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everything you need to know about going to college


  • 1. Back to School is the second biggest consumer spending event and hit an all-time high in 2012. $30.3 Billion $688 was the average spending for back-to-school clothing and supplies Back-to-school combined with back-to-college spending will reach: 72.5 Billion This Year

2. ONLINE RETAIL SALES 2012 15% 4% 3. Back to school shoppers are undecided Consumers are shopping for them selves Consumers are taking a multi-device platform for purchase. 61% start on smartphone Then continue on PC/Laptop 4. ONE THING TO REMEBER Back to school shoppers are undecided More than 1 in 4 compared prices online/mobile before 72% prefer to research what back- to-school supplies, electronics and apparels child needs 5. LIST OF BASIC SUPPLIES Laptop Colleges and universities around the country are making it a must have for college students. It is the most expensive supply college students need to get for school 6. PLANNER It is of UTMOST importance that your adolescent maintain his/her academic planner academic planners teach students time management skills. 7. BINDERS Binders are a must for college students Each binder should be reserved for a specific class t should be reserved for a specific class Encourage diligent note taking Students who take good notes do a better job at listening during class Good notes give students a better starting point for studying Students should read over the notes he/she took everyday before class 8. COLOR BALL PENS & HIGHLIGHTERS Color-coding, hi-lighting, and underlining are important habits for your high schooler to acquire when reading important school-related material Benefits of color-coding: Improves study morale Studies show that students who study color coded material score higher than students who study conventional black and white formats Color coded material means fewer eye fixations, which means that studying becomes a much more fluid and enjoyable process 9. POCKET FOLDERS To transport all homework, creative writing brilliance, and everything in between! Its useful to color code pocket folders according to subject For instance: Green= Earth Science; Yellow= Trigonometry; Etc. 10. TI 83 + CALCULATOR A graphing calculator is a necessity for students who will engage in more serious math subjects like algebra and trigonometry. Dont let your high schooler convince you that the graphing calculator apps on his/her smart phone are acceptable. Most teachers find the usage of cell phones absolutely unacceptable and insist upon graphing calculators instead. 11. FLASH DRIVE Flash drives are a crucial item for students to own. Flash drives enable students to work on the same project both at home or various locations across campus. While online software systems, like Dropbox, provide services that are similar to that of a flash drive, flash drives provide extra assurance to students, since it guarantees that all of his/her assignments will be in on time. 12. PENCILS Testing usually requires the use of a #2 pencils. Do NOT have your student be without one! 13. HAND SANITIZER Nearly 22 million days of school are missed annually due to the common cold A case control study of 6,080 schools reported that those who enforced classroom- dispensed instant hand sanitizer at specific times throughout the day experienced 20% fewer absences due to illness 14. Shoplet is the leading purely online office supply retailer. Founded in 1994, Shoplet is one of the original e-marketplaces. We specialize in everything and everything back-to-school as well as office supplies, break room supplies, and cleaning and maintenance equipment.


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