awq4mi – mrs. kalinowski pre-history: portraiture

Portraiture in Photography AWQ4MI – Mrs. Kalinowski

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Portraiture in Photography

AWQ4MI – Mrs. Kalinowski

PRE-HISTORY: Portraiture

PRE-HISTORY: Portraiture

CLASSICAL: Portraiture

MEDIEVAL: Portraiture

1500s: Portraiture

1500s: Portraiture

1600s: Portraiture

1700s: Portraiture

1800s: Portraiture

1910s: Portraiture

1920s: Portraiture

1930s: Portraiture

MODERN: Portraiture

1800S & 1900S…


Etienne-Jules Marey, Schenkel, High Jump, 1886

A scientist, physiologist seeking concrete/measurable facts to analyze human/animal movement

A mechanical device attached the subject to a wire with a pen. Subject’s movement activated the pen to draw on paper how the subject moved.

Quest: to picture a body’s “all at oneness” to display all moving parts of the body

Social Realist Painting vs. Photography

Peter Henry Emerson, , Furze-Cutting on the Suffolk Common, 1886

Gustave Courbet, The Stone Breakers, 1849-50


Jacob A. Riis, 5 Cents a Spot (How the Other Half Lives), 1890. A journalist - used photography to better convey conditions of


Muckracking:Exposing political/social corruption to the public.

Communicating news with photographs instead of text

Flash powder

Social Reform

Lewis W. Hine, Steelworker, 85 Stories up (left – looking north to Central Park/right – above Rockefeller Centre), 1931.

A sociologist- used photography to reveal dismal labour conditions and how people became insignificant in the urban/city landscape

Making changes in society and its perception

Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother 1936. Walker Evans, Allie Mae 1935


A ‘scientific’/visual description of individuals/cultures/peoples

Photographers took photos according to their own view and controlled the Other’s visual identity

Edward S. Curtis, Bear Bull-Blackfoot, 1926.

A self-taught photographer- documented Native Americans in a non-object/subject way (he used a ‘white, European culture filter’ that made natives appear romantic, pictorial, soft-focused, nostalgic, not assimilated, emotional & used props to stage scenes/people)

Ethnography as Social ConsciousnessA ‘scientific’/visual description of


Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother, 1936 (left) & White Angel Breadline, 1931 (right)

A photographer – photographed people impacted by WW1 during The Great Depression who became an “Other.” Her work called attention to poverty and directed aid to those in desperate need.

Romance & spectacle 1945 & 2012

Barbara Krugar

Cindy Sherman - Judith

Gregory Crewdson

Jill Greenberg

TODAY: The #selfie

Obama #selfie – etiquette?

Plane Crash Victim


Astronaut hovering in space

Dog shoots his own #selfie

“I woke up like this…”

Earliest #Selfies?Van Gogh – proto #selfie? (19th C)

Parmigianino’s – Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror (16th C) – the earliest #selfie?