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The Portraiture in Russia in the 18th Century


  • 1.ThePortraitureRussian Portraitures in the 18th Century

2. History of the portrait

  • New genre in Russia, influenced by the West, established in the 17th Century
  • Center of 18th century painting
  • From religious to secular painting
  • Artists: Fedor Rokotov, Alexei Antropov, Ivan Argunov, Dmitri Levitsky and Vladimir Borovikovsky
  • Frame of references: the society of the nobility
  • Toward the end of the century differences between painted man (noble, military) and women (feelings)

3. Peter the Great

  • In 1716 Peter theGreat (right) sent some artisans to Europe to study the European arts there.
  • Portrait from Ivan Nikitin, 1717

4. Ivan Nikitin (16881741)

  • One of them was Ivan Nikitin, who traveled to Florence and studied at theAcademy of Arts .
  • One of his most popular portraits is the Portrait of aField Hetman(right),that proves the effective transfer to the Western painting style

5. Fedor Rokotov (1736-1808)

  • The former serf studied art in theSaint Petersburg Academy of Arts .
  • Hisportrait of Alexandra Struyskaya(1772; left) is calledthe Russian Mona Lisa

6. Alexei Antropov (1716-1795)

  • He was the favorite painter of Peter III, who he painted at least four times.
  • Empress Catherine was not as excited as her husband about Antropov
  • (Self-portrait of Antropov, 1784, oil)

7. Dmitry Levitzky (1735-1822)

  • After he exhibits six of his portraits in the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg he got famos
  • Painted Alexander Kokorinov, Director of theAcademy of Arts in St. Petersburg(left, 1769) and got academician and Professor of the portrait painting class at the Academy of Arts for that

8. Vladimir Borovikovsky (1757-1825)

  • His art applies to be the last phase of 18th century traditions of Russian portraiture
  • On the right hisPortraiture of Catherine II, Empress of Russia , 1794


  • There was no Renaissance in Russia; right away the establishment of the Russian Baroque in the 18th Century
  • Western Europe and Peter the Great had great impact on the development of the Russian Portraiture
  • Artists seek to paint realistic

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