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A New Way to Feel the Relief from Your Allergy and Asthma Symptoms


  • A New Way to Feel the ReliefFrom Your Allergyand Asthma Symptoms


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  • Doing Nothing Can MakeSomething Annoying, Bad andSomething Bad, Worse

    Exposure to dust mite and pet allergen are widelyaccepted to be one of the most importantcauses of allergic disease for many people. And,continued exposure aggravates allergic illnesses,which can lead to the development of others.Allergies are also risk factors for thedevelopment of more serious, chronic andeven life threatening illnesses like asthma andsinusitis.

    Enjoy Significantly ReducedAllergen Levels From Now On

    When properly applied, Allergy Relief Treatmentprovides a residual effect for up to six months.While most users report that treatment every sixmonths is highly effective, in the case of severeillnesses or challenging conditions in the home,treatment may be required every three months.

    Naturally, you have to maintain a commitment toanti-allergen cleaning and treatment as part of anEnvironmental Control program. Thats because,unfortunately, we can never eliminate dust mitesand often cant part with a beloved pet. Andanimal allergen can persist in the home for yearseven after the source has been removed, makingconsistency of Environmental Control efforts acritical factor in keeping allergen levels low.

    Not Just Effective ButAffordable

    Cost can often be an obstacle to reducingallergen levels. In an effort to make reliefavailable to as many sufferers as possible, theResponsibleCare System of anti-allergencleaning and treatment is remarkably affordable,especially in comparison to many expensiveEnvironmental Control products and services.

    Obtain Immediate SymptomRelief

    When a bedroom has been completely cleaned andtreated using the ResponsibleCare Anti-AllergenSystem, results are often seen within the first threedays, and often during the first night!

    Imagine getting a good nights sleeptonight!

    Anti-Allergen services dont replace all the othersound Environmental Control practices yourealready using. But by coming at the problem in atotally new and different way the levels of allergenare radically reduced, often providing instant relief.

    Dr. J Maberly, a consultant physician and allergyexpert at the Airedale Health Authority in YorkshireEngland demonstrated that the use of the activeingredient in Allergy Relief Treatment producedsignificant changes in reactivity and markedlyimproved symptoms in his patients.


    In 2002, the NationalInstitutes of Healthpublished the results of a 3-year study determining that46% of North American

    homes have bedding with enough dust miteallergen to cause allergies. Of these homes, 24%had levels that were five times greater than thethreshold to cause allergic reactions!

    Doctors now recommend that the mostimportant way to reduce symptoms, control andeven prevent the development of allergies andasthma is to avoid or minimize exposure to theseindoor allergens.

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  • The ResponsibleCareAnti-Allergen Cleaning andTreatment Service Process

    The place of exposure to the greatest amount ofallergen for the longest amount of time is in thebedroom. Up to 60% of the dust mites found inthe home are actually living in your bed and youspend about one-third of your life in thebedroom! And, bedrooms are the easiest area tocontrol as an allergen free zone. Therefore, thebedroom is the highest priority treatment area.

    Your cleaningprofessional will firstvacuum the mattress,carpeting and anydraperies or upholsteredfurniture using anexterior vented vacuumor HEPA-filtrationvacuum cleaner.

    The mattress is then thoroughly cleaned on allsurfaces and deodorized (if required) using theResponsibleCare cleaning agents and a special low

    moisture cleaning tooldesigned to leave themattress as dry aspossible. Followingcleaning, Allergy ReliefTreatment is applied toall mattress surfacesusing a fine mistapplication. The mattressis then placed in a drying

    position and a special air mover used to speed thedrying process, which, depending upon temperatureand humidity, normally takes about an hour.

    The same safe cleaningagents are used to cleanthe bedroom carpetingand if desired, anyupholstered furniture orrugs. This is followed byan application ofAllergy ReliefTreatment. Once again,

    a speed drying system is set up to dry the cleaneditems as quickly as possible and bring thehumidity down to normal levels promptly.Baseboards and windowsills are cleaned as well.

    While the cleaning and treatment service is beingperformed it is highly recommended that thebedding and pillows be washed in hot water andthat two cups of Allergy Relief Treatment beadded to the rinse cycle. This is so effective as alaundry treatment that it need only be used everyfourth washing.

    While servicing the bedroom is the highestpriority, significant benefits may also result fromcleaning and treating other areas where allergysufferers spend lots of time. These areas includethe upholstered furniture and carpeting in roomswhere time is spent watching television, readingand so on. Also, all carpeted areas and upholsterythat pets have access to should be cleaned andtreated.

    A test for the presence of dust mites in quantitiesrequiring treatment is also available from yourservice company. This test will only detect dustmites and will not provide information on petallergen.

    So Effective, We Guarantee It

    When the ResponsibleCare System of anti-allergen cleaning and treatment is used to servicethe mattress and carpeting in the bedroom ofallergy sufferers, it is guaranteed to provide anoticeable improvement in allergy symptomswithin three days or the service company willrefund the portion of their charges for applicationof Allergy Relief Treatment only.




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  • Feel the Relief by ReducingLevels of Dust Mite and PetAllergens in Your Home by90% or More

    There is now a revolutionarynew anti-allergen cleaning andtreatment program called theResponsibleCare System thatallows you to safely, easily andaffordably reduce the levels ofthese serious allergens by 90%or more!

    You already know thatsuccessfully managing allergicillness consists of doing

    everything you can from taking your medicationto practicing good Environmental Control. Themost important objective of EnvironmentalControl is to minimize or avoid exposure toallergens from dust mites and pets, the mostpotent allergens found in indoor air. TheResponsibleCare System is a powerful new way toachieve this objective.

    The ResponsibleCare System includes speciallyformulated cleaning agents used prior to applicationof Allergy Relief TreatmentTM on carpets,mattresses, upholstery, rugs and bedding. AllergyRelief Treatment is a hypoallergenic solution thatcontains a powerful active ingredient derived fromnaturally occurring extracts found in renewablefruit and vegetable seeds.

    Understanding Allergies andAsthma

    Allergic illnesses develop when the body isoverexposed to certain allergens. In effect, thebody programs itself to consider these normallyharmless substances as illness causing intruders tobe defended against. The way the immune systemguards the body is by producing what are knownas IgE antibodies.

    This continued allergen overexposure not onlycauses the allergic illness but can also result in thedevelopment of other ones as well as much moreserious, chronic and even life threatening allergicdiseases.

    Allergens are proteins that have unique shapesthat identify them as allergens to the antibodiesin the immune system. The allergen is like a lock

    The Allergy Relief Treatment formulation was effective in reducing theconcentration of Der p 1 (dust mite allergen) in pooled house dust samples by 90%.

    Dust Mite Allergen Denaturation: A Trial of Allergy Relief Treatment Richard Thorogood, MI Bio., Auckland University School of Medicine

    The ResponsibleCa

    Comparison of Der p1 denaturation ofAllergy Relief Treatment

    Allergen Der p 1 Reduction on Der p 1Denaturant (ug.g-1)* ConcentrationControl(de-ionized Nonewater)Allergy Relief 2.9Treatment (1.93.9)*concentrations of Der p 1 remaining in house dust samples after treatmentwith allergen denaturant. 95% confidence intervals in parentheses.



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  • and the antibody islike a key that fits

    only that lock. The bodys IgE antibodies are constantly on thelookout for the presence of the allergen they werecreated in response to, sort of like keys floatingaround the immune system looking for the locksthey were created to fit.

    When these antibody keys find a repetitivepattern of allergen locks, the body defends againstthese perceived intruders by the antibodies bindingwith the allergen, much like inserting a key into alock. This sets off a chemical reaction designed toprotect the body from infection. This rush ofchemicals into the body is what is experienced as anallergic reaction or asthma attack.

    How Allergy Relief TreatmentTM


    Allergy Relief Treatment is a very safe, simple andhighly effective way of changing the shape ofallergen proteins, making them unrecognizable to the body!Nothing about the allergen ischanged except its shape. So,when this shape is changed,there is no repetitive pattern thatidentifies the material as an allergen andtherefore, there is no allergic reaction!

    Another way of looking at it is that Allergy ReliefTreatment disassembles or takes apart the allergenlocks. In a very real way, the lock is still there.Only now it is in the form