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    This is a major employment sector which plays a significant role in maintaining and improving the

    quality of life in town and country. Students are attracted to this industry by the diversity and wealth

    of career opportunities and the satisfaction of working in a green environment. Our world class

    heritage of parks and gardens is visited by millions of tourists each year.

    Gardens and landscapes are created by innovative designers and constructed and maintained by

    skilled craftsmen. Theme parks, shopping malls, residential complexes and business parks are all

    planned with landscapes. Landscaping is not just about working outdoors though, interior landscaping

    is also a rapidly expanding industry.

    City parks developed in Britain 150 years ago are now seeing a renaissance fuelled by a new interest

    in environmental improvement. Community forests, arboreta, street trees, country parks and

    reclamation projects are emerging across the country, extending the range of employment

    opportunities within the local authorities and the private sector. Landscapes are also created for

    recreation, such as golf courses and other sports turf surfaces.

    To cater for the growing interest in this area there has been a corresponding growth of

    opportunities in teaching, journalism and horticultural therapy. Business management skills are

    becoming increasingly important for those working in this industry, as there are vast opportunities for

    managers and the self employed. IT skills are crucial too, particularly in computer-aided design.

    Amenity Horticulture Landscape Management

    Undergraduate Prospectus 2005

  • 23WRITL W85

    Writtle has a wealth of outdoor and indoor resources which are used extensively

    in the teaching of Amenity Horticulture and Landscape Management.

    The extensive college gardens within the centralcampus are home to an abundance of trees andplants. Landscaping is an integral element of themain teaching and student accommodationareas. Students design and work on specificareas of the gardens each year, which means thelook of the campus is constantly changing. Thetree collection includes over 1,200 specimensand students are actively involved in the plantingand maintenance of this valuable resource. Thegrounds provide students with practical sites forsurveying, landscape appraisal and constructionof new gardens and features.

    The gardens provide an essential learningresource to amenity horticulture and include:

    a collection of over 10,000 plants

    180 landscaped borders

    6 ponds and water features

    The National Collection of Pyracantha

    Large tropical and temperate glasshouses

    The College manages a 15 hectare sports fieldwith hockey, rugby, football and cricket pitches.There are tennis courts and areas for golf greenconstruction. The sports field is also used forteaching sports turf surfaces and recreationmanagement as well as providing a resourceused by both academic programmes.

    The grounds provide an important resource forresearch and trials work.

    Work is currently being carried out on:

    ornamental plant communities for lowmaintenance and high aesthetic value

    visual evaluation of landscapes and gardens

    sports turf surfaces and turf culture

    turf fertiliser and grass cultivar trials

    constructing a database for tree collections

    butterfly visualisation on ornamental shrubs

    A modern drawing office studio with drawingboards, computer applications and associatedteaching rooms caters for the artistic expressionof landscape and garden design students. TheComputer-Aided Design (CAD) Centreprovides modern technology enabling studentsto produce 2 and 3 dimensional designs.

    The landscape construction unit enablesexperimental designs to be built indoors and isused to plan the Colleges entry for the RHSChelsea and Hampton Court flower shows. The College has won numerous medals at bothshows including prestigious gold medals for itsgardens and exhibits. The production retailingaspects of amenity horticulture are wellcatered for at the Colleges own farm shop andgarden centre which are managed ascommercial enterprises.

    Amenity Horticulture andLandscape Resources

  • Course Name and LevelBSc (Hons) Horticulture

    UCAS CodeD410

    Duration/Mode3 yrs FT or 4 yrs with industrialplacement

    Typical Offer:UCAS Tariff Points140 Tariff points to include atleast 80 tariff points from 6-unit(GCE A level/VCE A level) and/or12-unit awards (VCE A level). Amaximum of 20 tariff points willbe counted from Key Skills

    BTEC National DiplomaMPP

    Irish Leaving CertificateCCCC

    Scottish Highers190 240 points

    International Baccalaureate24 points

    Admissions TutorJohn Cullum

    Topping up from HND/Foundation DegreeContact the admissions tutor todiscuss your individualcircumstances.

    Postgraduate QualificationsStudents on this course will begiven the opportunity to progressto a relevant Masters programmein the Postgraduate School.


    BSc (Hons)


    This course is ideal for students who wish tokeep their options open and not specialise in aparticular area of horticulture. It is suited tothose who have limited experience of thehorticultural industry and who wish to follow abroad approach before deciding on their futurecareer. On completion of the course, studentswill have acquired a good range of practicalhorticultural and business skills to equip themfor a career in a wide choice of fields.

    Course ContentIn the first year students are introduced to thewide range of subjects that make up the modernhorticulture industry, covering aspects of scientificand management studies relevant to the needs ofthe industry. In the second and third years studentschoose from an extensive range of optionalmodules. In most modules, time is equally dividedbetween practical studies and lectures.

    Areas of Study Year 1 Gardens and Plants Through Time Plant Production Horticultural Science Introduction to Management Landscape Maintenance

    Year 1 Options Landscape Construction Crop Production Landscape Appraisal Economic Botany

    Year 2 Business Management Research Methods Crop Growth and Protection Plant and Soil Science

    Year 2 OptionsChoose from a wide range of modules including:

    Design Theory and Process Protected Crops Computer-Aided Design Tropical Horticulture Organic Crop Production Languages

    Final Year Dissertation Vocational Module

    Final Year OptionsChoose from over 20 modules including:

    Restoration of Historic Gardens World Gardens Floriculture Conservation and Ecological Management

    Special FeaturesWrittle College currently offers specialist degreeprogrammes in a wide range of horticulturaldisciplines. Students on this course have access to anextensive range of optional subjects offered in otherdegree programmes, and can select a pathway throughthe degree to suit their individual preferences.Students who have a pass at HND, FoundationDegree or its equivalent can join the final year of thehonours degree programme. Depending on previousexperience, a personalised course of study is arrangedfor students from the extensive range of modulesoffered. On successful completion of the course,these students are awarded a BSc Horticulture.

    Industrial Placements Writtle has an extensive range of placements onoffer and students are given comprehensive adviceand support to ensure that they find a suitableplacement. The majority of the placements are inpaid employment but some students may choose towork for voluntary agencies. The industrialplacement is optional on BSc programmes, butmany students find that this is an invaluableexperience. Each year a number of students chooseto spend part or all of their placement abroad.

    Career Prospects Students with this qualification can enter a broadrange of fields including supervisory posts withcrop production or landscape companies, traineeretail managerial schemes, horticultural officerswith local authorities, research work, teaching andlecturing positions.

  • 25WRITL W85

    BSc (Hons)

    Horticulture with Business Management

    This modular course provides a soundfoundation for a responsible managementcareer in the horticultural sector. Thecourse is designed to produce graduates whohave a sound theoretical base and appliedmanagement skills gained by carrying outreal life projects. Students also have theopportunity to tailor their studies towardslandscape and amenity management, sportsturf, commercial crop production, retailingor nursery.

    Course ContentIn the first year students are introduced to thevarious specialist fields which make up the modernhorticultural industry. Students are encouraged tospend a year in industry where managementprinciples can be seen in practice.

    Areas of Study Year 1 Introduction to Business Management Communication and Business Skills Horticultural Science Commercial Crop Production Landscape Management

    Year 2 Business Performance Marketing Planning Economics Research Methods Personnel

    Year 2 Options Managing People Advertising Sales and Promotion Computer-Aided Design Landscape Construction Crop Production Languages Landscape Design

    Final Year Business Development Business Forecasting Dissertation

    Final Year OptionsChoose from over 20 modules including:

    Computer Application Postharvest Physiology Supply Chain Management International Trade

    Special FeaturesStudents on this course can study businessmanagement in either amenity and landscape orcommercial horticulture and have a chance toconduct a live consultancy exercise.

    Industrial PlacementsAs a result of many years of close co-operationwith the horticultural industry,


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