art and the context of society

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Art is about a search for new patterns that fit a greater whole beyond the context of our society.


  • 1. Living in a certain place and time,

2. we tend to think 3. within a certain set of values 4. and act upon them 5. as if they are universal. 6. And we use our critical skills 7. to judge 'everything'. 8. It is a set of values 9. that is the sum 10. of the whole society, 11. and living by its rules 12. is more or less 13. part of the game. 14. The game of a society 15. that keeps a certain balance 16. between individual desire 17. and the common good. 18. But that does not mean 19. those values are universal. 20. That they apply everywhere. 21. And in all times. 22. That just means 23. they are good 24. in a certain context. 25. The context of that specific society. 26. In that specific time in history. 27. Art is also criticized 28. in the spirit of that age. 29. But one of the characteristics of art is, 30. that it is a search for new patterns 31. that fit in a greater whole, 32. which go beyond the context 33. of that specific society 34. in that specific time.