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  • 1. Andrew Jackson Downing (1837-52) Athenaeum of Philadelphia

2. Downing Estate in Newburgh, NY Public Domain 3. Montgomery Place,a Downing and Davis Collaboration Public Domain 4. Matthew Vassars Springside, in Poughkeepsie:a sadly typical remnant Copyright 2005 Mark Thorn 5. Gatekeepers House, Springside Copyright Mark Thorn 2005 6. Matthew Vassars Springside: a trace of Downing Copyright Mark Thorn 2005 7. Newburghs City Club, a.k.a. Dr. Culbert House; patients entranceCopyright Mark Thorn 2005 8. Culbert House,addition by Henry Hobson Richardson Copyright Mark Thorn 2005 9. Downings Journal: The Horticulturist Public Domain 10. In repose at Cedar Hill Cemetery Copyright Mark Thorn 2005