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  • 2. SECTION I Single Correct Answer Type There are five parts in this question. Four choices are given for each part and one of them is correct. Indicate you choice of the correct answer for each part in your answer-book by writing the letter (a), (b), (c) or (d) whichever is appropriate
  • 3. 01 Problem Bauxite is an acid mineral of : a. Boron b. Barium c. Aluminum d. Bismuth
  • 4. 02 Problem Thallium shows different oxidation state because: a. Of its amphoteric character b. Of its high reactivity c. It is a transition metal d. Of inert-pair effect
  • 5. 03 Problem Which is most amphoteric? a. MgO b. Na2O c. CaO d. AI2O3
  • 6. 04 Problem The wire in the flash bulb is made up of : a. Mg b. Ba c. Ag d. Cu
  • 7. 05 Problem Which of an ore of potassium? a. Crinoline b. Dolomite c. Bauxite d. Carnality
  • 8. 06 Problem The basic character of hydrides of Vth group elements decreases in the order: a. SbH3>PH3>AsH3>NH3 b. NH3>SbH3>PH3>AsH3 c. NH3>PH3>AsH3>SbH3 d. SbH3>AsH3>PH3>NH3
  • 9. 07 Problem Which of the following has maximum value of cation/anion ratio? a. KCI b. NaCI c. CaF2 d. MgCI2
  • 10. 08 Problem HCI is added to the following oxides which one would give H2O2 a. PbO2 b. MnO2 c. BaO d. None of these
  • 11. 09 Problem Which of the following pair of atomic numbers represents s-blocks element? a. 6,2 b. 7,15 c. 3,20 d. 9,17
  • 12. 10 Problem Which one of the following is smallest in size? a. O2- b. N3- c. F- d. Na+
  • 13. 11 Problem Which one of the following of correct order of the size? a. Na
  • 14. 12 Problem Electron affinity of noble gas element is : a. Low b. High c. Very high d. Zero
  • 15. 13 Problem Which one of the following benefication process is used for the minerals AI2O3.2H2O? a. Leaching b. Liquidation c. Froth floatation d. Magnetic separation
  • 16. 14 Problem The process of converting hydrated alumina is called: a. Smelting b. Roasting c. Calcinations d. Dressing
  • 17. 15 Problem The lightest metal is: a. Fe b. Li c. Ag d. Cu
  • 18. 16 Problem ( NH4 )2 SO4 n(CF2== C X Here, X is : a. RMMA b. PVC c. PAN d. None of these
  • 19. 17 Problem Amongest the following. The strongest base is : a. Aniline b. 2.4.6 -Trinitron aniline c. N , N diethyl aniline d. 2, 4, 6- trim ethyl aniline
  • 20. 18 Problem Nitrosoamine (R2N-N=0) are insoluble in water. On heating them with conc. H2SO4 they secondary amines. The reaction is called: a. Etards reaction b. Fries reaction c. Liberman nitroso reaction d. Perkins reaction
  • 21. 19 Problem Benedict solution provides: a. Li+ b. BO2+ c. Cu2+ d. Ag+
  • 22. 20 Problem Acetaldoxime reacts with P2O5 to to give: a. Ethyl cyanate b. Methyy cyanide c. Ethyl cyanide d. Mixture of all these
  • 23. 21 Problem The colour p-amino azo benzene is: a. Cango red b. Orange c. Magenta d. Indigo
  • 24. 22 Problem With Tollens reagent a silver mirror will be formed by a. Acetic acid b. Acetaldehyde c. Acetyl chloride d. Acetone
  • 25. 23 Problem Ethyl alcohol is heated with red phosphorus and HI then which of the foll0woing is formed? a. CH4 b. C2H4 c. C2H6 d. C2H5
  • 26. 24 Problem When charcoal burns is jar it forms the gases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide: 2C + O2 2CO 2COs + O2 2CO2 These reaction are called: a. Substitution b. Ionization c. Oxidation-reduction d. Decomposition
  • 27. 25 Problem Which of the statement is wrong among the following? a. Habers process of NG3 requires iron as catalyst b. Hydrogenation of oil uses iron as catalyst c. Oxidation of SO2 to SO3 required V2O5 d. Frieda-crafts reaction uses anhydrous ALCL3
  • 28. 26 Problem The chief source of bromine is : a. Sea-weeds b. Chile-salt petre c. Carnalite d. Sea water
  • 29. 27 Problem Which of the following gas cannot be dried by canc. H2SO4? a. Ph3 b. NO c. H2 d. CO2
  • 30. 28 Problem If NaOH is added to an aqueous solution of Zn2+ ions white precipitate appears and on adding excess NaOH. The precipitate dissolves. In solution zinc is in the : a. Anionic part b. Cationic part c. Both in cationic and anionic part d. There is no zinc left in the solution
  • 31. 29 Problem The bubble of impure phosphene burns into flame as soon as it comes in contact with air and produces a ring of white smoke. This smoke is due to: a. The formation of phosphorus nitrite b. The oxidation of phosphene to pentoxide c. The formation of phosphorus phosphene d. The carbon particles present in the phosphene
  • 32. 30 Problem Which of the following element is responsible for oxidation of water to O2 in biological processes? a. Mn b. Cu c. Mo d. Fe
  • 33. 31 Problem Plaster of paris hardens by a. Changing into CaCO3 b. Combining with water c. Giving out water d. Giving off CO2
  • 34. 32 Problem 5.6 L of a gas at S.T.P. weights equal to 8g.The vapour density of gas is a. 16 b. 40 c. 08 d. 32
  • 35. 33 Problem How many ions are produced from [ Co(NH3)6]Cl3 in solution: a. 4 b. 2 c. 6 d. 3
  • 36. 34 Problem H For the reaction, CH3COCH3+I2 products The rate is governed by expression dx [acetone] [H+] The order w.r.t I2 is k dt a. 1 b. 0 c. 3 d. 2
  • 37. 35 Problem 1mL of H2O solution give 10 mL of O2 at NTP. It is a. 20 vol. H2O2 b. 10 vol. H2O2 c. 40 vol. H2O2 d. 30 vol. H2O2
  • 38. 36 Problem The pH of a solution whose [OH-] = 10-7 M is : a. 14 b. 0 c. -7 d. 7
  • 39. 37 Problem Which of the following carbonates is least soluble in water? a. NaHCO3 b. KHCO3 c. CaCO3 d. Na2SO4
  • 40. 38 Problem Hydrogen atoms are held together to form hydrogen molecule by: a. Ionic bond b. Detive bond c. Hydro