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  1. 1. Portraiture
  2. 2. Sub-Categories Street Documentary Formal portrait Intimate Portrait Fashion Art
  3. 3. Intimate Portraits Definition: Exploration of the photographers immediate environment.Photographers: Alfred Stieglitz Theodore Lux Feininger Dianne Arbus Arnold Newman William Eggleston
  4. 4. Alfred Steiglitz Pioneer of PictorialismFormed the Photo-secession used a number of elaborate techniques manipulating images291 galleryAimed to use photography as a creative mediumSelf-Portrait, 1907
  5. 5. Left and Right: Georgia O'Keeffe 1918, Alfred Stieglitz
  6. 6. Georgia O'KeeffePaul Strand1918, Alfred Stieglitz1919, Alfred Stieglitz
  7. 7. William Eggleston 1939 Captures image first time no editing Henri-Cartier Bresson the decisive moment Recognised as using colour photography as an art form
  8. 8. William Eggleston Jackson, Mississippi undated
  9. 9. Los Alamos 2002, Dye transfer printWilliam EgglestonMorton, Mississippi 1969-70
  10. 10. Formal Portrait Definition: A staged photograph in a studio or on location.Photographers: Annie Leibovitz Norman Parkinson Cecil Beaton
  11. 11. Nicole Kidman Annie Leibovitz
  12. 12. John Lennon and Yoko Ono Annie Leibovitz
  13. 13. Audrey Hepburn, Vogue 1955 Norman ParkinsonLegroux Soeurs Hat, Vogue 1952 Norman Parkinson
  14. 14. Whoopi Goldberg Annie Leibovitz
  15. 15. Fine Art Definition: Manipulation of photographic medium to create a work of artistic valuePhotographers: Julia Margaret Cameron Chris Bucklow Cindy ShermanEdward Weston Edward Weston
  16. 16. Julia Margaret Cameron "My aspirations are to ennoble Photography and to secure for it the character and uses of High Art by combining the real and Ideal and sacrificing nothing of the Truth by allpossible devotion to Poetry and beauty. Photographed high profile people of the time Alfred Lord Tennyson, Sir John Herschel Inspired by literature Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelite MovementSubject matter from paintings of Raphael, Giotto and Michelangelo Whisper of the Muse / Portrait of G.F. Watts 1865, Albumen print
  17. 17. The Rosebud Garden of Girls Paul and Virginia 1865, Albumen print Julia Margaret Cameron1868, Albumen silver print Julia Margaret Cameron
  18. 18. Chris Bucklow, 1959
  19. 19. Anima 7 Chris Bucklow
  20. 20. Documentary Definition: Documenting information about a subject over a period of time, using the camera to record the world.Photographers: Dorothea LangeEve ArnoldRobert WeingartenMagazinesLewis HineLifeDiane ArbusPicture PostMartin ParrNational Geographic
  21. 21. Amish 62, Elkhart County, IN, 2002 Robert Weingarten
  22. 22. Amish 34, Holmes County, OH, 2002 Robert Weingarten
  23. 23. Dorothea Lange FSA Farm Security AdministrationDocumented rural poor in America Great depression in 1930s Debate about whether this image is a true representation of the mother.Migrant Mother
  24. 24. J.R. Butler,Jobless on Edge of Pea FieldPresident of the Southern Tenant Farmer's Union Memphis, Tennessee 1938Dorothea LangeImperial Valley, California 1937
  25. 25. Activity In pairs, research one category and analyse two images by each of the photographers listed below. Towards the end of the se ssion we will discuss your research. Portraiture Dianne Arbus, Arnold Newman Fine Art - Cindy Sherman, Kate Isherwood Documentary Eve Arnold, Lewis Hine