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  • Sales Solution

  • AutoKrew is a next generation automotive IT solutions provider, engaged in

    advanced data engineering, business processes optimization and digital

    transformation. We empower our business partners to tackle the current market

    challenges, choosing the right digital technology portfolio, and aligning these

    with the core competencies and the chosen strategies of the organization. In a

    nutshell - "We empower your data!, We empower you!"

    HR Solution CRM Solution Sales Solution

    Pre Owned Cars

    Solution Procurement

    Solution Mutual Fund


    About us

  • Accounts





    Import the complete wholesale data

    Manage Prospect, Maintain Follow up, Schedule Test


    Boost your Sales by merging accessories, price list, and allocation

    approvals under same module

    Make the basic required changes instantly from here

    Reports that would help you to make evaluations and plan better sales strategies

    For the smooth flow, manage the audit , invoice and Gate pass from here itself


    Solution Overview



    Empower the Sales Department! AutoKREW Sales Solution brings the diversified Sales modules to a single platform by

    merging the entire scattered life cycle; right from the scratch to the end.

    Engage the Sales force to drive the business growth at a faster pace and raise the revenues.

    Tally Synchronization

    Discount Approval

    Profitability per car

    Test Drive Management

    Deal Structuring

    Stock View

  • An intuitive dashboard and an easy-to-use interface

    LIVE Dashboard


    An intuitive dashboard and an easy-to-use interface

    Pending allotments, contracts and deals displayed on the dashboard with count to help you decide from where to Start the day

    Also have a quick look of todays delivery and retails

    An overview of the cars in stock is also given to have a brief idea.

    LIVE Dashboard

  • Generate Gate pass

    Import Wholesale

    Sales/lead LIFE CYCLE Management

    Streamline Requests & Approval

    END to END Sales Life Cycle Management

  • END to END Sales Life Cycle Management

    End-to-end sales management system with detailed modules to address all sales processes from Generate Prospect to make Gate pass generation.

    Support provided on each and every stage of sales cycle including Audit, Invoice generation, adding Accessories and much more

    New & Demo Car Management region, location wise and branch wise

    Manage pre sales pipeline more efficiently with interactive charts

    Stock by Category Open, Allotted, Free, Hold, Not delivered, Shown as delivered etc.

    Sales/lead LIFE CYCLE Management

  • Prospect entry

    Streamline Requests & Approval

    Generate New Prospect

    Manage and Update Prospect

    Update the Prospects

  • Manage and Update Prospect

    Every sales consultant can add the new prospect into the system directly.

    Also the primary check for new prospect entry is mobile no., based on which the system prevents duplication of prospect entry

    Manage prospects and scale the priority of inquiry based on the last communication with the customer

    Also allows to upload any inquiry related documents

    View each customer case with follow up history and call logs

    Prospect entry

  • Test Drive management

    Streamline Requests & Approval

    Obtain Feedback on Test Drives

    Schedule Test Drive

    Schedule and Monitor Test Drive

  • Schedule and Monitor Test Drive

    Schedule the test drives for the inquiries generated in the simplest way.

    Pre book the time slot and the vehicle for test drive.

    The system also facilitates to obtain feedback from the customers for the test drive.

    This feature will help the Team Leader to scale the performance of the Sales Consultant.

    Test Drive management

  • Vehicle Details

    Allocation Management

    Streamline Allocation Approval

    Allocate vehicle to deal

  • To manage the inquiries and avoid clash of vehicle allotment, we provide organized allocation management.

    Here, the sales consultant can allot vehicle to a customers inquiry

    Stock transfer inter location and Suggestive/non suggestive allocation

    Stock ageing as per category

    Streamline Allocation Approval

    Allocation Management

  • Various Reports for evaluation


    Reports for better evaluation

  • Reports for better evaluation

    These various reports helps to evaluate the working flow of the system, and thus help to make better sales strategies in future.

    Open Stock: This report will show details about the open stock count of all the cars along with the various models available in the company.

    Wholesale Status: This report will display the wholesale count of the cars in the company including both allocated as well as open.

    Retail Dashboard: This report will show the retail count of each different type of cars sold from the company.

    Dealer Earning Summary: This report will show the dealers earning on each car with count of the cars sold.

    Inquiry Monitoring: This report will show the detailed bifurcation of the running inquiries, Test Drives and the rate of conversion.



    Tally synchronization

    Streamline Requests & Approval

    Tally Synchronization

    Parallel Tally Synchronization

  • Parallel Tally Synchronization

    Our system also provides feature of Tally Synchronization.

    This will directly record the payments made by the customer in Tally and maintain the logs for the same.

    Moreover, the payments made by the company will be also linked with the Tally.

    Hence the extra work of maintaining and matching Tally records is eradicated.

    Tally synchronization

  • Skip deal approval level

    Skip Approval Level for smooth workflow

    End Date

    Current Employee Name at the

    concerned level

    Start date

  • Skip Approval Level for smooth workflow

    Skip Deal Approval Level facilitates the Sales Team to skip the approval level if required.

    In case the assigned approval head is not available for certain time, to ensure that the smooth operation flow is maintained, this feature comes to rescue.

    Skip deal approval level

  • Select Approval Person according to levels

    Approval Matrix

    Divide the Approvals Budget Wise

  • Divide the Approvals Budget Wise

    For any car inquiry, an approval head is assigned for different levels.

    These levels are decided on the basis of budget range.

    The system provides a very easy interface for managing this distribution in the most efficient way possible.

    Moreover the user can quickly update the Approval Head, when required.

    Approval Matrix

  • Discover the power of AutoKrew

    Sales Management today!