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  • in Krakw, Poland
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  • Poland
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  • Location Krakw Poland
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  • Location Facts City population 756,267 Metropolitan area population 8,000,000 Krakw is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland.
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  • Education in Krakw Major centre of education More than 10 university institutions Student population 170,000
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  • History of Jagiellonian University Collegium Maius, Oldest building in Krakw Oldest and best know university in Poland Founded in 1364 Originally named Cracow University and renamed in 1817
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  • Clock in Collegium Maius Click here to view video
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  • Library One of Polands largest libraries 6.5 million volumes Large collection of medieval manuscripts Extensive collection of underground political literature
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  • Education Data Total students 49,379 Undergraduates 43,762 Postgraduates 3,212 Doctoral Students 2,405 Academic Staff 3,657 Disciplines 48 Specializations 93
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  • Campus Revival Project The Campus of the 600th Anniversary of the Jagiellonian University Revival. A long-term project was launched on May 23, 2001. The construction period was set for 2001-2010. Consists of modern buildings housing departments of science, natural science and Faculty of Management and Social Communication
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  • Among the Best Ranked by the Times Higher Education Supplement as the Best University in the Country.
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  • Program Structure (Faculty) Law and Administration Medicine Pharmacy Health Sciences Philosophy History Philology Polish Studies Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science Mathematics and Computer Science Chemistry Biology and Earth Sciences Management and Social Communication International and Political Studies Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology
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  • Online Application System Home Page OAS Account Application Rules Registration Step by Step Instructions Study Programs Search Engines FAQ Delivering Documents Electronically
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  • Courses Picking courses: talog/rok_rekrutacji/12/tryb_ubieg ania/n/widocznosc/e/ talog/rok_rekrutacji/12/tryb_ubieg ania/n/widocznosc/e/
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  • Grading System Grading percentages correspond similar to the United States, they just present them differently Conversion Chart 6.0- Excellent (rare)100% 5.0- Very Good90%+ 4.5- Good Plus85-89% 4.0- Good80%+ 3.5- Satisfactory Plus70-79% 3.0- Satisfactory60-69% 2.0- Unsatisfactory0-59%
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  • Academic Calendar Fall semester- Beginning of October till mid-February Two-week break for Christmas holidays One-week vacation period in February Spring semester- Mid February till the end of June One-week break for Easter holiday Summer vacation- Beginning of July to the end of September.
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  • Accommodations Halls of residence Halls of residence make up the majority of university-allocated accommodation Lodgings These are rooms in private houses where the landlord or landlady lives on the premises. Private housing A house or flat.
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  • Getting a Visa Dont freak out about it Apply and get accepted to Jagiellonian University, keep your acceptance letter Apply for your visa approximately 90 days before you are scheduled to enter Poland It is necessary to go turn in all documents in person at the nearest consulate
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  • Getting to Krakw United States to the Poland Fly into Warsaw International Airport Flying: To Krakw Airport Train: All the way to Krakw Bus: Many daily bus services to and from a variety of larger cities so you would be able to take a bus to Krakw
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  • Getting Around Krakw No subway in Krakow Tramways Bus lines
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  • Getting to Jagiellonian University Bus Tramlines Foot Bike
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  • What to Bring Umbrella, sunglasses The temperature is relatively moderate but pack for colder winters and warmer summers. Not as extreme as Kansas Pack clothes for outdoor activities (hiking, soccer, running) if you plan to participate in them A camera A journal or blogsome sort of way to keep track of memories and experiences
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  • What to Bring A few (lightweight) books or DVDs (consider bringing an e-reader to eliminate the weight of multiple books) Pictures/mementos from home to decorate your room and help alleviate homesickness
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  • Electricity and Your Stuff Electrical current varies from outlet to outlet, so a voltage converter is not always necessary, but the chances of needing something to adapt the shape of the plug are high Poland uses 220 volts
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  • Money Matters The zoty currency is the PLN. Always be aware of the current exchange rate between PLN and USD Most banks are open only during the week. If you choose to open a bank account, bring your passport and a proof of residence in Poland There are many ATMs but be careful to cover your PIN when inputting it Many ATMs have a charge, some dont but you are able to use most debit cards
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  • Cost of Living Depending on your personal situation, lifestyle and habits you may have different needs At least 1100-1300 PLN per month in order to cover the cost of decent accommodation, pay for the local transport, and even go out occasionally This amount should cover the costs rent, food, clothing, personal hygiene, local transport, study materials, telephone and other expenses **not the tuition fee
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  • Monthly Expenses (Approximate) Accommodation 400-600 PLN Food 500 PLN Books and entertainment150-200 PLN Local transport 65 PLN
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  • Staying in touch Poland is 7 hours ahead of Kansas time The university provides free internet, so Skype, GoogleTalk, Facebook, etc. are all easily accessible means for staying in touch with friends and family from home. Remember not to let staying in touch with people back home overshadow having new experiences abroad
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  • Medical Concerns Recommended if you are not up-to-date with routine shots such as, measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus (DPT) vaccine, poliovirus vaccine, etc. For prescription medicines you take every day make sure you have enough to last during your trip. Keep them in their original prescription bottles and always in your carry- on luggage. Check the Center for Disease Controls website ( for any additional vaccines necessary before arriving in the
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  • Top 10 Things To Do Franciscan Church Rynek (Town Square) Collegium Maius Planty Kazimierz Wyspianski Museum Dragons Cave Chlopskie Jadlo (Food) Concerts Sukiennice (Shopping)
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  • Weather in Krakw MonthAvg. Temperature (Celsius/ Fahrenheit ) Avg. Precipitation (mm/ Inches) January-3.326.121.83 February- March1.935.423.91 April7.745.915.59 May13.556.3582.29 June16.762.1702.76 July18.064.4682.68 August17.363.1612.40 September13.155.6421.65 October8.246.8351.38 November3.237.8411.61 December-0.930.4321.26
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  • Useful Websites Jagiellonian Universitys home page In English Jagiellonian Universitys home page In Polish
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  • Contact Info Jagiellonian University, International Student Office ul.Straszewskiego 25/3 31-113 Krakw, Poland Tel: +48 (12) 633 15 46 Email: