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Blogging in Business. Dawa N. Kam S. Jordan N. Luke H. Louie Y. Chelsea F. Grace W. . The New Generation Group. WHAT IS A BLOG ?. History of Blogs. 1994. 1997. 2005. 2006. 2004. 1999. Technical Considerations. Goals Budget Blog design and blog tools Platforms Hosted Blog - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Blogging in Business

Blogging in BusinessThe New Generation GroupDawa N. Kam S. Jordan N. Luke H. Louie Y. Chelsea F. Grace W. 1Blogging is the act of posting content on a blog.

WHAT IS A BLOG ?2History of Blogs3199419972005200620041999Technical Considerations4GoalsBudgetBlog design and blog toolsPlatformsHosted BlogStand alone blog platform

There are many issues one has to consider when setting up a blog. Your goals, budget and how technically able you are. One would also consider if they are going to make money from this blog in the form of hosting advertisements. And keep in mind an overall blog design and which blog tools one incorporates on the blog.

Regarding technicality, there are two types of blog platforms that are currently available.. Hosted Blog Examples6The hosted blog platform, notable example includes Wordpress, hosts your blog on their own domain. The advantage of this is cheap and free to run, relatively easy to set up, and indexed to search engines quickly. Unfortunately it is less configurable with default designs, generic URL, and upgrading it to a standalone can be tricky.Stand-Alone blog host examples7With stand-alone blog platform you have full control over customization options. It can be complicated to set up, there may be hosting issues, and there will be a cost in having your own domain name8

'Emotional' Considerations9Building trustCreativityBeing active and consistentOne of the things to get people to read your blog, besides having a relatable purpose with the audience, is the blog has to be trustworthy. A few ways to generate trust includes, having a photo of the author, trustworthy links to quoted sources, easy-to-read domain name that relates the blog, detailed content that is updated frequently, and perhaps a professional logo. Being creative helps generate ideas, conversations, with your audience. Through this constant feedback, one can discover insight leading, hidden ideas, be stress reducing, and can help work out ideas or problems. This leads to a cycle of continuous growth. By updating the blog with content is a way to stay relevant in the online community, to increase traffic to the blog. Create useful, powerful, attractive blog posts; the more content that is available, there will be an increase in likelihood that a reader will find what they are looking for.

How It Should Be UsedSharing of informationInteractionSharing expertise / experienceHelpful instructionsPosts should be open to commentsSharing of Information- ideas, interesting news,Interaction- A place to get together with people and talk through commentsShare knowledge and expertise Instructions on how to use softwarePosts should be open to comments - the main benefit to having a blog for your business is so you build customer relationships.. allowing your customers to comment and interact with you, is the best way to do soHow It Should Not Be UsedProviding ways to cut cornersTo completely self-motivateUsed as a personal blogDon't discuss insider informationposting bad shortcuts / how to cut corners in a way that could have a negative effect on the readerto completely self-motivate - obviously you want to market your company but if your blog is all just bragging about you and your business, people won't stay interestedused as a personal blog - what you say in the blog, represents your company so keep it professional and keep the posts away from your personal lifedon't discuss insider information - goes against legal rights and could also affect the reputation of your companyImportance of Blogging in BusinessImprove company's online presenceBuild relationshipHelp build brandsAttract media attention

Build your brand-"humanize your company"-"brand your company" positively Establish yourself as an authority-update with current info and spreads useful tips accordingly Connect directly with customers and potential clients (an area where small business is really at an advantage)-a great public relations solution-quick, effective and inexpensive-chance for free feedback from customers-help build customer loyalty --> increase site traffic Provide value to your community-to keep thing what you are representing current and relevant on the internetadd revenue through online advertising -put authors talent and knowledge on display--> sharing is caring -cost effective

TopicsTaxationGeneral knowledge/adviceAuditingSocial mediaFraudAccounting systems informationSatire

-The list of topics within any given accounting blog is a substantially long one, as such I have compiled a short list of topics that may appear in an accounting blog. Purposes:Taxation:inform readers of various tax regulations, codes, rules etc.General Knowledge/advice: Provide readers with basic accounting information (eg. filling out financial statements), advice for various issues (eg. filing for bankruptcy)Auditing: give information on different aspects of auditing, such as what to do if you are audited, how to perform an audit, the different types of auditors, how to become an auditor etc.Forensic Accounting:Accounting system information: how to's, tutorials, for various accounting programs such as quickbooksSelf mockery: provides a lighthearted comedic view of accountants and their various foibles and personal tendencies, experiences.

industry niche blogs: discussing business issues of a specific industry [from agriculture to web-based business]non-industry specific blogs [international, public companies, religious, small/medium enterprises, teen orientated]service niche blogs [audit, bankruptcy, business valuation, divorce finance, employee benefit plans, fraud accounting, finance, outsourced accounting, retirement, risk management, tax, technologygeneral practice blogswealth management blogsCPA or CA: non Practice blogs--> blogs by CPAs and/or CAs or non-profit organizations serving themcareer and leadership blogsfor fellow practitioners: peer to peer audiencesblogs regarding accounting/business by professors or studentsState/national/international society and association blogs [non-profit only]

Problems with Business BloggingRequires customer understandingRequires updatesTime managementNegative commentsLegal issues

Recommendation for Effective Business BloggingFocus on the customerUpdate blogsPlan aheadMonitor comments

Blog comparisonAccounting Blog:

Dustin R. Nestor (CGA)

Marketing Blog:

CastleCS Marketing and Advertising

1819Blog Comparison Accounting:- Informative approach. - Less selling more teaching.- updates about new policies and rules.- posts are inconsistent and infrequently updated.

Marketing:- frequent blog posts- interactive posts. - Advertising for firm as much as possible.- Links blog topics with services they offer.

Summary- What is a blog?

- History of blogging

- Blog structure

- Emotional considerations

- How blogs should/shouldn't be used

Summary (cont'd)- importance of blogging

- Accounting topics in blogging

- Problems with blogging

- Recommendations for effective blogging