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Horticulture II Landscape Plant Identification Objective 5.01 Slide 2 Acer platanoides Norway Maple Deciduous tree Can reach 80 feet tall Yellow fall color Slide 3 Cornus kousa Chinese Dogwood Small deciduous flowering tree Can reach 15-30 feet tall Used in the landscape for: Stunning flowers Bright fall color In small groupings Specimen tree Slide 4 Ginkgo biloba Ginkgo Deciduous tree Can reach 100 feet tall Nurseries typically only sale male specimens. Used in the landscape for shade. Slide 5 Gleditsa triacanthos var. inermis Thornless Honeylocust Deciduous tree Can reach 50-60 feet tall May be used for shade, or in urban settings (it allows turf growth underneath the tree). Slide 6 Magnolia X soulangeana cv. Saucer Magnolia Deciduous Tree Can reach 15-25 feet tall Produces showy white, pink or maroon flowers in the spring. Multi stemmed tree Used as a specimen tree Slide 7 Picea abies Norway Spruce Evergreen Tree Height: 40-60 feet; Width: 30-35 feet Tree for large lawns. Can be used as a screen or windbreak. Slide 8 Platanus X acerifolia London Plane Tree Deciduous tree Height: 75-100 feet; Width: 60-75 feet Best grown in wet soil that is rich in organic matter. Slide 9 Quercus falcata Southern Red Oak Deciduous Tree Can reach 90 feet tall Leaves have 3-5 sharply pointed lobes. Slide 10 Quercus nigra Water Oak Deciduous Tree Height: 50-80 feet; Width: 40-60 feet Spatula shaped leaves. Leaves fall late into winter. Slide 11 Tsuga canadensis Canadian Hemlock Evergreen Tree 40-70 Feet tall Tree has small cones to 1 Used in the landscape alone, screen, hedge Slide 12 Zelkova serrata Zelkova Deciduous Tree 50-70 feet tall Used in the landscape as a specimen tree, or for its ornate bark. Slide 13 Buxus microphylla var. japonica Japanese Boxwood Evergreen Shrub Height: 6-8 feet; Width: 10-15 feet Used as a border, foundation planting or hedge Slide 14 Camellia japonica cv. Common Camellia Evergreen Shrub Height 8-15 feet Prefers shade Prefers acidic soils Flowers in winter and early spring Slide 15 Camellia sasanqua Sasanqua Camellia Evergreen Shrub Height 1 feet-12 feet tall White, Pink or Red flowers Flowers in the fall Slide 16 Chamaecyparis pisifera Gold Mop Gold Mop Evergreen shrub Height and Width 3-5 feet Yellow in color Various landscape uses: foundation planting, borders, containers, bonsai. Slide 17 Elaeagnus pungens Thorny Elaegnus Evergreen Shrub Fragrant flowers in October and November Can reach 25 feet tall Slide 18 Gardenia jasminoides Gardenia Evergreen Shrub Height and Width: 5-6 feet Showy, Fragrant white flowers Slide 19 Hydrangea macrophylla French Hydrangea Deciduous Shrub Can grow 3-6 feet tall Large bunches of pink, white, or blue flowers. (Flower color depends on cultivar, soil pH, and aluminum availability) Best used in the shade. Slide 20 Ilex attenuata Savannah Savannah Holly Evergreen Shrub Height: 10-20 feet; Width: 8-15 feet Used as a hedge or screen in the landscape. Offers good winter color (red berries) Slide 21 Ilex crenata Compacta Compacta Holly Evergreen shrub Can reach 3-5 feet tall Tolerant of heavy shearing. Used in the landscape as a foundation planting, low hedge or border. Slide 22 Ilex X Nellie R. Stevens Nellie R. Stevens Holly Evergreen Shrub Height: 15-25 feet; Width: 8-12 feet Showy red fruit Used in the landscape for winter color, hedge, screen, border, specimen or small tree. Slide 23 Ilex cornuta Carissa Carissa Holly Evergreen Shrub 3-4 feet tall Can be used as a foundation planting, shrub border, or in formal gardens Slide 24 Loropetalum chinensis Chinese Fringe Flower Evergreen shrub Can reach 10-12 feet tall and wide Used in the landscape as a border, screen or foundation planting. Showy, fringe type flower Slide 25 Osmanthus X fortunei Fortune Tea Olive Evergreen shrub Can reach 15-20 feet tall Has very fragrant, small flowers in the fall. Can be used as an unclipped hedge, or screen. Should be placed where fragrance can be enjoyed. Slide 26 Pieris japonica Japanese Andromeda Evergreen Shrub Height: 6-8 feet Slow growth rate Used as a foundation planting, shrub border Resistant to deer, useful in shady areas. Slide 27 Prunus laurocerasus Zabeliana Zabel Cherry Laurel Evergreen Shrub 3-4 feet tall Willow like leaves; 3-4 inch white flowers Used in the landscape as a hedge, windbreak, or screen. Slide 28 Pyracantha coccinea Scarlet Firethorn Deciduous Shrub 6-18 feet tall and wide Showy flower Used as a hedge, barrier plant, espalier or trellis plant. Slide 29 Rhaphiolepis indica Indian Hawthorn Evergreen Shrub Height and Width 4-6 feet Used as a hedge, foundation planting, or shrub border Fragrant pink or white flowers Slide 30 Taxus cuspidata Japanese Yew Evergreen, multi-stemmed shrub 10-40 feet tall and wide Slide 31 Thuja occidentalis American Arborvitae


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