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Newly resurrected antiques and collectibles e-zine providing an exchange for antiques, artists, collectors and samples.


  • 1Marys Antiques

    in Greensboro

    Resurrecting Pickers Pedalscontinued pg 4

    The Exchange forAntiques, Artists,

    Collectors & Samples

    Mary Wells has been buying andselling on South Elm Street inGreensboro, NC for over 40 years.She is short but feisty, short but willlift anything, short but willing to dealand short but will help you locateanything!

    She has supplied dcor forrestaurants, hotes, clubs, furnituremarket showrooms and 168 grocerystores all over the US. Nearly 150were personally delivered by her sothat she could buy at shops, antiquemalls, barns and auctions all the wayback to Greensboro. Meanwhile, herteam at home worked to sell, cleanand touch up pieces for the nextdelivery when they would load and

    unload more Penske trucks.Her husband and daughter would

    sit at auctions practically every Fridayand Saturday night whileshe had to decidewhether or not to bid.

    Marys Antiques hasspecialized in unusualarchitectural items mantels, doors, ironfencing and gates,fretwork and windowshutters. The shop is alsofull of large and smallfurniture items backbars, Victorian

    sideboards, golden oak dressers anddesks, pine flat back cupboards.Small items such as print blocks andtype, hundreds of old buttons,postcards, and alphabet letters.

    Shopping is an experience you willenjoy at Marys!We Rise, Like a

    Phoenix from

    the Ashes...Well, for those of our steadfast and

    loyal magazine recipients, please firstaccept our profuse apologies forcreating a ground breaking e-magazine and then abandoning it all

    after four short months years ago.Ours is a common story Daleshealth issues demanded that allprojects like Pickers Pedals Passions& Blunders had to be put on the backburner. And my focus turned moretowards teaching more kidstraditional Chinese kung fu, which isthe other side of my love for Asianhistory and cultural arts.

    Fast forward to present day and asmall dedicated group of antique andcollectible enthusiasts have steppedup to the plate to help us resurrectPickers Pedals Passions & Blunders.We have a new look but we reallyhavent changed. Were still the samefolks who walk into a barn battlingraccoons and black rat snakes to gopickin. Were still the same folks who

    knock on doors and call on people inthe industry who just want to connectwith others. And were still the same

    February 2015 Pickers Pedals Passions & Blunders

  • 2Souped Up Buscontinued next pg


    Literary Giants

    Are Among Us

    While our peers American Pickers,American Restoration, Pawn Stars,and Antique Road Show on Cable TVand other publications like Garden &Guns, Architectural Digest, and RobbReport, Pickers, Pedals, Passions,and Blunders concentrates on thepeople who made our country great.

    Most every American has made acontribution to preserve our historyfrom small ways recognition their onfamilies possessions to seeing allsegments of history are preservedthrough the written word.

    Many may have the talents ofothers to express pros that bringsvivid images through word or talentsof the brush with color and a fewstrokes or pickup use tool to expressbeauty.

    It has been said beauty is in theeyes of the beholder with totaldisregard to the number of eyes whoseek and desire to be the holder.

    Fortunately I meet many peopleevery day with special gifts andtalents.

    But two literary giants who I havethe met personally, both recognizedin their own right.

    Aruthu Jones, pen name Triston

    Jones, is a hero to most all well readsailors and and boaters. Triston isknow for his courage sailing aroundthe world writing about the water whoI set knee-to-knee at the AnnapolisLiterary Giants continued next pg

  • 3Literary Giants continued

    Literary Giants continued next pg

  • 4folks who drool all over classicand antique automobiles as well asselect choice items at different antiqueshows.

    So many people from everywherehave kept in contact with us over theyears and we truly appreciatedeveryones encouragement andenthusiasm in resurrecting this e-zine.When Dale and I started it, it was alabor of love and much fun for us givenother projects we had previouslyundertaken. We were so shocked athow many people from all across theglobe contacted us wanting to knowmore about our unique businessmodel. What was funny were someof the responses we got when webasically told people we really did notmake money, were lucky to breakeven and that our magazines mission

    Resurrecting Pickers Pedals cont. was to provide service to others.Now that last phrase is very importantand potent. There is no higher callingthan to be of service to others.

    The small staff of people who nowstand behind Pickers Pedals Passions& Blunders are dedicated enthusiastswho want to connect others. Thankyou to everyone out there for yoursupport many years ago and I hopeyou will give us a chance to win yourhearts over once again. We needadvertisers who want to get the wordout about their businesses and we alsoneed feedback from everyone as tohow to make this a better publication.Now witness a beautiful Phoenixarising from the cold ashes ofyesteryear. We promise it will be fun,too!

    - Renee Warren & Dale Swiggett

    Literary Giants continuedBoat Show in 1989.

    Jim Snyder is known for being aACC basketball player, MoreheadScholar, painter, writer, and anattorney.

    Handpainted bar, 43 inches wide by 80 inches tall, wine rack, glass holder, slideout counter, storage, great condition, $650.00 - Call Pickers Pedals Passions& Blunders at 336.340.6299 or email water.warrior8@gmail.com

    Renee Warren is theEditor of PickersPedals Passions &Blunders. She grewup around antiquesand collectibleswhile living in bothNC & SC but justwishes she had paid more attention toher grandmothers about their love of an-tiques and collectibles. Her favorite cat-egory is anything Asian or Oriental.

    Dale Swiggett is thePublisher of Pick-ers Pedals Passions& Blunders. Hegrew up in the Triadarea of NC and hasbackgrounds intextiles and real es-tate development.

    But his passions include history, travel,waterfront culture, and gets weak in theknees over classic automobiles.


  • 5Jarvis House in New Bern, NC


    This item to the left isa page out of theNational HistoricRegistry applicationdone on the JarvisHouse. The link to this9 pg PDF can befound below.

    Items fromPickers,

    Pedals,Passions,& Blunders

    will befeatured at theJarvis House.

  • 6Classifieds....

    Cream with brown trim enamel overiron wood cook stove. $850.00 -Call Pickers Pedals Passions &Blunders at 336.340.6299 or emailwater.warrior8@gmail.com

    Bolt down carnival ride horse,1940s. To be ridden as a child on aMerry-go-round. $485 - CallPickers Pedals Passions & Blundersat 336.340.6299 or emailwater.warrior8@gmail.com

    Red farm cart pulled by a persongoing to market with vegetables forsale. Popular in many countriesabroad. $325 - Call Pickers PedalsPassions & Blunders at336.340.6299 or emailwater.warrior8@gmail.com

    Tavern sign from Europe. Excellentcondition. Two sided enamel. Wouldwithstand any weather. Cast ironframe. $650 - Call Pickers PedalsPassions & Blunders at336.340.6299 or emailwater.warrior8@gmail.com

    Book press, floor model fromEngland, circa 1890. $1,800 - CallPickers Pedals Passions & Blundersat 336.340.6299 or emailwater.warrior8@gmail.com

    Branch bench, real branches, 54inches long, excellent condition,$209.00 - Call Pickers PedalsPassions & Blunders at336.340.6299 or emailwater.warrior8@gmail.com

    Our admiration of the antiqueis not admiration of the old, butof the natural.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • 7Classifieds....

    Floor model oak revolving showcase,4-sided, drawers and doors. Circa1910. Very unusual item. $2,200 -Call Pickers Pedals Passions &Blunders at 336.340.6299 or emailwater.warrior8@gmail.com

    Four drug store counter stools,chrome on steel bases. Circa 1920sand 1950s. $125/ ea. - Call PickersPedals Passions & Blunders at336.340.6299 or emailwater.warrior8@gmail.com

    A Lions Head Greets My Guests

    For those in the know of all thingsAsian, soon it will be time to usher inthe Year of the Wood Sheep. Theofficial Chinese New Year starts onFebruary 19th this year and unlike ourcountrys traditional New Year theAsians follow a lunar calendar. So, Iam thrilled to have received a trulywonderful and thoughtful holiday gift

    from dear friends of mine. I nearlyteared up once I unwrapped thismagnificent colorful ceramic ChineseLion holding a gold coin in his mouth,a very auspicious sign.

    This beauty now sits just inside mydoor to my home office, which facesmy front door. The colors and thefiring and glazing of the ceramic areabsolutely gorgeous!

    So, as February 19th rolls around,be sure to go eat some goodauthentic Chinese food and tell yourhost, waiter, cashier, etc Gung HayFat Choy! (Cantonese) or Gong XiFa Cai! (Mandarin). And to saythank you say Xie-xie (pronouncedshi-shi). A few cultural traditions tocelebrate the new lunar year are toeat very long noodles, wear red orbrightly colored clothing, and ofcourse, lots of good food, family, andfriends.

    - Renee Warren

    Walnut country wardrobe, circa 1840, Eastern NC, pegged, square nailed, interiorsplit shelves, hanger design, $850.00 - Call Pickers Pedals Passions & Blundersat 336.340.6299 or email water.warrior8@gmail.com

  • 8Classifieds....

    White medical cabinet, 37 incheswide with 8.5 inches side trays by 17inches deep, 70.5 inches tall, originalfinish and hardware, beveled glass,great condition, $1,650.00 - CallPickers Pedals Passions & Blundersat 336