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  • 1. Shot 1 (0.04secs)
    This shot shows a part at the beginning flicking through various images of instruments clearly used within the song. These images are fast passed possibly giving an indication that the music is going to be upbeat and fast quick. This is just a mid-shot showing some surroundings giving us a taste of location (a recording studio) this suggests a casual/relaxed feel to the video.
    Shot 2 (0.05secs)
    This begins the introduction of people into the video by using a meat shot. Its showing this particular person wearing headphones a stereotypical feature of a recording studio equipment suggesting to us where the remainder of the video will be filmed.
    Shot 3 (1.08)This is a blocking shot behind a computer showing the lead singer in a relaxed atmosphere, showing a narrative not directly linked to the video but of the bands behaviour prior to recording the actual song, this is going on as the lead singer shown on screen sings in the background.
    Shot 4 (1.23)
    This is a low angle shot also showing the lead singer in his element, this suggests his authority in the video. Throughout the video low-key lighting is used as you can see in this particular shot also used along with some artificial lighting to add to the atmosphere
    Shot 5 (1.37)
    A storyline on screen is used as the lyrics match the action on screen showing the band from a medium-long shot. The saturation and editing of this shot has been changed to give it an old style effect, this could suggest they are editing their video to fit the style of genre. The men are wearing stereotypical clothing of bands from this genre (e.g. leather jackets, dress shoes, etc.)
    Shot 6 (2.09)
    This is a close up shot; using sound perspective to enhance the fact the guitar is the most prominent instrument at this point
    Shot 7 (2.12)
    An extreme close up is used on the guitarists face to show concentration at the high point of the song, this could suggest the intensity of the music at this time. Natural lighting is used at this point to show the expression on his face.
    Shot 8 (2.16)
    The narrative of the song is then re-introduced, as the image on screen is representative of the lyrics being sung. Low-key lighting is used to suggest a nightly atmosphere and used a mid-shot to show the actions of the actor to suggest they are important to the song.
    Shot 9 (2.38)
    This begins to produce a 360degree shot as the guitar solo comes into place, At this point the band are being shot in the studio again without the help of a narrative on screen, possibly suggesting the instruments are the most important feature at this point. We can also see the casual clothing of the band members, giving a more relaxed feel in the studio.