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ThompsonChrysler Jeep Dodge RAM

1102 Business Center WayEdgewood, MD 21040(410) 679-1400



Operation Hours:Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 9:00 pmSat: 9:00 am - 6:00 pmSun: ClosedWhat our happy customers are saying about us:"From the moment we entered the dealership to the time we left, the entire experience was very pleasant. We were greeted at the front door and asked what our interests were. We were then introduced to our salesman, Ed Langmead, who was very personable, pleasant and was definitely not your typical "pushy" salesman-type. It was just like talking to a neighbor or friend. He found us the car we were looking for, we test drove that vehicle, then sat down to talk. We also had a pleasant experience with Julie who was very open and honest with us regarding all of the extra warranties available to us and she also was not the "pushy" type. We then met with the financial expert, Herb. Once again, he was very pleasant to deal with. We finalized the deal and were out the door.

- Michael BissettWhat our happy customers are saying about us:Mario was wonderful to deal with. He kept looking for a car to fit into our price range. The finance department was great. When our loan with the credit union fell through because the car was priced too high they helped me to find another loan so we could purchase the car. This was our second car we purchased through Thompson.

-go90junocom, Towson, MDWhat our happy customers are saying about us:Hands down an incredible experience. I purchased a 2012 Durango and I was so happy I went back and bought a 2012 300C two weeks later. Ed is a top notch sales person that cares about the experience his customers have and the quality of the vehicle they purchase. Ethan is by far the most fair and easy going finance person I have dealt with in 15 years of car buying experience. I am customer for life thanks to these two great guys. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

-pgarappolo, Middle River, MDWAYS TO CONSERVE YOUR FUEL EFFICIENTLY1. ReduceOne of the best methods to conserve on gas is to decrease your speed. According to the DOE, every 5 miles per hour you drive over 60 miles per hour represents a 7 percent decrease in fuel economy.

2. Examine Your Tire PressureUnder-inflated tires have more rolling resistance, which triggers you to burn even more fuel to keep the automobile moving. Describe your cars owners handbook, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (if geared up), or the Federal Motor Car Safety Standards (FMVSS) label on or near the drivers side door. Appropriately inflated tires could enhance your fuel economy by as much as 3.3 percent.

WAYS TO CONSERVE YOUR FUEL EFFICIENTLY3. Speed up With CareFast acceleration loses fuel. Speed up modestly so the transmission can move up into the higher equipment more efficiently. Rapid acceleration and braking can lower your gas mileage by approximately 33 percent on the highway and around 5 percent throughout city driving.

4. Drive A Consistent Speed.Follow the lead of trucks and keep a constant speed. Consistent decreasing and accelerating minimizes fuel economy. When suitable, consider using cruise control.

5. Avoid Excessive IdlingIdling your vehicle gets 0 miles per gallon

WAYS TO CONSERVE YOUR FUEL EFFICIENTLY6. Stick With StockNew tires and wheels may look cool, however if theyre not the like the OEM specs, they might create more resistance, thereby lowering fuel economy.

7. Clear out Your CarCarrying around additional luggage? or anything that you dont need for that journey? It only includes additional weight to your automobile and impacts fuel economy. Depending on your automobiles weight, an additional 100 pounds in your car can minimize your MPG by approximately two percent.

WAYS TO CONSERVE YOUR FUEL EFFICIENTLY8. Plan Your Trips BetterThink about grouping your journeys instead of making a number of excursions to accomplish your daily jobs. Several short journeys could use twice as much fuel as a single, longer journey that covers the same distance.

9. Use The Proper Maintenance Fluids and Replacement PartsConstantly make use of the engine oil, replacement parts and other fluids that the manufacturer recommends. Change your oil at the advised periods and follow the manufacturers standards for all regular upkeep.

Thompson Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamThompson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is a premier automotive dealership in Harford County and located right off of I-95 in Edgewood, MD. We have been in business for over 80 years and since the beginning our name has always stood for quality, value and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on continuing to adhere to the traditional values our company was built upon.

Our dealership also offers a completely stocked inventory of new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles. If you are looking for your next new or pre-owned Jeep, look no further. Our MOJO Custom Jeep technicians can fully outfit your new purchase, as well as your current Jeep. We are Maryland's Official Jeep Outfitter!Chrysler Dealerships Maryland

The Thompson Automotive Group:"A History of Success"The Thompson Automotive Group:"A History of Success"The simplicity of its name reflected the quiet confidence of its founder. The Try-Me Service Station opened for business in 1929, founded on owner Edmund Thompson's belief that once people tried his outstanding products and services, they would become loyal customers.

He was right! The Try-Me Service Station prospered despite the onset of the Great Depression. Building on his initial success, Edmund decided to take this same philosophy of customer satisfaction into automotive sales, marking the birth of the Thompson Automotive Group.

Fortunately, Edmund never strayed from his original dedication to customer service. When new car production was stopped during World War II, he was able to go back to his roots and keep his company going as a full-service gas station.

The Thompson Automotive Group:"A History of Success"The Thompson Automotive Group:"A History of Success"The end of the war was a new beginning for Thompson Motor Sales. The company prospered in post-war years, adding Packard to the Thompson lineup in 1954. More importantly, those years marked the entrance of Edmund's sons, Edmund Jr. and Frank, into the family business.

In 1956, the Thompson family demonstrated their commitment to long-range growth by making a bold decision. Realizing that Willys, Studebaker and Packard were obsolete, they dropped all their existing lines in favor of becoming a Mercury dealer. The wisdom of this decision was proven by years of steady growth, culminating in the addition of Lincoln to the Thompson product line in 1969.The Thompson Automotive Group:"A History of Success"In 1973, another family member joined the Thompson team. After completing a tour of duty in the Air Force, Frank's son, Doug, added his commitment to the family business. And what a business it has become!

Tom Thompson Sr. is the automotive group's current President, and in keeping with the Thompson legacy of business acumen and foresight, they have extended their philosophy of complete customer satisfaction to all other new dealerships:

- Thompson Mazda on Merritt Boulevard, operated by Doug Thompson;- Thompson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Dundalk, operated by Ron Thompson;- Thompson Hyundai also in Dundalk on Merritt Boulevard;- Thompson Toyota Scion and Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Edgewood, operated by Fred Anderson.

The Thompson Automotive Group:"A History of Success"On behalf of every member of the Thompson family:

Thank you for your support in the past and we look forward to serving your automotive needs in the future.

Tom Thompson - PresidentDoug Thompson - Vice President/SecretaryRon Thompson - Vice President/TreasurerEdmund Thompson III - Vice President

Since 1929Thompson Automotive"Where you don't just buy a car, you buy a company."

ThompsonChrysler Jeep Dodge RAM

1102 Business Center WayEdgewood, MD 21040(410) 679-1400



Operation Hours:Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 9:00 pmSat: 9:00 am - 6:00 pmSun: Closed