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<ul><li> 1. Animals and plands propected in Poland</li></ul> <p> 2. Black stork (Ciconia nigra) Sort of big bird from family dating bocianowatych1.jpg 3. Goat (Rupicapra rupicapra) living in the high mountains, such as the Tatra Mountains 4. Orzesznica (Muscardinus avellanarius) a species of small, red-haired rodent of the family popielicowatych the sole representative of the type of Muscardinus, who lives in the woods. It feeds on nuts, berries and acorns. acorns 5. (Haliaeetus albicilla) Sort of big rapacious bird. Erroneously called eagle. 6. a marmot is characterized by the fact that gwirzdze when it is close to danger 7. Salamanderthe caudate is a species of frog in the family of six species with a distinctive appearance and a wide range. Reclusive lifestyle. There are numerous subspecies. In Poland, subject to strict protection as a species requiring protection. protection 8. Bear Brown-passes for the most powerful land predator in the Polish occurs in a population of 30-35 animals 9. Gronostaj-a species of small predatory mammal of the Marten family (Mustelidae). For the summer has Brown fur and changing the winter on white color.In the sammerIn the winter 10. Bison, the order Artiodactyla. The 2012 world resources species at around 4663, 11. Lynx is a species of land mammal of the felidae family underlings Occurs in Europe and Asia. In addition to cat, Lynx and Wildcat are the only ones occurring in Poland, representatives of the felidae 12. Sasanka is a species of plant in the jaskrowatych family 13. Wawrzynek wilczeyko (Daphne mezereum) The plant is highly poisonous.Under the total protection. 14. Rosiczka okrgolistna(Drosera rotundifolia) The plant is covered by strict protection in Poland there is a species in the wild throughout Europe and in North America and Asia. In Poland the common enough on the Moors. It is a plant of insectivore 15. Spring snowstorm- species of plants belonging to the family amarylkowatych. The name leucojum is derived from the Greek words is leucon their violet-white 16. Nymphaea Alba - One of about 50 species of the genus Nymphaea. Due to the showy, large flowers floating on the surface of the water the species is in cultivation, in particular in the form of colourful varieties of flowering. It is also a medicinal plant. In many countries the species due to the threat of natural positions covered by legal protection was also protected in Poland. Poland 17. Caltha palustris a species of plants belonging to the family jaskrowatych. It is widely distributed throughout the northern hemisphere: occurs throughout almost Europe, Asia and North America . In Poland it is common on the swampy meadows and in the lower parts of the mountains 18. Orchisa kind of perennial plants belonging to the orchid family (Orchidaceae). 19. Snowdropspecies of plants belonging to the family amarylkowatych, the typical kind of Galanthus. In the wild known from the forests of southern and Central Europe 20. Edelweiss Meet in Poland, it is really a challenge. This is under strict protection plant, growing with us only in the Tatras 21. The end. !!!! 22. Have developed : Magdalena Krakowiak Katarzyna Kdziora </p>