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<ul><li> 1. Assessing on the Go-collecting and storing the evidenceE -Assessment Case StudyDeveloped byAnnette WinchGold Coast Institute of TAFEApril 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. AT Gold Coast Instituteof TAFE we are pilotingEvidence collected meets the criticalthe use of Ipads and e-aspects for the following units:-portfolios for our inhouse Diploma of VET TAEPDD501A Maintain and enhancestaff developmentprofessional practiceprogram TAEDEL502A Provide advanced facilitation practice TAEASS501A Provide advanced assessment practice TAEDES505A Evaluate a training programSome of the benefits of using an e-assessment model for our staffdevelopment programs are:-Enhanced PDP processModelling innovative teaching, learningand assessment practicesSustainable educational practicesComplianceTransference of e-assessment model tocommercial delivery programs 3. We need to discussyour Professional Fantastic , now Ican discuss gettingDevelopment Planmy Diploma of Vet(PDP) and the steps or Bachelor in VETyou need to take tobecome anAdvanced VETPractitionerIm only new toteaching, why do Ihave to bother with aPDP AND worry aboutbecoming an AdvancedVET Teacher? 4. Quality educationaloutcomes are a result ofthe VET practitionerbeing actively involvedin a cycle of continuousReflect on your currentimprovementprofessional Practice Lead peers inPlan a professionalprofessional developmentdevelopment programDemonstrate Participate in advanced facilitation and professional practice assessment practicesactivitiesReference: IBSA Holistic Assessment Materials, TAE50111 Diploma in Vocational Education and Training, 1st Ed 2011 5. Whats thepurpose of thiscycle ofcontinuous improvementFocus on quality teachingPathway to advanced VETteaching qualificationsCareer advancementEmployment opportunitiesCompliance requirementsFocus on Industry andeducational currencyEnsuring our teaching staffhave the capability to meetour current and futurestrategic direction 6. What sort ofevidence do Ineed to collect?current PDPthird party observation reports offacilitation and assessmentfeedback from learnerslesson planstimetabling and attendancevideo or audio recordings andphotographsassessment recordslearning and assessment materialsdeveloped by you, or used in yourpracticejournal entries or diariesFormal Qualifications or certificationCertificate of membership to industryand professional bodies 7. How will I collectand storethis evidenceOne of the best portableand sustainable orgreen ways is to usedigital or e-assessmentcollection and storagemethods.Such as using Ipads and apps to collecte-portfolios to store it 8. I could use the iPad to :-Record audio, video orphotos of my teaching andassessing complete and signobservation checklists andmarking criteria guidesE-portfolios are just like havingmy own web page in cyberspace. I can :-Collect and store all myevidence over timeselect who sees ituse it for RPL applications orjob interviews, even assessmentsubmissionsUse the evidence todemonstrate an advancementto a leading teaching position 9. I want to look atsome IPad and e-portfolio examples Wow , I could usethese e-assessmenttools for my own students assessment or RPL evidence collection and marking criteria checklists !! 10. Completed observation checklist Interactive PDF form completed usingthe ipad Document signed on Ipad and emailedto student and admin as audit evidence Photographic evidence can be capturedand attached to electronic markingcriteria This concept now being integrated intoall teaching areas: on campus , in theworkplace and RPL as evidencecollection tool and process Interactive PDF forms and Ipad/tabletprocess also being implemented acrossadministration to enable digitalarchiving, thereby reducing printing andarchiving storage costs. 11. Eportfolio concept currentlybeing introduced into thetrades for Cert 1 carpentry asevidence storage collection to enable schools to review students progress To enable potential employers to view students work prior to offering apprenticeships 12. Where to fromhere * Staff access to Ipads- see Team Leader * Institutes Ipads and purchasing Apps managed by Library. WI-278, WI- 279* Staff training using Ipadsand Apps ApptitudeTraining June Staff PDWeek* Creating PDF InteractiveIgue s s IForms (Adobe Acrobat Pro )n e e d t o June Staff PD Weekd o * Staff training and processs o me t h i nto create e- portfoliosgt o ma k e * Auditor Acceptancet hi sh a p p e n !! 13. At Gold Coast Institute of TAFE we used thefollowing resources for our e-assessmentpilot: -IBSA Holistic Assessment Materials,TAE50111 Diploma in Vocational Educationand Training, 1st Ed 2011I Pad and PDF expert AppDropbox and email to transfer data toand from I PadsMahara e-skills E-portfolio systemContactAnnette Winch Training and Development Advisor Gold Coast Institute of</p>