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Video analysis of Teddy Picker- Arctic Monkeys


  • 1. Arctic Monkeys:Teddy Picker

2. Fast paced editing is used at the beginning of thevideo to cut between the band members andinstruments quickly. This signifies to the audiencethat they are setting up in a studio. This is backedby the song not starting until 40 seconds in.Furthermore, the fast paced editing could connoteto the audience that the actual song has a fast paceto it, meaning that the fast paced editing wasrepresenting it. This makes it quite symbolic. Aneye line match is used at 1 minute 15 seconds, toshow to the viewer what the band member ispointing at. This eye line match is also focusedin, which connotes to the viewer that it was done fora reason and the band want the viewer to see it.Focus is also used throughout the video to attractthe viewer to specific things such as, instrumentsand band members.Editing 3. The first shot which shows the bandmembers is an establishing shot; thissignifies to the audience that theyhave done this to introduce the bandright from the beginning. Variousclose ups on the band members toconvey to the viewer the amount ofconcentration and effort that is usedwhen playing guitar and drums.Panning is used throughout the videoto move from one band member toanother to portray to the viewer thata different band member isperforming. For example, the songbegins with the drummer and thenpans over to the guitarists.Camerawork 4. Multiple mid shots areused throughout the videoto show the viewer thebody language of the bandmembers whenperforming, thusconnoting their effort andattitude towards the videoand song. Zoom is used tozoom in on the bandmembers whilstperforming. This is doneat a fast pace and once ithas fully zoomed, thecamera slightly shakes.This could be done torepresent the type ofmusic being played.Before zoom in After zoom inCamerawork 5. Low angles are used when thelead band member is singing.This is done so that the cameralooks up at him, meaning thathis authority over the band isbeing portrayed to the viewer.Hand-held camera is used atpoints in the video, this willmean that the camera will not besteady and instead slightlyshaken and fast moving. This iseffective to use for a music videoof this genre because it will makethe video speed up along withthe song. This will allow them tobe synchronised together.Camerawork 6. High key lighting is usedthroughout the videobecause it is set in astudio which has lightsspecifically placed to aimtowards to band membersand specific instruments.The costume usedthroughout the video bythe band members isquite casual, thisemphasizes that theydont need to be dressedup because they are in astudio and also justwalking to a pub.Mise-en-Scene 7. The props used throughoutthe video are mundaneinstruments which youwould stereotypicallyexpect to see in a studio fora band of this genre. Theseincludeddrums, guitars, amps, microphones and mixing desks. Mise-en-Scene 8. Dialogue is used at thebeginning of the video; this isto add to the effect that theyare setting up in the studio fora performance. The video givesthe audience the impression ofdiagetic sound because theband are miming the lyrics andplaying the instruments in syncwith the music. However, thisisnt diagetic because the musicis edited in after in order togive this effective impact on theaudience. Sound