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<ul><li> 1. *ANCIENT HISTORY </li></ul> <p> 2. * *INVENTION OF WRITING: MESOPOTAMIA, AROUND 3500 BCE. 3. * *Very important civilizations developed along large rivers: Egypt China 4. * *Later, the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome developed along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Anzient Greese 5. * *Founded cities like Athens or Sparta. *Sailed the Mediterranean, bringing their culture to other people. *Invented democracy. *They were famous for their interest in Philosophy, Science and Art. 6. * *Rome had a powerful army with which it conquered many territories all around the Mediterranean Sea, building a great Empire. *They spoke Latin. *They built cities with temples, circuses, aqueducts, bridges and roads that connected them. *Roman language, culture and laws became common in the conquered countries. 7. * *IBERIANS AND CELTS -Iberians: Mediterranean coast. - Celts: The north and the central part of the peninsula. They were farmers, merchants and artisans. *PHOENICIANS, GREEKS AND CARTHAGINIANS - Stablished colonies along the south and eastern coasts. - They built cities, like Cartagena or Cadiz. They were traders, and they brought new customs to Iberians and Celts, like the use of money. 8. * *The Romans invaded and conquered the Iberian Peninsula, naming it Hispania. *Hispania was a part of the Roman Empire for more than 500 years. People spoke latin and followed Roman laws and customs. *Spanish, Catalan and Galician all come from latin, like Portuguese or French. *There are still many monuments all over Spain from the Roman period. 9. * 10. * 11. * 12. * 13. * 14. * 15. * </p>