny Chen, Edited by Ying Lee

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    Once we learn how to connect with Nature, we will be empowered with energy and wisdom.

    And our intuitive abilities will be enhanced and expanded. If you like stones, pick one up and take it home. It can tell you many things, such as what sort of weather changes are approaching, if you listen to it with your heart.

    Please pay attention to the phrase, listening with your heart.

    We must learn to listen, to feel, and to use this world with a compas-sionate heart. Learn to use Nature as it is. Now that youve heard this, be inspired. As you start to change you become able to sense many things that you couldnt sense before. During this human experience, we remain connected to our spirit. We receive inspiration from our spiri-tuality, which makes many ordinary things, even troubling