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Learn blogging using the famous blogging platform Wordpress. Target audience of this presentation is primitive level users.


  • 1. Blogging, The Wordpress way M A Hossain Tonu

2. Inside scoop! All about blogging (Anatomy, Engines, Why WP?) Setting up Wordpress (Installation & Congs.) Explore the dashboard Working with Wordpress (Posts, Gravatar, Pages, Categories,Links, Media) Widgets (Twitter, RSS, Meta, Subscribers), Plugins (Sharing,Publicizing) Themes Become a famous blogger Community blogging (User accounts and roles) 3. Who am i ? Tech Blogger Hacker, Community activist, FOSS advocate Worked with pioneer Bengali blogging cultureat somewhereinblog @mahtonu Authored the title PHP ApplicationDevelopment with NetBeans: BeginnersGuide 4. Blog! thinking with Blog = Web + Log Open diary A social media 5. Blog can be a media of expressing your thoughts to Netizens 6. Blogosphere 156!million public blogs (Feb, 2011) more than 172 million (Sep, 2011) 3 million new blogs, every month more than 1 million new posts, each day Ref: 7. Genre Political Gossip News Food Fashion Tech Health Scientic Business Education Music Entertainment Travel Photography Culture Book Movie Lifestyle Art Sports Product Human Rights Marketing Social Work Election2012! 8. Anatomy of a Blog 9. Engines! Meet the Giants 10. Wordpress! Open source Blog engine Self hosted Wordpress from 11. Why? Cause its freaking awesome! 12. Right now! 13. Over 349 million people view more than2.5 billion pages each!month. users produce about500,000 new posts and 400,000 newcomments on an average!day. 14. Among leading platforms!,+drupal,+sharepoint,+wordpress&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all 15. Kickass features! Take control, Doesnt Cost a Dime, Get Social, Track Your Popularity, Express Yourself in Style, Go Mobile, Multilingual,Your Content is Your Own, Safe and Secure, Say Goodbye to Spam, Blog with Your Friends and Coworkers, Add Images, Audio, and Video, Follow Your Favorites, Awesome Support! 16. Got any big examples? 17. Repository 1,600 Themes, 55,167,509 Downloads 21,312 Plugins, 348,124,025 Downloads& COUNTING 18. Beyond! WordPress powers 22% of new web sites. Used as a CMS in 92% on those sites. 19. Alright!I am impressed, now show me how. 20. I tell you better set your Focus1. Whats your goal? To document your travels? To share your passion? To inform? To entertain?2. What topics are you most interested in? Travel? Technology? Pop culture? Politics? Renewable energy!3. Whats your perspective? Are you a movie critic? A clothing designer? A pastry chef?4. Whos your target audience? Film buffs? Fashionistas? Foodies? 21. Wanna host your own? Find a web host Download & install from wordpress.org Read the documentation 22. How do I look like? 23. Dont like Coding stuffs? Q: I want it live fastest way, show me the way A: Give a try with 24. Get signed up with It takes some seconds 25. Working with Wordpress It happens at Dashboard Themes Posts { Categories, Tags } Media Pages Gravatar Links 26. The Dashboard 27. The Dashboard behind-the-scene control panel 28. Changing Themes 29. Themes & Plugins Depot Download and Install 30. Spice up your sidebar with widgets 31. Spice up your sidebar with widgets 32. Dashboard | Appearance | Widgets 33. Dashboard | Appearance | Widgets Drag-n-Drop does it all 34. GravatarDashboard | Users | My Prole 35. Gravatar 36. Get yourself published Posts vs Pages Posts = Blog posts, listed in reverse chronological order, use tags, categories Pages = Like About Me or Contact pages, may contain blog posts No limit on the number of posts or pages you can have. 37. Publish your rst post 38. Adding images Find copyright-cleared images quickly with Zemanta 39. Adding imagesAdd your own images to posts or pages 40. Embed videos in seconds 41. I want to be afamous blogger! 42. Get famous! Publicize 43. Get famous! Share links 44. Get famous! SubscribersFollow Blog Widget Invite friends RSS Widget 45. Get famous! StatsMonitor your growth 46. Relax! It takes time 47. Migrated? 48. Community Blogging Add more users as: (Users | Invite new) Administrator Editor Author Contributor Follower 49. Take away Get Started Customize My Site Create Content Add a Domain Go Mobile Manage Your Prole Add Media Get Social 50. Questions? 51. Resources Installation: Learning: Themes, Plugins, Widgets: Tips & Tools: Professional WP development: Getting more views & trafc: 52. Shameless Promotion