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How to use the verb GO. Introduction.


  • 1. GO TO, GO ON, GO FOR, GO -ING Go

2. We usually saygo to + (name of a place) Go to work Go to London Go to a concert Go to bed Go to a restaurant... But Go home 3.

  • Wego onholiday every summer.
  • Children oftengo onschool trips.
  • This summer I want togo ona cruise


  • After work I alwaysgo for adrink.
  • Do yougo for arun every day.
  • We want togoto Scotlandfor aholiday.(You can sayon holidayorfor a holiday ).


  • Wego shoppingevery Saturday.
  • Id like togo skiingthis weekend.
  • Did yougo fishingwith your father?

Go 6. Do play or go? Go is used with activities that end -ing . We go somewhere to do something: 'I go fishing on Sundays.' Does she go skiing in Winter?' 'She says she wants to go swimming.' 7. Do play or go? Play is used with ball sports or competitive games where we play against another person: 'How often do you play tennis?' 'I play poker with my friends on Friday night.' 'I don't like playing computer games.' 8. Do play or go? Do is used for a recreational activity or a non-team sport that does not use a ball (like martial arts or gymnastics): 'I heard that you do karate. 'I do crossword puzzles in my free time. She does Yoga.