Don't Go On Tours, Go on Field Trip Adventures!

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Sara Bryce Kozla, Linda Jerome, and Brooke NewberryLa Crosse Public LibraryGOALS OF THE LIBRARY STAR GRANT-FUNDED INITIATIVE1. Provide a Library field trip adventure for all second graders in the city between January and May to encourage continued use of the public libraries2. Strengthen ongoing partnership with schools to facilitate shared programming.INTRO:-what we have for them-what it means to be a Library Stars-explain what will happen next15 Minute Rotations:-Room Tour-Book talks-Behind-the-ScenesWhy does it work?-Tours are a priority-We put on a show-Value-added still from animated Volvo commercial parodyby Delov DigitalContact us!Sara Bryce Kozlasara@lacrosselibrary.orgTwitter: @PLSanders Jeromelinda@lacrosselibrary.orgTwitter: @lindaloujBrooke Newberrybrooke@lacrosselibrary.orgTwitter: @be_newberry Chuck Norris