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Allergen Control Certification Program_Allergy Qc_04.10.2016






Allergen Control Certification Program_Allergy Qc_04.10.2016

Our Committee of Experts3Allergy Quebec warmly thanks all the devoted and highly qualified experts that have contributed to the elaboration, restructuration and preparation of the exceptional Allergen ControlTM certification program.

The members that make up this exceptional committee are listed below:Health Canada. Dr. Sbastien La Vieille, Chief Scientific Advisor Food Directorate, Allergen regulation specialist.Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Marie-Sylvie Trottier, Operations Specialist Imported and Manuf. Food Division, Regulation specialist.Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Dr. Lamia LHocine, Food Allergen Researcher Scientist.Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Qc). Anas Amyot Brazeau, Food Inspection Advisor and food Allergen Recall Specialist.Medina Quality & Food with A conscience. Dr. Nicolas Gryson, Director of Operations, Development and Program Management.Leclerc Group Inc. Sbastien Beaulieu B.S. Food science, Vice-President Quality.Leclerc Group Inc. Christine Maltais B.S. Food science. Chemistry. Director of Quality Assurance.Innovaltech Inc. Valrie Charest, B.S. Micr., Project Manager. Food security Consulting Vice president.C. Dupuis Food security Consulting. Christine Dupuis B.S. F. Micr., Food Safety Consultant, Allergen management specialist.Law Consultant. Christine ODoherty Lawyer, teacher and professional coach, President.Allergy Quebec. Anick Provost B.S. Biochem, Director of Food Safety Allergen ControlTM Certification Program.

Allergen Control Certification Program_Allergy Qc_04.10.2016


The first and the only certification program existing in the market that controls, ensures and certifies the absence of up to 8 allergens in food and food packaging.

A strong guideline that enable food and packaging industry to implement a safe an effective control of the allergens by using an optimal and reliable method based on risk assessments, communication & training, testing and exclusive requirements dedicated that accurately manage and control the allergens.

A masterful program where each of the requirements were developed and validated by involved experts with the mandate to ensure the absence of the allergens targeted in the program by optimizing the safety, while making sure that all the requirements were accessible and achievable in the food industry.

Allergen Control Certification Program_Allergy Qc_04.10.2016



An affordable program for all type and size of industries.

Safe and reliable requirements that can be used internationally and merged into HACCP & GFSI standards

A Combined certification audit (ACTM- HACCP/GFSI)

The only certified mark of conformity made and approved by various government authorities, food security specialists and members of the food industry A well thought program in every way!

Download the booklet of requirements on our website :


6The development of the Allergen ControlTM programs requirementsOur working approache

Mandate appropriate and involved specialists with different backgrounds related to allergens and representing different professional fields such as the followings: scientific researchers - food allergens, public food regulatory and safety authorities, food safety consultants, public health authorities, food allergy associations, food manufacturers and lawyer.

Establish and understand all the risks in the food industry.

Determinate which allergen can be considered in the Allergen controlTM program based on various factors: risks of cross contamination in the raw materials, prevalence, validated rapid qualitative and semi-quantitative test kits, detection threshold limits and possible interferences in testing depending of the food matrix

Reviews and compare the studies related to food allergies to identify potential threshold doses (at the lowest and most securitary levels possible for the vast majority) of the targeted allergens included in the program.

Build the requirements based on the food security international standards such as HACCP and GFSI.

Obtain a consensus from the members of the comity for each of the 160 requirements.Allergen Control Certification Program_Allergy Qc_04.10.2016

7Eligibility of a company

Allergen Control Certification Program_Allergy Qc_04.10.2016Allergy Qc is evaluating the eligibility of each application prior to getinvolve with all costumers and reserves the right to reject applications that do not meet the program eligibility criterias. Ex: Food recognized to provoke some interference during the allergens detection tests.Companies wishing to certify their products for the absence of milk, eggs, soy, and sesame. The presence of milk, egg, soy and sesame seed allergens in powder form is not accepted on the facilitys premises. All other forms of these allergens must be subject to a documented risk assesment process undertaken by the facility. The company must demonstrate that all risks are effectively handled and under control in order to ensure the security of the certified products.Companies wishing to certify their products for the absence of peanuts or nuts are required to be dedicated (Absence of those allergens in ALL raw materials)


Allergen Control Certification Program_Allergy Qc_04.10.2016A facility in which the raw materials supplier have the targeted allergen on the same production line as the one used in the composition of the certified product. The answers reportedin the allergen declaration table of the risk evaluation form are NO in the first column (I) and YES in the second and third columns (II, III) for the targeted allergen.

A facility in which the targeted allergen is present in the raw materials used in thecomposition of the certified product. The answers reported in the allergen declaration table of the risk evaluation form are YES in all three columns (I, II, III).Unauthorized situations

All suppliers of raw material as to sign a commitment related to the allergen declaration (Appendix C)Allergen Declaration Table

Allergen Control Certification Program_Allergy Qc_04.10.20169Appendix CAllergenic Risk Assessment and Reporting Form for Suppliers of raw materials(Ingredients, packaging, maintenance products, cleaning and sanitation products, pest control)

Supplier CommitmentKeep a copy of this form as a letter of guarantee, and fill out a new form every year or each time there is a change.As suppliers for (name of establishment manufacturing the certified products) _______________________, we request that you inform us without delay of any change or recall situation that could have an impact on allergen safety or the general safety of the product you supply to us.I, the undersigned, understand that the declarations made herein will be used for the purposes of evaluating suppliers under the Allergen ControlTM program and therefore I hereby certify the accuracy of such declarations made to (name of establishment): _____________________________.Supplier contact name: ____________________________________________________.Position: _______________________________________________________________ .Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _________________. 1/4Supplier commitment The supplier commitment is part of a detailed and accurate form used to conduct the risk assessment related to allergens for ALL raw material entering in the establishment

Main requirements10Commitment of the management. The establishment must have a documented policy outlining its intention to meet its obligations in regards to the production of safe products free of the allergen for which it has received the Allergen Control certification, as well as taking responsibility in regards to its clientele. Supplier approval. Strict conditions for approval of raw materials and suppliers.Allergen risk assessment. Specific analyzes of the dangers related to allergens. Plans for monitoring and controlling hazards.Communication and training. Employee training to all workstations based on their tasks and responsibilities.Optimal cleaning and validation procedures. To ensure the efficiency of the cleaning in order to prevent the contamination by allergens.

Allergen testing. Ingredients, other raw materials, environment and finished products.Evaluation of labeling and use of the brand on the packaging. (related to the requirements of the ACTM).Exclusive additional requirements to optimize the control of the targeted allergen. Involving local, raw materials, equipments, personnel, transport, receiving, production, cleaning, packaging, storage and shipping.

Allergen Control Certification Program_Allergy Qc_04.10.2016

Steps of the process

Audit by an impartial and approved certification body recognized by a Standards CouncilCertificate of compliance

Production of the first 3 product lots. Analyses (B-M-E of each lot) of the targeted allergens

Industries appliesto the programAllergy Qc studies the application. Meeting in the facilit


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