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  • Intercultural Differences POLAND & RUSSIA
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  • Population: 38,635,000 Capital: Warsaw 1.6 million Main cities: Krakow 0.8 million, Wrolaw 0.6 million Currency: Zloty, Groszy Fertility rate: 1.39 Life expectancy at birth: 74 years Main religous group:Roman Catholic (98,8%) POLAND General Information
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  • POLAND lost independence in World War II became a communist country under the control of the former Soviet Union freed itself in 1989 by the democratic party Solidarnosc accepted in the EU in 2004
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  • usually handshake flatter women by a kiss on the hand personal title use, Mr (Pan), Mrs (Pani) followed by the first name or surname hugs (also men) POLAND Culture: Greeting
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  • while eating no conversations large vodka consumption, toast to the guest vodka bottle has to be emptied POLAND Culture: Cuisine
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  • punctuality is vital for establishing your reliability begin and end business with a small gift building individual business relationships particular attention and respect must be paid to older people negotiations are reserved and thoughtful POLAND Culture: Business
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  • Do use personal titles Personal titles use, Mr. (Pan), Mrs. (Pani) followed by first name or surname title: director, doctor (in business) Do try to learn some basic Polish words greeting phrases: Dzie dobry (hello), Dobry wiecz r (good evening), Do widsenja (Good-bye) POLAND Do s and Don ts
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  • Do smile and maintain direct eye contact during your conversation Don't be surprised if after the first meeting your partner engages more friendly conversation once initial relationship has been established Don't over compliment Don't try to hide your feelings and emotions POLAND Do s and Don ts
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  • POLAND Krokw
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  • POLAND Krokw stare miasto old town
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  • POLAND Krokw stare miasto old town
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  • POLAND Szczawnica
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  • POLAND Dunajec
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  • POLAND Dunajec
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  • POLAND Dunajec
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  • POLAND Szczawnica
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  • When entering the meeting room in Poland, if there are people you do not know, you should wait for a third person to initiate introductions ? POLAND Polish Culture Quiz true or false?
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  • POLAND Polish offices operate an open door policy where you are free to enter and discuss business at any time Polish Culture Quiz true or false?
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  • POLAND If you are invited to a Polish home, a small gift such as a bottle of wine or flowers for your host is generally expected Polish Culture Quiz true or false?
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  • Meetings are often scheduled for a Sunday when people have more time do discuss business matters. POLAND Polish Culture Quiz true or false?
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  • POLAND It is quit acceptable to greet your Polish business colleagues with three air kisses Polish Culture Quiz true or false?
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  • Population: 142,754,000 Capital: Moscow 10,5 million Main cities: St. Petersburg 4,7 million, Novosibirsk 1,4 million Currency: Rubel, kopek Fertility rate: 1.34 Life expectancy at birth: 65.87 years Main religous group: Russian-orthodox (66%) RUSSIA General Information
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  • Boris Yeltsin established the Russian Federation in 1992 after the decay of the Soviet Union in 2000 Vladimir Putin became President Russian economy increases by 5 % to 10 % RUSSIA
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  • when welcoming people, consider the ranking order and say the name with the titel of the person give a strong handshake as it shows character polite to name people by first name + owitsch (men) / ovna (women) RUSSIA Culture: Greeting
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  • Russian cuisine with high fat content impolite not to try large vodka consumption always after a toast drinking vodka always goes in hand with eating more people drink tea than coffee it is allowed to smoke during the whole meal RUSSIA Culture: Cuisine
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  • important to make gifts (but no vodka!) Russians show great hospitality Russians are rather conservative better to wear conservative clothing with ordinary colours you should not wear shorts, short skirts, clothings RUSSIA Culture: Other
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  • punctuality very important negotiations take longer than in Germany with more restaurant attendance timetables aren t binding more flexible Russians are rather neutral confidence and personal relationship are very important RUSSIA Culture: Business
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  • never drink alcohol alone never give away yellow flowers symbol of misfortune RUSSIA Don ts
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  • RUSSIA St. Basil's Cathedral and the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin
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  • RUSSIA Rostov-na-Donu
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  • RUSSIA Kamchatka
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  • RUSSIA Moscow State University
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  • Russians like to get gifts in form of vodka! RUSSIA Russian Culture Quiz true or false?
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  • When greeting people it is always ladies first ! RUSSIA Russian Culture Quiz true or false?
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  • Russian negotiations take longer than in Germany! RUSSIA Russian Culture Quiz true or false?
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  • Russians like to critic often and directly during a negotiation! RUSSIA Russian Culture Quiz true or false?
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  • Lukas and Vicky say Dzienkuje and ! for your attention POLAND & RUSSIA


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