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Armenian genocide-Oral presentation-Language and Culture II



2. 1- The deliberate killing of a large group of people,especially those of a particular nation or ethnicgroup2- The term "genocide" did not exist before 1944. Itis a very specific term, referring to violent crimescommitted against groups with the intent todestroy the existence of the group.. 3. 1- Armenian Massacres. 1894-1896. First near-genocidalatrocities committed against the Armenianpopulation of the Ottoman Empire, during the reignof Abdul Hamid.2- 1895. The CUP is formed. It is center is the Young TurkRevolution against Abdul.3- 1908. Bulgaria is liberated from Turkish rule byRussia.4- Young Turk Revolution. 1913. The CUP seized thepower in a coup detat. Turanism and Islamicfundamentalist agitation. 4. 5- World War I. The Ottoman Turks were allied withGermany and Austria-Hungary. The Armeniansfought with Russians.6- April 25th, 1915. Beginning of the ArmenianGenocide.7- 1918. End of the Armenian Genocide. Battle ofSardarabad. 5. 1- The Turks began by disarming the entire Armenianpopulation .2- 40.000 able-bodied Armenian men were taken intothe Ottoman Armed Forces.3- April 24th, 1915. Constantinople (now, Istanbul). 300Armenian political leaders, educators, writers, clergyand dignitaries were taken from their homes, brieflyjailed and tortured, then hanged or shot. 6. 4- May, 1915. Claiming that the Armenians wereuntrustworthy, Talaat ordered their deportation torelocation centers in the deserts of Syria andMesopotamia5- Mass arrests of adult men and teenagers throughoutthe country by Turkish soldiers, police agents andbands of Turkish volunteers6- Mass deportation: Death Marches.