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2. Global Clientele 3. What is CONFORM? Patented Concrete Forming Technology (CFT) Components interconnect together to create a finished concrete wall Rigid polymer components that serve as concrete formwork for: bearing walls non bearing walls shear walls retaining walls foundation walls 4. Wall TypesCF8i 200 mm 8 wall insulatedCF8 200 mm 8 wallCF6 150 mm 6 wallCF4 100 mm 4 wall 5. ConcreteService ChannelInsulationPolymer ShellReinforcing Bar CF8i (200mm-8 Wall-Insulated)ANATOMY OF A CONFORM WALL 6. Colour ChoicesTanWhite 7. Cost Competitive CONFORM is cost competitive with quality CMU construction Quality CMU construction is Built to codeBuilt by a qualified contractorPaint or finishing on exterior surfacePaint, gypsum board interior surface 8. The CONFORM Advantage Integrated building technology Solid concrete technology -Built tough built to last! Easy to design using our CFD (CONFORM Design) tool bars for AutoCAD Unparalleled finishing flexibility Fast-track construction increase bottom line 9. Integrated Building Technology The CF8i wall assembly has a minimum effective R-value of 22 (RSI 3.82) in cold climates Maintenance-free walls that will not leak or rot, is resistant to UV degradation and to mold/mildew growth Effective deterrent to termites and other pests Since CONFORM is an integrated building system, it incorporates the insulation/air/vapor barrier within the wall envelope 10. Experiencing these problems ? Rust & Corrosion? Peeling Paint? Mold & Mildew? Staining? Hard To Keep Clean? 11. The only solution that is:Corrosion Resistant Durable Easy to Clean Requires Minimal Maintenance Constructs Quickly 12. Constructs Quickly Every project is custom made in our factory All components are pre-cut and labeled for easy on site assembly Less skilled labor required on site / cleaner overall work site Reduced Construction Schedule 13. Cleans Easily Cleaning CONFORM Walls is easy using household cleaners and a power washer For tougher stains use Revive or Graffiti remover 14. Application and Uses Limited only by the designers imagination (where concrete can be used, CONFORM can be used) CF8i (8 thick Insulated Wall): Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Agricultural and Foundation Walls CF6 & CF8 (6 & 8 thick walls): Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Mid-rise Residential. CF4 (4 thick wall): Low-rise Residential, Commercial, Institutional 15. For additional information visit our or contact us toll free1.877.747.WALL(9255)


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