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  • 1. Kelsey KeighleyUnit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeResearch of other photographerswork (P1, M1, D1)Photographer: Olga BaczynskaImage 1

2. Kelsey KeighleyImage 2 3. Kelsey KeighleyImage 3 4. Kelsey KeighleyImage 4 5. Kelsey KeighleyTheme or focus of imagesIn the first picture a man lay down on a dark wooden floor and a blue, green, whitecoloured bug. The man is lay down on the wooden floor with his he hands placed on hischest, slightly smiling whilst the bug is perched on his lips. The photo is focused on the mansface and the lighting is focused on the bug, around the face is quite blur and darkcompared to the focused parts of the photo, this suggests that they are the important partsof the image. The man looks quite relaxed and happy, not bothered in anyway by the bug.Looking closely at the picture you can see the shadows of the bug around the mans lips,this shows that the photo isnt manipulated in anyway. The photo was taken from directlyabove his face; the photographer did this to get every feature of the mans frame.Image number 2, a man is stood against a white background with his thumb in his mouth asif he was biting his nail. This image is a studio shot. The way he is stood is quite laidback, helooks to be biting his nails that he is nervous about the photo or just not bothered. The wayhe is dressed with his buttons undone, his hair / beard not styled could suggest he doesntreally care what he looks likes. The emotion on his faces shows a negative attitude. Thelighting is from just slightly to the right. The whole picture is in focus this could suggest thephotographer wanted their audience to look at the whole picture and not just focus on onepart.Image number 3, a man is sat with his head tiling down but looking up. This picture is also astudio shot, the lighting is really dark, and only the right half of his body is visible from thelight. The light seems to be coming from above, shining down onto him. He is mostly coveredin darkness this could suggest he is very mysterious and maybe seducing.Image 4, this image is of a woman looking up. This also looks like a studio shot just like theprevious two images. Looking up could suggest that she is intimidated. There are twodifferent coloured lights shining on her face, the left is cold colours and the right is warm. Herface is the main focus of the photo has depth of field.CompositionIn the first and last image the photographer has used the same technique as they are quitesimilar. The photo has been taken from head on and the main focus for them both is thefacial features. The last three images have been shot in a studio so the photographer haschosen how much of person they want to get in the frame. The decision of the frame affectsthe message of the image because as the first two pictures are different they have beendone deliberately. For example If the photographer wanted his audience to focus on themodels face in the second image, he would have cropped it down to a close up of theface.Techniques usedA few techniques are used during the production of these images. The second and lastimages are brighter than the other two this means the settings for the shutter speed on thecamera would be slower than they would be for the other two images. The shutter speed forthe bright images would be around 1s 1/60s this speed will change depending on thebrightness. The first image isnt too bright but isnt very dark, this means the shutter speed will 6. Kelsey Keighleybe at an average speed. Finally, the third image is very dark, the shutter speed will be set ona fast setting, usually around 1/500 1/1000s this also depends how dark it is.The rule of thirds could have been used when shooting this images, each of these pictureshave the models directly in the middle of the image. Depth of field has been used only inthe first and last image.Strengths & WeaknessesI think the lighting and the use of depth of field will influence my work. I like how the imageshave just the right amount of lighting where it is needed. I also like how depth of field is usedfor you to focus on a certain part of the image.I think a weakness for all four of these pictures is how much of the models body is shown inthe image. If I was to take a portrait picture I would add a bit more of the models body thanis show in the last image but not as much shown in the second.